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What is said vs what happens

Prime Minister Najib,

Yes, your so-called 1 Malaysia is still intact, and would not affect you  to continue to use "Double-Edge Sword" strategies in your so-called 1 Malaysia.

What you said
What you did
You say nice words and lip service to the Chinese, Indian and East Malaysian's communities
You allow your UMNO's ministers, BTN & newspapers to continue to champion the fascist ideology of Ketuanan Melayu and Islam  ala UMNO, to the Malay  readers and community. And your Interlok...etc
You come up with some impressive KPIs.. or whatever Is...
to show that your administration is serious for transformation.

You continue to allow the ministries and government
agencies to set all kinds of bureaucratic red-tapes.

You said to be People first and champions for the
people's welfare (ala open some low-grade 1 Malaysia clinics).

You increase oil and taxes, GST, continue with APs corruption, reduce allowances to burden the poor just because UMNO-BN government has squander billions and billions of our public funds, tax payer's money & national's natural resources.

You show favour to East Malaysia & call for equal
development in all Malaysia's States.

You turn a blind eye to the suffering of Sarawak & Sabah's interior tribes; take their land and jungle of their livelihood, and your denial of the rights of oil royalty to the poor Kelantan state..
You said you are champion for all Malaysian and will respect all religion.
Your  administration have use the authoritarian style to ban other religion's publications, siezes their holy books and religious teaching materials (to-date, thousands copies of Bible in Indonesian/Malay language translation, and thousands of religious books still in siege by Malaysia's Custom department).   Without first having any consultations with the related parties on what the real issue is at hand, without listening to the bigotry and unbiased reasons from the other parties. You call this 1 Malaysia?
Malay speaking Orang Asli, Sabahan & Sarawakian have use Allah for centuries, in the AlKitab translation, in their religious teaching books, in their worship and liturgy, in their prayers, in their sermons, in their hymns and songs, in their daily conversations, and almost in their WHOLE LIFE !! 
Are you thinking in their shoes before taking authoritarian actions against them, in view of your 1 Malaysia concepts?

After the High Court has rightly rule that your authoritarian actions has err in light of the Malaysia's Constitution.

What have you, your ministers, and those mainstream media reported on the case. All biased and slanted news....aggravating the situation more !
Do the mainstream media explain clearly on why the Court has made such a judgment, to the Malay readers?
Has your JAKIM and other  governmental religious bodies make any effort to educate and explain clearly the case at hand in all the lights of AlQuran and the ways of the Prophets?
NO! But you, your UMNO ministers & newspapers still fanning the issue, allowing protest with blatantly double standard, so in a way concur the misunderstanding and hatred in the minds and hearts of  some misguided Malay Muslims.

After the attacks on the churches, what was your respond?

Yes, you have said all the standard diplomatic words on this dark days of Malaysian history, but I do not see that you sincere feelings, heart-rending apologies to Malaysian and Malaysian Christians, on you & your government's failure to protect the life, property and peace of all Malaysian. Instead you said that it is the Muslims right to protest even in your own religious place of worship, the mosques !
There are many Malaysians, and even many peace-loving Muslim who were heart-broken, cried and felt deeply ashamed on this darkest day in Malaysian harmony, after the May13 incident.
But what was your feeling?
You only get emotional and angry when there were reporters who question you that UMNO should be responsible on the development on the incidents. Is this the type of leader we want for Malaysia?

Not even worth to compare with the new Black American President Obama, not even to the re-elected Indonesian President who led the most populous Muslim country in the world, where they also used the word Allah in their Christian community for centuries without any problem.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have erred in your actions, you have failed in your duties as our Prime Minister!!!

 Your speeches sound disgusting and your slogans of 1 Malaysia make me feel nauseated ........ !!

Is this the govt we want to continue having?  

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