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CM Should Clarify Nurul’s Expulsion - Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu:     “The Chief Minister should now clarify why YB. Nurul Izzah was denied entry into Sabah while countless Pakistanis and Indians have not only been welcomed with open arms but also granted citizenships and the right to vote”said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in a press statement.

Why not a "4 heads-rolling-in 1" rally

The opposition has wowed to continue with more Blackout 505 rallies that focus on making 'three key demands'. They are; the top heads of the Election Commission (EC) to resign from their posts; for fresh elections to be conducted in 30 parliamentary seats; and to postpone any amendment to the election law and the constituency redelineation exercise.

Finalist Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2013

Berikut adalah senarai kesemua nama dan foto 40 jelitawan, finalist Unduk Ngadau 2013. Siapakah pilihan anda?
Alvira Teresa Peter, Membakut

Gloomy property forecast after GE13 ‘losses’

The federal government's 'affordable houses at
RM250,000' is not affordable at all for Sabahans,
70% of whom earn less than RM3,500 a month.
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s past 10 years of vigorous growth spurred by its ‘booming’ real estate sector is heading for a slowdown and among the factors is the recent general election outcome, said a global real estate consultancy here.

CH Williams & Talhar noted that although the Sabah market had experienced an upswing, it was unlikely to enjoy the same high.

Its managing director Chong Choon Kim cited several reasons for this, including the recent general election which saw the opposition sweep the urban seats.

PAS: Siasat 3 MB, KM Sabah S’wak

Menurut AJK PAS Pusat Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, mereka
ialah Mohamad Hasan, Khaled Nordin, Ahmad Said,
Musa Aman dan Taib Mahmud.
KUALA LUMPUR: PAS mendesak Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Paul Low yang juga bekas Presiden Transparency-International Malaysia (TI-M) terus membuka kertas siasatan terhadap tiga Menteri Besar dan dua Ketua Menteri yang sebelum ini terpalit dalam skandal rasuah.

Tiga Menteri Besar yang dimaksudkan itu adalah Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin (Johor), Datuk Seri Ahmad Said (Terengganu), serta Ketua Menteri Sabah Datuk Seri Musa Aman dan Tan Sri Taib Mahmud (Sarawak).

Sarawak movement outlines its schedule of demand for full autonomy

By Ezra Haganez

KUCHING: The Sarawak Sovereignty Movement founded on 3 March 2013 and launched publicly on 17 April 2013 has published its Schedule of Demand For Full Autonomy which sets out Sarawak's historic background and its objectives of asserting Autonomy.
Autonomy” in one word sums up all the terms and conditions for Sarawak (and Sabah) agreeing to form Malaysia with 3 other independent countries as equal partners being Malaya, Singapore and North Borneo (Sabah) in 1963. 

Open letter to the EC ― Tessa Houghton

May 27 ― Dear EC Deputy Chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar,

I wish to comment on your recent statements in an interview reported in The Malaysian Insider, dated May 27, 2013 (reproduced below):

According to Wan Ahmad, the electoral system used in Malaysia is also used by developed countries that have been practising democracy for a long time.

The birth of Sarawak Sovereignty Movement... the story


On 17 April 2013 the Sarawak Sovereignty Movement was publicly launched in Kuching capital of Sarawak. This news was reported by the local and web based newspapers

It appears from the information released on their websites the Movement grew out of discussions on the Internet. The Movement was founded on 3rd of March 2013.

One of the internet press statements on SSM Blogpage said “We get to know each other online and decided to stand out and make the voice loud to wake up our fellow folks and demanding our rights back!”.





Sabah will lose more rights, voice in parliament

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah and Sarawak are not ready for the one-vote-one-value voting system which will see both states’ presentation in parliament reduced by 15%.

Currently Sabah’s 25 and Sarawak’s 31 parliamentary seats make up 25% of the 222 seats in parliament

Agreeing with Upko Kota Belud deputy chief Ewon Benedict, UK-based Borneo Plight in Malaysia Foundation (BoPiMaFo) chairman Daniel Jambun warned that a redelianation of boundaries will further erode Sabah and Sarawak’s position as equal partners in the federation.

Unite under UBA to Safeguard Borneo Rights - Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu: “The people and political parties of Sabah and Sarawak should unite under a single umbrella to safeguard Borneo rights and secure their future under the Federation of Malaysia”said DatukDr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in response to the various opinions on opposition unity in Sabah.

Ever since the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and the ejection of Singapore from the Federation in 1965, the position of Sabah and Sarawak has been eroded and rights taken away through a series of subtle and not-so-subtle manipulations by the Federation of Malaya and their political leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

SARAWAK SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT, new group to help regain Sarawak's glory

By Lina Soo
KUCHING: Malaysia was based on a big lie aka invasion and takeover bogeyman to scare the innocents in Brunei, Sabah & Sarawak  to agree to form Malaysia.

Sabah & Sarawak  leaders unlike Brunei sultan were so naive! Brunei saw through the Malayan agenda. Neither Brunei nor S'pore experienced the invasion Sabah & Sarawak  had- Malayan invasion followed by illegals and Sulus.

Not all fraud is committed in broad daylight

By Ravinder Singh
Listen. Malaysian unbelievers should listen. When an Oxford graduate tells you to believe that 10 is approximately equal to 1, he should know what he is talking about. He told The Economist that there isn’t a shred of evidence to show any fraud in the recently concluded GE13. This despite the fact that the vote of a voter in Kapar (an opposition supporting area) was only worth 10% of the vote of a voter in Putrajaya (a ruling party supporting area). And this in turn despite the fact that para (c) 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution expressly states that the number of voters in the various constituencies should be “approximately equal”. The VIP is Khairy Jamaluddin.

Redelineation Must Restore Sabah Sarawak Constitutional Safeguards - Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu: “The redelineation of parliamentary constituencies must take into account and restore constitutional safeguards for Sabah and Sarawak and ensure that federal parliamentary seats for Malaya should not be more than 65% as agreed upon from the outset during the formation of Malaysia”said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, when asked to comment on the proposed redelineation exercise to be undertaken by the Election Commission.

The uniqueness of the special position of the Borneo States in the formation of Malaysia has resulted in constitutional safeguards being agreed upon and provided for to ensure the rights of Sabah and Sarawak were not diluted or removed over time by the federal lawmakers from Malaya.

The winners and losers of GE13

What is crystal clear is that many Malaysians want a system of check and balance.
The Malaysian Insider
Take a bow, Malaysians. You are the big winner from GE13, you have firmly entrenched the two-coalition system in the country. The days of Barisan Nasional (BN) having unfettered power are truly over. The result of 2008 was not a flash in the pan, it merely was the start of a trend. Yesterday, that trend continued and Malaysians gave Pakatan Rakyat (PR) 89 federal and 230 state seats and 51 per cent of the popular vote.
What is crystal clear is that many Malaysians want a system of check and balance.

GE13 and the 13 predictions that came true

Many are waiting for my ‘I told you so’ article. No, I am not going to write an ‘I told you so’ article. Instead, I am going to remind you of the 13 predictions that were made for the 13th General Election that came true -- although there are actually more than 13 predictions that came true.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Prediction 1: About 80% or roughly 10.4 million of the 13 million or so registered voters would come out to vote.
What did happen: About 10.5 million Malaysians came out to vote on 6th May 2013.
Prediction 2: Barisan Nasional would win more than 130 parliamentary seats but less than the 140 seats it won in the 2008 general election.

Send Kanul to Parliament, pleads Patrick Sindu

By Patrick Sindu
Patrick Sindu urging voters in Kota Belud
parliamentary area to vote for Kanul Gindol
PAPAR : As a veteran activist in Malaysia, I felt called to support fellow consumer and political activist, Kanul Gindol, who as an independent candidate is seeking to be elected Kota Belud member of parliament this Sunday polling.

I for one as an activist fully support what Kanul has been trying to do all these years, getting himself into Malaysian Parliament. We now have a chance to send him into Parliament via the Kota Belud seat.

I have known Kanul for many years and he would make the best parliamentarian not only for all Sabahans but Sarawakians too, and on top of that as a fearless mouthpiece for non-governmenatl organisations (NGO) and the marginalised.

STAR Kapayan to Kick Off Kamaatan Festival

“STAR DUN N.19 Kapayan will kick off the STAR 2013 Kamaatan festival on 04 May 2013 with the Kapayan Kamaatan Festival at Buhavan Square, Donggongon, Penampang” announced Rosalind Bion, Co-Organizing Chairman with STAR Kapayan Chief, Phillip Among,in a press statement released today.

The Festival is scheduled between 12.30pm. and 6.30pm and highlighted by the traditional Unduk Ngadau Kamaatan Kapayan beauty queen contest.   The organizers have also lined up a fashion show by professional models, cultural performance by Era Budaya and a special guest appearance by the ever popular singer,EvaritusGungkit.

Sabahans, Stand Up For Your Rights

Kota Kinabalu: “The people of Sabah should stand up for their rights and for Sabah’s rights by rejecting internal colonialism practiced by Umno/BN in this election” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, at a political rally in Kg.Sunsuron, Tambunan, yesterday.

“If you do not stand up for your rights you will not only lose what you have but your dignity as well.  Look at Sabah (for example) an independent country rich with natural resources such as oil, gas and oil palm but reduced to being the poorest, subservient , dependent 12th State of Malaya because our leaders failed to stand up and defend our State rights.”

Set Sabah Free From Malaya’s Control - STAR

KOTA KINABALU:   “Sabahans must take this election seriously by voting STAR in order to free Ssabah from Malaya’s control and subservience” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in a press statement released today.

Jeffrey said “this election is about choosing to regain Sabah’s rights and dignity as an independent sovereign nation within the Federation or continuing to allow Kuala Lumpur and Malaya to rule and exploit Sabah as a mere colony and as the 12th state of Malaya.”

Don't Politicize Family or Huguan Siou Institution For Personal Gain

KOTA KINABALU:   “Pairin should contest as a gentleman and as a mature politician instead of politicizing family relationship” said STAR Sabah Chief, Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan in response to Pairin’s statement that Jeffrey should not contest against him in Keningau.

Jeffrey said “there is nothing personal in this election.  I am contending against the BarisanNasional candidate who happens to be my brother.   That’s all”.

Wedding photo 'stolen' for BN man's poster

This image was shared more than 5,000 time since Monday.
Most of you would be over the moon if your best work got picked out for the whole world to see.

But not so in the case of freelance photographer Nasrul Effendy, who woke up one day to find out that a wedding photo he once took was being used on a Barisan Nasional (BN) campaign banner in Putrajaya.

The portrait of a Malay couple taken by Nasrul on their wedding day in May, 2007 was used without his permission to ‘augment’ the campaign banner of BN's Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor in Putrajaya on Sunday.

The banner showed an image of Tengku Adnan along with two photos: one of the couple and another of an unsmiling single man, accompanied by the words “Bantuan Bujang 1Malaysia’ and “Bersyukurlah kepada BN” (Be grateful to BN).

BN Gagal – Melaksanakan Grid Penempatan Gana

Oleh: John Charles Mitah Mikat
GRID Penempatan Gana adalah satu  projek mega yang telah menelan belanja lebih kurang RM20 juta. Terletak 38 km dari Pekan Daerah Kota Marudu yang diseliahkan oleh Jabatan Perhutanan dan kini sudah terbengkalai.

Pembinaan rumah sebanyak 450 buah telah didirikan untuk menempatkan seramai 450 keluarga dari 10 buah kampung keatas tanah seluas 1,800 hektar di Gana.

Tawau favours PKR

Local parties STAR and SAPP are insignificant,
says the local Chinese community.
TAWAU: Sabah caretaker Chief Minister Musa Aman’s bravado that Barisan Nasional will achieve a two-thirds majority in the state is getting the sniggers.
“He’s talking rubbish..,” said one businessman here alluding to a front-paged report yesterday which blared “BN will form the new govt – Musa”.
In the report Musa said: “I’ve gone all over Sabah… to Keningau, Tenom, Siptang, Beaufort, Sandakan, Beluran and many, many more. I could feel the people’s warmth, cheerful reception. Insyallah, we will win and form the government again.”
He was speaking at a gathering with the Chinese community here.

MoCS: Bury Sarawak BN, bury Taib

KUCHING - The people of Sarawak have been urged to reject the Barisan Nasional in order to send a clear message to Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud that his time is up.

“Let us bury the Sarawak BN on May 5. When we bury the BN, we bury Taib along with it,” Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) leader Francis Paul Siah said today.

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