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‘I did not get RM3m from Chia but the car…’

Nazri Abdul Aziz denies receiving RM3 million
from a timber tycoon 'friend' but is unsure
if the latter lent his car to his son.
KUALA LUMPUR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz has denied receiving any money from timber tycoon Michael Chia over a purported RM40 million scandal involving Sabah Umno.
He was responding to Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (also known as RPK) who claimed that Nazri and his son Mohamad Nedim received RM3 million and a sports car respectively from Chia.
“Oh no, it’s not true, it’s not true. Chia is a friend. I don’t know if he lent the car to my son. You have to ask my son,” he told FMT in his office this afternoon.
Although he did not directly criticise Raja Petra over the claim, Nazri said that he had no problem with this matter being raised.

MACC panelist under fire for defending Musa

MACC panelist Abdul Rahman Dahlan's credibility is now
under question after he openly defended Musa Aman over
the RM40 million political donation.
KOTA BELUD: Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan has been reminded that he sits on a Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) panel and should not be too quick to jump and openly defend his Umno colleagues who are subject to corruption investigations.
Abdul Rahman sits on a MACC’s Special Committee on Anti-Corruption.
Last week he jumped to Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman’s defence over the RM40 million issue.
Commenting on this, Kota Belud State Reform Party (STAR) head Jalumin Bayogoh said Abdul Rahman’s defence of his party colleagues was an indication of a conflict of interest as he is supposed to help expose corruption and propose ways to strengthen approaches to stamp out graft and power abuses in the country.

An American professor frank view on Muslims

Very interesting -- the University is standing by their professor and not bowing down to special interest groups!
Professor Wichman E-mail
A Michigan professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim students to leave the country.

The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indred Wichman.

Joe Fernandez writes

Recently, a sex blogger bared her private parts on You Tube and ventilated her thoughts on Malaysian women being sexually repressed ...

Ideally, it doesn't matter whether publicity is good or bad as long as one gets it.

Publicity, whether good or bad, is an inexpensive way to translate into influence and power to make a difference, for the better or worse.

I am sure Jaclyn Victor's career, for example, will skyrocket following the Perkasa-inspired controversy over her singing a Christian song -- Harapan Bangsa -- in Malay.

Malay Congress resolutions shameful

By Daniel John Jambun
The resolution by the National Malay Congress (NMC) held on November 24 in Kuala Lumpur that government projects below RM100 million be given to Malay contractors under direct negotiation and that GLCs adopt a a more aggressive Malay Agenda is a dark and shameful spot in the history of Malaysia.

It is unbelievable that after the billions of ringgits wasted by the government to spoonfeed the Malays under the NEP and other affirmative programs, the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir, admits the Malays had not had enough, and that Malays are supposed to be now beggars in their own land!

Malaysians must read this

A glimpse of what might have been, but for UMNO/BN, Mahathir, Pak Lah and now Najib Posted on September 29, 20122

Every Malaysian must read this for what might have been but it is still not too late to turn the tides of corruption, abuses, looting, plundering and malpractices by those in the corridors of power the last 55 years. Isn't it bloody time for a change of guards???

STAR's "INI KALI LAH!" is Earlier and Different

'Ini Kali Lah!' song had been around since last year
and was officially launched on 20 April 2012.
STAR’s popular patriotic song INI KALI LAH!” had been in existence since 2011 and the lyrics are very different and was officially launched with the “Ini Kali Lah” Album on 20 April 2012 before a sold-out crowd at the KDCA Hall in Kota Kinabalu” said Hasmin Azroy Abdullah, STAR Youth Chief, in response to Clarence Anthonius who had lamented that government-owned radio stations not playing his “Ni Kali Lah” love ballad which was only launched in September.

RM40m scandal may see BN lose Sabah

Raja Petra also claims that more are involved in the
RM40 million scandal - including the home minister,
attorney-general and a Cabinet minister
PETALING JAYA: Timber scandals in Sabah, particularly the recent one involving a RM40 million “donation”, may cost Barisan Nasional the state, claimed Raja Petra Kamarudin today.
The editor of the Malaysia Today blog, in his latest posting “The timber mafia is larger than you suspect”, also claimed that there were more people involved in the “untold story” of timber commissions scandal and it was not just limited to businessman Michael Chia and Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman.
“The likelihood of half the parliamentary seats in Sabah falling to the opposition is not an impossible scenario. And if that happens then the state can fall as well. That is how serious this matter has become,” he said.

STAR: Don’t Play With Words, NCR is Life

“The Chief Minister need to realize that NCR and native lands are life to the natives and too precious and should not play with words to hoodwink the natives” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in response to the Chief Minister’s reply in the State Legislative Assembly on Monday that the government has given priority to native rights.

The government’s ploy in using the State Attorney General and more recently the Lands and Surveys Director to state the government’s policy that NCR did not exist after 1930 has obviously backfired.  The move had incurred the wrath of the natives and reduced substantially the support of the Umno/BN government especially for the local KDM parties, PBS and Upko.

Rahman better expose grafts than defends colleagues, says Star

Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan
KOTA BELUD : The MP for Kota Belud, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, has been reminded that he sits in the MACC Special Committee on Anti-Corruption, and not to be too quick to jump on his feet openly defending his Umno colleagues who are subject of investigations on corrupt acts charge.

State Reform Party (Star) head for Kota Belud, Jalumin Bayogoh, said Abdul Rahman may have conflict of interest when he openly defends his colleagues as he was supposed to help expose corrupt acts and propose to strengthen approaches to stamp out graft and power abuses in the country.

Mariam Mokhtar writes about Bankrupt Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M)

  • Mariam Mokhtar
  • 11:59AM Oct 22, 2012
The election chest is empty, chaos threatens BN, the overseas bolt-holes paid for with taxpayers’ money look increasingly inviting to corrupt politicians and Malaysians no longer feel that the government is on their side.

(With apologies to the composer of the popular children’s song below)

There’s a hole in the budget, dear Rosmah, dear Rosmah,
There’s a hole in the budget, dear Rosmah, a hole.
Then mend it, dear Najib, dear Najib, dear Najib,
Then mend it, dear Najib, dear Najib, mend it.

Hindus are the First Immigrants to Malaysia - The Lost City of Kota Gelanggi

Amazing and how they cover-up  -  Shameful of the TRUTH . . !
 (All because of religious biasness and prejudice)

The Lost City of Kota Gelanggi Archeological Find
(The First Immigrants to Malaysia)

For those who read about it, you will recall that in 2005,
the Malaysian Govt. was excited about accidentally finding an ancient
civilization in Johor . This was reported in the various newspapers.
There was talk about excavating the huge site to rediscover this
civilization. And then.....silence !
After that, no news at all about this discovery.

Suaram takes Scorpene scandal to the grassroots

NONEHuman rights NGO Suaram has embarked on a programme to take information about the Scorpene submarine scandal to the masses in an attempt to fight back accusations by the authorities that it publicly lied on the issue.

Yesterday, Suaram teamed-up with youth movement Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) to train some 80 people on how to give ceramah on the issue in their respective constituencies.

The campaign plans to attract about 200 speakers, largely from opposition political parties, from around the country to focus on spreading the issue to the people, especially to villagers in the kampung.

STAR: nothing new in 2012 budget except for election goodies

“There is nothing new about the 2013 State Budget except for a few election goodies” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, on the so-called record RM4,088 billion 2013 Budget.

The amount is more or less similar to the 2012 Budget of RM4.048 billion.  A RM40 million increase is less than 1% and insignificant. Obviously, due to the impending general elections, the state civil servants are the main beneficiaries of the election goodies.

‘We’re united,’ says KDM lawyer

There is no disunity among the KadazanDusuns but what exists
are Barisan Nasional leaders who want to divide and rule.
KOTA KINABALU: Darell Leiking, a young Kadazandusun lawyer from Penampang, believes his community can be a force to be reckoned with in the coming general elections and an indication of this is coming from Barisan Nasional leaders who are worried the tide has turned against them ahead of the 13th general election.
“We are not disunited racially or religiously. We are united. Tagging the community as disunited because they do not see eye to eye in political ideology is a false notion,” said the man who wants to take his community in a new political direction.

Dr Jeffrey Urges Government to Restore Oil Rights

Jeffrey Kitingan claims the vesting order signed by
then prime minister Abdul Razak on March 26, 1975
granting ownership rights to Petronas is
unlawful, unconstitutional and nvalid.
“The Sabahgovernment need to take immediate actions to restore ownership rights of Sabah’s oil and gas resources as the legal opinion is that the vesting order signed by Tun Abdul Razak on 26 March 1975 granting ownership rights to Petronas is unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR Sabah at a press conference regarding proposed legal action on the vesting of Sabah’s oil and gas resources to Petronas.

As a re-collection, Tun Abdul Razak, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, had on 26 March 1975 signed away Sabah’s oil and gas resources to Petronas by executing the Vesting Order under Section 2(2) of the Petroleum Development Act, 1974 and granted in perpetuity and conveyed to and vested in Petronas the ownership in and the exclusive rights, powers, liberties and privileges of exploring, exploiting, winning and obtaining petroleum whether lying onshore or offshore of Malaysia. 

Star: Petronas misses point – its ownership and responsibility

“Petronas is irresponsible and misses the point when it acted as if it is the sole custodian of Malaysia’s oil and gas resources.” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in response to Petronas’ statement that Petronas cannot afford to increase the cash payment to 20% to the oil-producing States as offered by Pakatan Rakyat.

The federal government is also irresponsible in using Petronas as its mouth-piece to reject the claims of the oil-producing states for increases in the cash payment from the current 5%.

The federal government and Petronashas totally ignored the fact that the oil and gas resources belonged to the states, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak, in the first place.  It did not belong to the federal government and definitely not Petronas.

Still keeping mum over SAS fiasco

But investors hope the isssue will be brought up at
today's sitting of the State Legislative Assembly.
KOTA KINABALU: “Just give me back my money. Don’t be irresponsible.” This is what Joseph would like to say to Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman if he ever meets him face to face.
The middle-aged father of six has been saying this for years with an air of resignation. But now, there is a faint hope he might get an answer when the State Legislative Assembly begins its sitting to unveil the next state budget.
Joseph is talking about his savings that he invested in the ill-fated Saham Amanah Sabah (SAS) trust fund that was launched by the Barisan Nasional state government in 1994.

Sabah, Sarawak excluded from oil panel?

An opposition MP raises this question in Parliament,
reminding the government Sabah was still one of the
poorest states despite being an oil producer.
KOTA KINABALU: Tawau MP Chua Soon Bui has questioned the exclusion of Sabah and Sarawak in the special committee set up to review the oil royalty for oil and gas producing states.
Chia posed the question during her Budget 2013 debate speech in Parliament recently when enquiring about the progress of the committee that had been quiet ever since Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak announced its setting up on Aug 22.
She said a review of the 5% oil royalty rate paid to Sabah was 36 years old and it was time it was reviewed since much in the country and the world had changed and the right to extract all oil and gas resources found within Sabah in perpetuity was unreasonable.

Potholes appear in coastal road plan

The premier's plan to build a new coastal road estimated to cost
RM1 billion has been panned by both pro-BN and opposition leaders.
KOTA KINABALU: The government’s plan to develop Sabah is beginning to take on the frantic air of a circus coming to town as the general election looms.
With more Sabahans questioning the snail-paced development of the state in contrast to the rest of the country, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak pledged to “look into” almost any state BN-representative’s proposal.
And one such proposal was to build a spanking new coastal road estimated to cost around RM1 billion to link Tuaran, Kota Marudu and Kudat to the state capital.

Why no party cares about the "bankrupts"?

By Fredoline Edwin Lojingki
PENAMPANG : As a veteran political activist, i wonder why the ruling government has failed to look into the welfare of 250,000 "bankrupts" in Malaysia.

In Sabah alone, there could be at least 30,000 bankrupts, including very young people.

It is very easy to be declared bankrupt in Malaysia and once a bankrupt it is the start of a very difficult years with a lot of limitations on what one could do to reclaim self-esteem.

Many are youngsters who have a lot of opportunities in their future.

40 tahun konflik antara Kerajaan Filipina-MILF tamat, PTI balik kampung cerah- Parti KITA

Ketua Penerangan Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah
Air (KITA) Sabah Mutang Dawat @ Sylvester
TENOM: Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA) Sabah menyambut baik perdamaian konflik antara kerajaan Filipina dengan MILF (Manila Islamic Liberation Front) lebih 40 tahun kini telah berakhir dalam satu rundingan damai baru baru ini.

Ketua Penerangannya Mutang Dawat @ Sylvester berkata demikian dalam satu kenyataan disini pada Selasa ketika mengulas perdamaian itu diFilipina yang disifatkannya sangat positif bagi menamatkan isu kebanjiran pendatang asing tanpa izin (PTI) diSabah.

Perlu tumbangkan BN PRU-13 untuk selesaikan PTI dan kad pengenalan palsu, Dr Chong Eng Leong

Dr Chong Eng Leong
Oleh: Mail Mathew

KEMABONG: Rakyat diseluruh kawasan dinegeri ini digesa agar bertekad untuk menukarkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) yang ditunjangi UMNO pada pilihanraya umum kali ke-13 (PRU-13) sebagai langkah terbaik menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah yang berisiko tinggi kerana bimbang ianya akan menggugat keselamatan dan kedaulatan negeri dan negara.

Aktivis Politik yang seorang Doktor Pakar Bedah Dr Chong Eng Leong berkata demikian ketika menyampaikan ceramah politiknya didalam program ceramah perdana anjuran Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Cabang Tenom dihadiri kira kira 1,000 orang di Kg Kalibatang pada jumaat lepas.

BN feigning unity in Sabah

Sabah Umno, which already has a giant share of the state
and parliamentary seats, is greedy and wants more.
By Joseph Bingkasan of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: As the countdown to the 13th general election edges towards a fixed date, the ruling coalition is showing signs of strain with bigger parties attempting to muscle in on the turf of their smaller partners.
Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) joined the queue lobbying to take over candidacy for the Pensiangan MP seat or one of the two state seats – Nabawan and Sook – in the parliamentary constituency.
The problem is, the Pensiangan MP seat is now held by federal Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Joseph Kurup who helms Barisan Nasional coalition partner Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS).
It is well known that there is little love lost between PBS and PBRS and now the frayed threads that hold the Umno-led ruling coalition are being exposed once again as they always are before an election.

Cambodia’s ex-king Norodom Sihanouk dies in Beijing

Sihanouk had fought a long battle with health problems
that dogged his final years, including cancer,
diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.
PHNOM PENH: Cambodia’s former king Norodom Sihanouk, whose life mirrored the turbulent history of his nation where he remained a revered figure, died in Beijing today at the age of 89.
Sihanouk, who had been a frequent visitor to China where he received most of his medical treatment, died of a heart attack, according to his longtime personal assistant Prince Sisowath Thomico.
“He was brought to hospital and died shortly after,” he told AFP of the former monarch who abruptly quit the throne in October 2004 in favour of his son, citing old age and health problems.

South Korea shows Malaysia how overseas voting can be done

NONEWhile the Election Commission (EC) is struggling to make the changes necessary to facilitate overseas voting, South Koreans living in Malaysia are gearing up to vote for their president from abroad for the first time.

At the Korea Day Exhibition in the Sunway Convention Centre, Subang Jaya, that ended yesterday, its embassy officials and volunteers set up a booth to register their citizens as absentee voters.

Overseas election officer Sim Hyun Whoa (left) told Malaysiakini when met at the embassy's booth that the necessary legislative changes were made in 2007, but preparations only started in 2011 in the run-up for the April 2012 general assembly election.

STAR: PM Should Stop Lying and Fooling Sabahans

“The Prime Minister should stop lying and treating Sabahans as fools by making sweeping statements about Sabah’s rights without checking the facts.  To true Sabahans, the PM is making a fool of himself” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR Sabah in response to the PM’s statement that the rights of Sabahans are intact as reported in today’s papers.

Sabah’s rights downgraded to colony and 12th State

“How can the PM say that Sabah’s rights have not been taken away when it is very clear that from its position as an equal partner with Malaya in 1963, Sabah is now downgraded to become the 12th state and its Umno/BNstate leaders subservient to Umno/KL leaders”asked Dr. Jeffrey.

“Saya sanggup tinggalkan lubuk kemewahan dalam BN, demi membantu rakyat miskin", Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin

Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin Pengerusi PPS
Oleh: Mail Mathew
KEMABONG: Pengerusi Pejuang Perubahan Sabah (PPS) Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin menepis tanggapan pelbagai pihak mengatakan beliau menyertai pembangkang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) lebih bersifat peribadi kerana tamak kuasa adalah tidak berasas dan karut semata mata.

Beliau berkata, jikalau tuduhan itu benar tidak mungkin beliau meninggalkan kemewahan dan kuasa yang ada semasa berada dalam UMNO-BN dimana gajinya (emolumen bulanan) tidak kurang daripada RM30,000 sedangkan dalam pembangkang satu sen pun tidak ada.

Felix Baumgartner breaks the sound barrier during skydive from a record 24 miles up

By: Pete Thomas,

Felix Baumgartner stepped out of the space capsule an astonishing 128,100 feet, or 24.26 miles above earth, about three times the cruising altitude of jetliners. The skydiver plummeted for 4:20 seconds, but it seemed an eternity, because his faceplate was fogging up on the way down as he fell through harsh atmospheric conditions at a dizzying speed. 

PKR mampu urus tadbr negara dengan baik jika diberi mandat rakyat selepas PRU-13, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Oleh: Mail Mathew

KEMABONG: Ketua Pembangkang Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim menyelar sikap kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) yang dipimpin Perdana Menteri Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai tidak prihatin kepada masalah bebanan rakyat kerana terpaksa berdepan dengan kos sara hidup yang tinggi terutamanya keperluan asas seperti minyak petrol dan barangan runcit yang lain.

Beliau berkata, melihatkan keperitan hidup rakyat yang semakin tertekan kerana masalah itu, mendorong beliau mencadangkan kepada kerajaan supaya harga minyak diturunkan namun Perdana Menteri bimbang kononnya negara akan muflis jika ia diturunkan.

Factories retrenching as output slips, minimum wage looms

By Lee Wei Lian
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — Manufacturers in Malaysia are shedding workers due to uncertainty over the global economy and the impending start of minimum wage next year, says RHB Research Institute.

RHB said in a report yesterday that in line with a slowdown in sales, the manufacturers retrenched 4,609 workers in August compared to a recruitment of 441 workers in July. Unemployment was 3.1 per cent in July, with an estimated two million foreign workers employed in the country.

Nasha do not contaminate Sarawak with your religious extremism

By Francis Paul Siah
NASHARUDDIN Mat Isa is probably an unknown name in Sarawak. I doubt many people in the state know who he is, particularly now that he is no longer a PAS heavyweight but a party renegade.
But Nasharuddin has carved a name for himself in the political and religious circles in the Peninsula. He is the former deputy president of PAS and the serving Bachok MP.
By all accounts, Nasharuddin had a meteoric rise in PAS. He was said to be the prodigy of the late Fadzil Mohd Nor who was PAS president from 1989 until his death in 2002.

MP accuses NRD of double standard

KOTA KINABALU: An opposition MP has accused the federal government of applying a different set of procedures when dealing with Sabah-born Malaysians and foreign-borns registering for birth certificates in the state.

Sepanggar MP, Eric Majimbun said the procedures adopted by Kuala Lumpur marginalised and discriminated against the people of Sabah, particularly those in the rural areas where many children do not have birth certificates.

He said when these applicants, with the assistance of local community leaders, finally get their documents, the National Registration Department (NRD) will stamp, in red ink, the words “Late Registration”.

Poser over RM40m for Sabah Umno

By Luke Rintod of FMT
The highly reputed Hong Kong ICAC has washed its hands
off the RM40 million Musa Aman 'matter' and even
retracted its probe application with the Swiss Court.
KOTA KINABALU: The Umno-led Barisan Nasional government’s attempt to “clear” Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman of allegations of money laundering after some RM40 million had floated up out of nowhere, has raised more questions of how political parties are funded, said State Reform Party (STAR).
The party’s deputy chairman, Daniel John Jambun, said many are now questioning the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz’s statement as to why businessman Michael Chia “contributed” a whopping RM40 million to Sabah Umno.
Nazri yesterday said that Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail had found “no elements of corruption” from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) probe on Musa regarding the RM40 million, which Chia was caught with red-handed in Hong Kong in 2008 as he was about to fly to Malaysia.

Jangan shiok sendiri

And this is what happens when you close your mind and refuse to look at the bigger picture. You are just one person with one vote. You may even be amongst four million like-minded people. But then 10 million people will be coming out to vote in the 13th General Election. And how many of these 10 million are following the TV news every night? And how many of these 10 million have been swayed by what they saw on TV? 

Raja Petra Kamarudin
I asked you this question last week: are you guys and gals following the news on the mainstream media, in particular the TV news? Most likely the answer is ‘no’, and for obvious reasons -- because the mainstream media, in particular the TV stations, are government-owned/controlled. So you are boycotting the mainstream media plus you don’t trust what the mainstream media, in particular the news on TV, says.
Okay, I can understand that reason although not necessarily I agree with it. Basically, you are not interested in what ‘the enemy’ has to say. So you shut your eyes and ears to what you consider ‘government propaganda’.

No proof of graft on Musa, says Nazri

The minister adds that the Hong Kong authorities
had also decided against taking any action
against the Sabah chief minister.
KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman has been cleared of allegations of laundering money purportedly linked to Umno.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz said the Attorney-General (Abdul Gani Patail) found “no elements of corruption” from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) probe on the Umno leader.
He said the money was only a “contribution” to the party’s Sabah chapter.
“It is not for the private use of the the chief minister,” he said in a written reply to Batu MP Tian Chua at Parliament today.

Anwar shadows Najib to drum change for Sabah

By Luke Rintod of FMT
Umno and BN leaders know that there is little love
lost in Sabah for the ruling coalition as people
continue to feel the effects of higher prices.
KOTA KINABALU: Wherever Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak goes, the silhouette of a senior Pakatan Rakyat leader is never too far away from him and the same will happen when he visits Sabah this weekend.
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is due in Sabah this Friday on a weekend visit a day ahead of a two-day visit by the premier who will be in the state to shore up support for his Barisan Nasional coalition.
However, while the state administration has announced Najib’s itinerary in Penampang, Kundasang and Kudat, Anwar’s visit is lower-profile.
According to PKR vice president Tian Chua, he will accompany Anwar this Friday to visit the interior Sabah parliamentary districts of Keningau, Tenom and Pensiangan.

Sabah BN will win seats ‘by default’

Some analysts in Sabah believe that as many as 20 seats,
including five or six parliamentary seats, could go to
BN as a result of a split in opposition votes.
By Luke Rintod of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah is set to see multi-cornered fights in most areas in the coming general election. This means that the ruling Barisan Nasional may have the edge.
At this stage, observers can conclude that the opposition parties in Sabah are giving Umno-led BN a “free advantage” to retain a majority of the Sabah seats.
At stake in Sabah are 26 parliamentary seats, including one in Labuan, and 60 state seats.
Sabah chairman of State Reform Party (STAR), Jeffrey Kitingan, said recently that his party is all but ready to announce the seats – parliamentary and state – it will contest.

Sabahans must wake up to the reality of being disenfranchised, marginalised citizens - Datuk Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan

STAR's Sabah Chairman, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan
Sabahans must wake up from their slumber and complacency and UNITE to defend their rights and their country from being taken over by outsiders, said Datuk Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan, Chairman of STAR Sabah when launching STAR’s Roadshow entitle “POSIK with Agenda Borneo” in Kg. Purak, Papar yesterday which was attended by over one thousand supporters.

“POSIK” is the dusun word for ‘wake up’.

Why Chávez Was Re-elected - honest opinion from New York Times

Published: October 9, 2012

WASHINGTON — For most people who have heard or read about Hugo Chávez in the international media, his reelection on Sunday as president of Venezuela by a convincing margin might be puzzling.

Almost all of the news we hear about him is bad: He picks fights with the United States and sides with “enemies” such as Iran; he is a “dictator” or “strongman” who has squandered the nation’s oil wealth; the Venezuelan economy is plagued by shortages and is usually on the brink of collapse.

Workable Solutions Focus of Renewable Energy Meet in Sabah

Members of the Murut indigenous group in Sabah working
on installing a micro hydro turbine in Borneo.
KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA (8th Oct 2012): Community-based solutions and cost effective, reliable models for generating renewable electricity are among features of a regional assembly in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, that will do its part in creating a sustainable energy secure future for the planet.

The five-day Southeast Asia Renewable Energy People’s Assembly (SEAREPA) that starts on Oct 29 at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sandakan will also explore an array of renewable energy technologies and methodologies.

Migrants, church may end BN’s Borneo vote bank

KOTA KINABALU: Housewife Fawziah Abdul wants to thank former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad for making her a citizen 10 years after she illegally slipped into Borneo from the southern Philippines in search of a better life.

The 50-year-old lives on the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state, where her tin-roofed shack jostles for space with more than 1,000 others in a slum where children play beside heaps of rubbish.

She is hopeful that her three children will get a new home and identity cards if she votes for the government again.

‘BN govt does not care for Sabah’

Former deputy minister Lajim Ukin told Parliament of the
failures of the BN government to Sabah voters.
KUALA LUMPUR: Former Umno deputy minister Lajim Ukin told parliament that the Barisan Nasional government has no time for Sabah. He said this was despite the state’s loyalty to the federal government all these years.

Lajim, who is Beaufort MP, also indicated his support for the opposition after he had remained quiet over his political leanings since he quit the government, applauding Pakatan Rakyat’s promise to raise oil royalty payments to 20%.

Sabah is rich in oil and contributes some RM22 billion of oil revenue annually but enjoys a mere 5% return in royalty while government allocations to the state, one of the poorest in the country, is said to be comparatively low.

‘Sell us your heirloom’ call slammed

Heritage Sabah has slammed Sabah Museum over its latest
call which the NGO claims encouraged looting.
KOTA KINABALU: Heritage Sabah has shot down a call by Sabah Museum to Sabahans to sell their heirlooms to the museum as a way of sharing their stories.

The NGO founder-cum-spokesman Richard Sokial cautioned that while the museum’s intention may be good, the social implications are that one’s heritage is for sale.

The outcome of such a move could also encourage looting of their ancestors’ graves for profit, he said.

Survey a ploy to discredit Musa, claims Salleh

Sabah Legislative Assembly Speaker, Salleh Said Keruak
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno deputy chief Salleh Said Keruak today hit out at a survey on Sabah which he claimed was the work of certain people who want to discredit Chief Minister Musa Aman and see him toppled.
He said that the poll was commissioned by those with an agenda and was aimed at demoralising Musa and the Barisan Nasional machinery.
Salleh was commenting on an online news report which claimed that voter satisfaction of Musa in the state has dropped significantly.
The report quoted the survey carried out by the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research. According to the poll, voter satisfaction towards the chief minister had nose-dived from 60% in November 2009 to 45% in September 2012.

Does Nazri want to turn Sabah into a Filindo state?

By Daniel John Jambun
Daniel John Jambun
Daniel John JambunThe comment by Datuk Nazri Aziz that the immigrants in Sabah are under control and are not a threat to the state is another proof that the Federal Government is not interested to solve this mother of all problem. What is painful about this comment is that we can smell a dirty rat, a mala fide (bad intention) and the underlying reality that the Federal Government is actually supporting the presence of illegal immigrants in Sabah as part of some sinister plan to continue changing the demography of the state.

What he said was outrageous and unacceptable and should have been condemned by everyone and every party, including the leaders and parties of the Barisan Nasional. Unfortunately only PBS, through its Secretary General, Datuk Henrynus Amin was daring enough to protest, saying Nazri “was politically insensitive to grassroots sentiment in Sabah, especially their fears and concern for the future wellbeing posed by the huge presence of illegal immigrants” and that the statement fuelled “speculations in the streets as the genuine commitment of the Barisan Nasional Government to resolve the perennial problem of illegal immigrants in the state.” He demanded that the minister clarify and correct his statement. The response is still total silence.

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