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WAKE UP Dayak Sarawak.......ARISE..!!!

Since the days when Abdul Taib Mahmud hand-picked by his uncle (Abdul Rahman Yacub) as the president of PBB in 1981, his role within the government have done absolutely nothing worthwhile for the majority of people in Sarawak. His only responsibility seems to be for the owners and controllers of those huge multinational corporations in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and worse to that, he stolen the people's NCR and sold it to foreign companies for plantation.

Hundreds of billions of dollars of our state coffers was spent for the protection of the assets of those huge corporations, while tens of thousands of our own people are losing their lands, losing their rivers, becoming victims of cheap lobors at timber camps/plantations; becoming victims of migration to towns, becoming homeless, losing
their jobs in record numbers, and losing our cultures/traditions.

It’s difficult to trust Taib Mahmud and his Barisan National government in this generation, especially with the way things are going right now, particularly in the evil crimes he has done. Sarawak is suffering terribly, especially in developments. What we can see and happening to our country Sarawak is just proof of his weak and corrupt
leadership. He (Taib) is the living proof, a veteran chief minister, who used his position to became successful business man and the richesminister in Malaysia.

The one thing we need to keep in mind is that Barisan National Sarawak, no matter what they say, are not heroic figures on a holy mission. Not even those who may represent our point of view. They pursue a career in politics because they want to become famous; make more businesses, garner endless perks; and, best of all, exist in a
bubble where everyone's life revolves around theirs and where, at no cost to themselves, they are kowtowed to by a bevy of sycophants who do everything for them -- sustaining their lust by having mistresses and competitions in marrying more wives (name a few, YB George Chan, YB James Dawos, YB Johnical Rayong, etc.).  Yet some of those blind supporters of Barisan National are deeply troubled by the lack of attention to the immoralities of these YBs.  I have often wondered if men who lack good looks get into politics just so their fame will attract women the way "rotten meat attracts flies".

I think it's because it's so easy to pull the wool over the eyes of their constituents that Barisan National's YBs and ministers alike, who knows the nasty truth about themselves, despise the voters in much the same way that rock stars despise their adolescent fans.

Sarawak Barisan National approaches is not interested in changing their current agenda; their interest is to use whatever tactic works to achieve their mission. That mission is to steal the NCR lands and Rights of every Sarawakian under the banners of social justice, 18 Points and a multitude of other great sounding slogans designed to deceive so he can achieve his bloodless coup over the rule of law and transform it to the rule of one of the greatest thive of Sarawak. Over the last 48 years, Barisan National governments have increasingly abusing their power allowing them to manipulated the Rights of the Sarawak people in favour of their pockets of the wealthiest and most powerful.

He (Abdul Taib Mahmud) started his transformation of Sarawak into his own personal investment. It is the single minded goal he fully intends to finish with as much money and wealth as he can earn, coerce, or outright steal. It seem, he doesn't matter what and how blogger and rakyat condemning him; once a thieve, always a thieve; you can never trust thieve..!!!

I read a report in Sarawak Chief Minister official website, he (Taib Mahmud) is throwing the bucks of his failures to western NGOs. Unfortunately, he did not name the NGOs; "Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were yesterday chided over raising emotional issues on oil palm development in Sarawak".

Remember, DEMOCRACY means that people (including Sarawakian) have the right to everything. We, Sarawakian should work too. We should stand as one. We have good brains and educated. We have high morals, capable of differentiate what are rights and wrongs. We do not require NGO to educate us. We do not require a PhD, a Guru, a Imam, a Preist/Pastor or President of America to tell us the NCR lands that he has robbed from the the Dayaks are wrong. Even a 8 years old child can tell clearly the incumbent chief minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud is the main breeder of incompetence, mediocrity and corruption.

Honestly, I am not writing trying to 'sugar coating' the facts about Barisan National. I have a pretty strong stomach for the last 30 years, but lately this made me cringe, vomit inducing is correct. The crimes caused by Abdul Taib Mahmud and the Barisan National to the Sarawak people are horrific so then should be "the story" before the
coming election. Let them (BN) eat their own medicine.

For those who argue that Barisan National deserves to continue a second chance to govern Sarawak for another term,  I simply leave their wishes in my daily prayer and hope that things will be better for the Sarawakian from next year and onwards, after all what Barisan National and Abdul Taib Mahmud has done to us since 30 years. Whilst,
I humbly surrender the future of Sarawak and its next generations in the hand of God, that we Dayaks will be more prosperous despite of our lands (NCR) are completely robbed and sold off by Taib Mahmud, and the rakyat will migrated from their homes/long houses/towns to give way to the Dams.

I am not enjoying writting to despise our YB and government. Despise is for someone like Adolph Hitler. It is much worse for them. Adolph Hitler destroyed Germany, they are (and many want to) destroying the Sarawak and its indigenous. To vote for Barisan National to continue for another term mean, it could transform a hell of a lot worse.

Therefore, I hope all of Sarawakian could see the truth through the "hidden/blind-spots" of Barisan National, claimed to save Sarawak fromthe jaws of "living crocodiles".

Although I am not officially registered to any political party, I personally put my full hopes on people like Mr. Baru Bian and his PR to the new breed we've been dreamt for to lead Sarawak into our new political era.

I believe our country Sarawak will achieve humane socio-economic prosperity if a honest and God fearing chief minister will assume into office. A humane and liberal chief minister with strong political will can save our country from the looming growth of household poverty by applying the fundamentals of liberalism: human right tolerance,
environmental sustainability, and free market with just regulation of the government, and return to the rightful owners whatever has been stolen, recognize our rights on the NCR, rivers, riligions, races and cultures.


I encourage everyone to listen to Free Radio Sarawak, get it download and copies into pendrives, CDs or DVDs, and conceptualized a plan to mobilize our youth to all kampung/long houses. That is one way I think how we could help our folks in the kampung to understand this messy government system of Abdul taib Mahmud and Barisan National.

Sarawak youth should be fully informed about the fundamentals of politics: the causes and effects of the controversies relating to politics. otherwise, our youth will be drowned to the effects conceiving without looking to the causes, which can be resolved effectively (good example, what we are going through today).

Our youth are inheritors of the future society, so what we need is to inform them not in piecemeal but in holistic way by uplifting unbiased political education and social justice to become more responsible citizens of our society.

You may ask why people vote Barisan National since Abdul Taib Mahmud took office 1981? Simply because people do not know, and Barisan National constantly confusing people with meanings of "Developments" with their personal hidden-agendas in robbing the NCR lands, because some of them was not concern, lack of knowledge and so on! Therefore, we need to help those people who doesn't know, for them to realize and at the same time to open their mind what they (Barisan National) had done.
WAKE UP Dayak Sarawak.......ARISE..!!!


  1. Dayak tidur2 ayam...

    Patut Jeffrey Kitingan dan Daniel Tajem buat roadshow sama-sama seluruh Borneo

  2. jangan mengadu dan selalu menagih simpati,,,tegakkan hak dan bertindak lah demi keadilan dan menegakkan hak anda....

    peribumi sarawak,
    Dayak tulen


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