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Baru must win, says Lajim in Lawas

At Baru's Kg Siang-Siang residence. Lajim is second from right, sitting next to Baru, while Patrick Sadom was giving speech.
LAWAS : Sarawak Keadilan chairman, Baru Bian, must be returned again as Ba' Kelalan assemblyman at this state election to ensure continuity and also prepare the state to embrace an impending new Fkederal Government.

Baru's counterpart in Sabah, Datuk Lajim Ukin, who is currently campaigning for Keadilan candidates in Sarawak, said based on his excellent service and being the state Keadilan chairman, Baru should retain again Ba' Kelalan.

35 straight fights, 45 multi-cornered in Sarawak election

KUCHING, April 25 — It will be a crowded battle for Sarawak this May 7 with multi-cornered fights to take place in 45 of the 82 seats up for contest, according to information released this afternoon by the Election Commission (EC).

EC chairman Datuk Seri Hashim Abdullah told a press conference that a total of 228 contenders were formally endorsed as candidates for the contest when nominations closed this morning at 10am.

In the 2011 polls, 213 candidates contested for 71 seats in the state legislative assembly.

Sabah joins Sarawak to bar Rafizi from entering the state

By Eduad Bugang

Some of PKR members who were waiting for Rafizi at the terminal.
KOTA KINABALU: Hard-hitting MP Rafizi Ramli of Parti Keadilan Rakyat has been barred by immigration to enter Sabah this afternoon (April 23, 2016).

The outspoken parliamentarian who is also PKR's secretary-general was swiftly taken by immigration officers as soon as he arrived at the terminal of Kota Kinabalu International Airport at around 5pm.

Belgian minister says many Muslims 'danced' after attacks

Brussels (AFP) - Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said Saturday that a "significant" part of the Muslim population celebrated attacks, blaming the country's policies for failing to integrate migrants into society.

He did not explicitly refer to last month's jihadist attacks on Brussels' airport and metro system that killed 32 people

"A significant section of the Muslim community danced when attacks took place," Jambon said in an interview with the Flemish-language De Standaard newspaper.

After Dr Wan Azizah’s rejection, some pundits say end is nigh for Save Malaysia group

KUALA LUMPUR, April 18 — Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s formal refusal to join the Save Malaysia coalition has dealt a blow to the non-partisan movement seeking a leadership change in Putrajaya, some political observers said.

Despite its frontman and former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s clout, the pundits believe the Save Malaysia campaign is unlikely to gain further support from regular Malaysians due to the conflicting stands adopted by its prominent members comprising activists and politicians from both sides of the divide.


Oleh Mahfuz Omar
Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena

1. Saya terkejut bila syarikat International Petroliam Investmen Company (IPIC) dalam pengakuan bertulisnya kepada London Stock Exchange menyatakan IPIC tidak pernah menerima sebarang wang daripada 1MDB mahu pun daripada syarikat Aabar British Vergin Islands (BVI) yang dikatakan telah menerima USD3.5 bilion (RM13 bilion) daripada 1MDB. Sedangkan wang tersebut sepatutnya dibayar kepada IPIC atau Aabar Investment PJS (ABU DHABI) dan IPIC serta Aabar Investment PJS mengesah dalam pengakuan bertulis kepada London Stock Exchange bahawa syarikat Aabar BVI bukan entiti di bawah mana-mana kumpulan (anak syarikat) syarikat milik mereka.

PKR president refuses to join Save M’sia due to Dr M’s Anwar comments

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia’s opposition leader Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has slammed Save Malaysia frontliner Dr Mahathir Mohamad for disparaging her husband, revealing at last her reasons for refusing to join the bipartisan movement seeking to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Adenan: Immigration ban to protect state from unsavoury elements

KUCHING: The Sarawak government will not lift its immigration ban on opposition leaders and activists in the interest of the state.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem (pic) said he needs to protect the interest of Sarawak.

"I have to protect the interest of Sarawak from unsavoury elements. Political or otherwise, it is my job as chief minister," he told reporters at his office here on Tuesday.

Bolehkah Kadazandusun bersatu sekali lagi?

Oleh Fred Lojingki
Veteran Politik

Tahun 2016 umur saya pun sudah 75 tahun.

Saya sedih melihat perpecahan orang Kadazandusun. Pada hari ini terlalu ramai "presiden" orang Kadazandusun. Terlampau banyak parti politik.

Presiden persatuan-persatuan suku kaum Kadazandusun juga semakin ramai. Ini bukan tidak bagus, ada bagus juga tetapi itu kalau ada kesatuan dan kesepakatan.

Church body slams justification of anti-Christian seminar

PETALING JAYA: What has Christianity got to do with the Islamic State (IS) militant group?

That is the question the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) has put forward to Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh, the Malay Mail Online (MMO) reported today.

This was in response to Idris earlier this week, justifying an anti-Christian seminar at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) last year as being held to explain the threat of among others, the IS.

Raja Petra: How could BNM miss RM2.6b?

PETALING JAYA, April 7 — Raja Petra Kamaruddin has asked why Bank Negara did not take action against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak three years ago when the RM2.6 billion was first transferred into his personal bank account.

He said Bank Negara must have known about the transfer as even a small amount like RM100,000 brought into the country would not have gone unnoticed or undetected.

“Did the prime minister smuggle the money in hard cash in containers and not declare the amount to Bank Negara? Or was the money openly transferred through regular or normal channels into Najib’s account?” he asked in a post on his blog, The Corridors Of Power.

“If it is the latter, then did Bank Negara not know about it? We are talking about RM2.6 billion. It happened three years ago and why did Bank Negara not block it or take action three years ago?

“Is it because Bank Negara was informed about it and was in the know and actually approved it three years ago? And if so, then why today pretend they were not aware and are blur and do not know what is going on?” 

The blog was hacked on Tuesday after a post on his questions was uploaded but it was up and running after about an hour when Raja Petra changed its server through another country.

“I suspect that was the article that had the anti-Najib people going after me by hacking my server so that readers cannot read it,” he said.

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