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Anwar is a great manipulator

From Goodtosay, via e-mail

Anwar is a good speaker. He is capable of twisting facts. He treats Sabah PKR leaders and members just like street kids. Anwar knew that Pajudin Nordin was only a vice division head.
By simple logic Pajudin could not be appointed to a high post let alone as the Sabah PKR chief.
But Anwar proceeded to appoint him. What a funny leader. To all Sabah PKR leaders, be warned before Anwar springs another heavier blow on you.
Either you join Zaid Ibrahim’s Kita or Jeffrey Kitingan’s United Borneo Front, but we go on together for the same agenda.


  1. yes this writer cannot be more right. anwar is manipulator, and a evil one at it. actually anwar not only treated sabahans like street kids but as garbage...

  2. Kita is a political party, UBf is not. so we join both of them.

  3. It is okay anwar manipulator for god things, but NO NO if he manipulates us for the advancemnet of his own interest...Evil


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