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Nama Musa belum dibersihkan lagi

Surat itu hanya memaklumkan bahawa berdasarkan
maklumat yang diperolehi, ICAC mengambil
keputusan untuk tidak meneruskan siasatan.
PETALING JAYA: PKR hari ini menegaskan surat Suruhanjaya Bebas Anti Rasuah Hong Kong (ICAC) mengenai kes RM40 juta melibatkan
Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman tidak membersihkan namanya dari skandal itu.
“Sebaliknya menguatkan pandangan bahawa ICAC terpaksa menghentikan siasatan kerana tidak mendapat kerjasama pihak berkuasa Malaysia,” kata Pengarah Strategi parti itu, Rafizi Ramli dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini.
Beliau merujuk kepada laporan berita portal semalam di bawah tajuk “Surat ICAC menunjukkan Musa Aman dibersihkan namanya dari rasuah Disember lalu”.

Aussie campaign against Hydro Tasmania in S’wak

A campaign to mobilise Australians to pressure their
government into forcing Hydro Tasmania to withdraw
its support of the mega dams project in Sarawak
has achieved its first success.
KUCHING: The Australian Greens political party has thrown its wholehearted support behind calls to pull out state-owned Hydro Tasmania from Sarawak.
Hydro Tasmania is involved in the controversial proposals for the construction of dams in Sarawak. The Greens are in a formal alliance with the Australian Labor Party in the Tasmanian Parliament.
Yesterday, Greens Senators Christine Milne and Lee Rhiannon together with Sarawak indigenous leaders launched a national-level campaign calling for Hydro Tasmania to pull out its support of the dams in the state.
Rhiannon, who is also Greens overseas development spokesperson, said: “Momentum Energy [part of the Hydro Tasmania group of companies] is in NSW [New South Wales] , Victoria and South Australia busily promoting themselves as a champion of green energy but Hydro Tasmania’s record in Sarawak shows the opposite.

Your Smartphone's Dirty, Radioactive Secret

It's a sweltering late February afternoon when I pull into the Esso gas station in the tiny town of Bukit Merah, Malaysia. My guide, a local butcher named Hew Yun Tat, warns me that the owner is known for his stinginess. "He's going to ask you to buy him tea," Hew says. "Even though he owns many businesses around here, he still can't resist pinching pennies."

An older man emerges from the station office. His face and hands are mottled with white patches, his English broken.

"I'll talk to you," the man says, "but only if you buy me tea." He grins.

Man arrested over rape and murder of 16-year-old schoolgirl

KOTA KINABALU: Police have arrested a 40-year-old man in connection with the brutal rape and murder of a 16-year-old schoolgirl in Sabah's northern Kota Matudu district.
The suspect, a foreigner who operates a furniture shop, was arrested at about 10am Tuesday after the body of Norikoh Saliwah was found thrown by the roadside near Kampung Ranau at about 12.40pm on Sunday about 2km from Kota Marudu town.
Acting Kota Marudu district police chief Asst Supt Kamaruddin Sulaiman in confirming the arrest said that police believe that the girl was raped and murdered.

UN envoy for global education to visit "neglected" Borneo

Picture shows Jambun with Rewcastle at Victoria Station
in London two days ago
LONDON: Soon the United Nation's global education envoy, Gordon Brown, the former British Prime Minister, may visit Borneo's states, learning first hand the issues affecting the natives there on access to school facilities and to higher education.

The condition of schools in the island, especially in Malaysia's Sabah and Sarawak and in all the four Kalimantan territories of Indonesia, had been brought to the UN's attention by NGOs and individuals who observed that Borneon children, particularly the natives, could have been neglected and overlooked at various levels of education issue.

Lima lelaki berbangsa Pakistan merogol dan membunuh seorang gadis yang masih dibawah umur di Kota Marudu

Artikel ini diambil dari laman blog yang lain dan kesahihan cerita ini tidak dapat disahkan. Sehubungan itu artikel ini akan dibuang dari laman blog Borneo Herald namun pembaca masih boleh mengklik pautan dibawah sekiranya mahu membaca artikel asal.


Lebih 100 Orang Asal Berkumpul di IPD Cameron Membuat Laporan Polis

22 November 2012

Pada hari ini, seramai 100 Orang Asal (OA) telah berkumpul di IPD Cameron Highlands, Brinchang untuk membuat laporan polis berkenaan masalah yang sedang dihadapi oleh mereka. Laporan polis telah dibuat oleh 10 orang wakil OA.

Kesemua kampung OA sebelum ini telah bersama menubuhkan 'Jaringan Tanah & Wilayah Adat OA Cameron Highlands (JARICH)' untuk memperjuangan hak mereka. Ini adalah kali pertama OA di Cameron Highlands keluar membuat laporan polis beramai-ramai untuk mempertahankan hak mereka.

Christians forced to become Muslims by NRD?

FMT LETTER: From P Ramakrishnan, via e-mail

Who determines one’s faith – the individual or the The National Registration Department (NRD? It is obvious that it has to be the individual concerned. The NRD has no business to disagree when a person lays claim to a certain faith.

The NRD’s function is to issue MyKad and it cannot act beyond this function. It is very clear. But why then is the NRD making the lives of Bumiputra Christians in Sabah and Sarawak miserable (as reported in the Malaysian Chronicle)?

Sabah Umno could lose ‘birthplace’

Iranun, which is considered as Umno’s first ‘child’
in Sabah, may see a tough fight from opposition STAR.
KOTA BELUD: Opposition State Reform Party (STAR) has penetrated Umno’s bastion in the state – the Iranun and Bajau kampungs – which incidentally is the birthplace of Sabah Umno.

STAR’s Sabah chairman, Jeffrey Kitingan, was elated to see about 150 senior citizens and the young who thronged to his ice-breaking “ceramah” at two kampungs here recently.

One session was held in Tempasuk Tamau, an Iranun kampung, not very far from Umno’s Pandikar Amin Mulia’s home. The ceramah was hosted by a local ustaz who recently joined STAR.

Clarification – Keningau Admin Centre For Interior Region

“While we welcome the much support for Keningau to be the new administrative capital of Sabah that was carried in the newspapers few days ago, we need to state that STAR Sabah only intends to make Keningau as the administrative centre of a new Interior “internal state” as part of an administration reform plan” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, the STAR Sabah Chief in response to what was erroneously reported that Keningau would be the new capital when STAR Sabah forms the new government.
It is the intention of STAR Sabah to be part a new Sabah government that will bring about reforms and changes and implement new and creative ideas and policies to create a new Sabah that is safe, autonomous and progressive.

Controversial rare earth ore arrives in Kuantan port

KUANTAN PORT : More than 100 containers suspected to contain rare earth ore have arrived in Kuantan port near midnight yesterday under unusually heavy police presence.

Stop Lynas Coalition chairperson Andansura Rabu, who was at the port, told Malaysiakini that a large number of police and Lynas employees were at the dock last night.

According to him, some 102 containers arrived at Kuantan port at about 11pm, which he suspected contain raw material for the controversial Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng.

Prelude to the Post-Lee Kuan Yew Era

Event: Saturday 24 Nov 2012  time: 2-4pm 
at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Book launch
Speakers at Singapore Forum: Tan Wah Piow, Dr G Raman & Dr Wong Chin Huat

Tan Wah Piow, the author of Smokescreens & Mirrors, will be in Kuala Lumpur to launch the book on the 24th November. 

Smokescreens & Mirrors is not only a powerful rebuttal of the Singapore government’s allegations against him in 1987 as the “Mastermind of a Marxist Plot” to overthrow the PAP, it is, in the words of one Singaporean reviewer:

Smokescreens, however, is not simply a historical analysis of the political machinations that took place in 1987. It closes in the present with a call to action: Tan pushes for a

Pairin: Jeffrey doesn’t love me anymore

It is now an open secret that the KadazanDusuns
in Keningau and even Tambunan are clamouring
for change, but Joseph Pairin Kitingan
refuses to acknowledge the shift
PENAMPANG: Embattled Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Joseph Pairin Kitingan has increased his attacks on his brother Jeffrey. He sees Jeffrey as the man who will send him into retirement.
Speaking to reporters at the end of recently-concluded PBS congress here, Pairin accused the younger Kitingan of not loving him and of breaking the unity within the KadazanDusunMurut communities.
He also said Jeffrey was uncooperative and hurled half a dozen more accusations against his younger brother.

Sabah RCI comes under fire

Restricting the Sabah RCI hearing to a predetermined
number of witnesses will result in investigations
falling far short of public expectations.
KOTA KINABALU: The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the fraudulent issuance of citizenship to illegal immigrants has hardly got off the ground but has already run into controversy.
Its move to call for testimony for witnesses at its “whim and fancy” will render its investigation far short of what the people of Sabah are expecting, an MP from Sabah said today.
“The commission must conduct an open hearing to give opportunities for the public who want to offer testimonies without restriction,” said Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) president Wilfred Bumburing, the Tuaran MP.

Where’s the billions in forest royalties?

Despite the billions derived from logging,
oil and gas royalties, Sarawakian natives
have remained poor with minimal infrastructure.
KUCHING: Where has the RM14.4 billion in forest royalties derived from logging Sarawak’s rainforest since 1980 gone?
Posing this question in the current sitting of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly, assemblyman See Chee How said the revenue seemed not to have filtered down to the masses, as the state was still grappling with poverty.
“What has happened to all the forest royalties that the state received from all the trees chopped down since 1980?
“The state government likes to claim that logging [and now oil palm] has brought development to the rural people. But, if so, why is there still so much poverty and deprivation in Sarawak?

‘Can you expect thieves to arrest themselves?’

A Sabah-based activist has accused Upko of pussyfooting
around the illegal immigrant issue.
KOTA KINABALU: The author of a book ‘Lest We Forget’ that chronicled the ‘acquisition’ of Sabah by Umno-linked authorities, who re-engineered the demographics of the state, is surprised that local leaders are now downplaying the facts.
Expressing his concern, Dr Chong Eng Leong said he was worried that even a hardline local Barisan Nasional coalition component was backing away from the controversial issue after years of championing it.
Chong is particularly incensed that state assembly representative Donald Mojuntin, the son of the late Peter Mojuntin who is lionised as a defender of Sabah’s rights, was now choosing to limit the fallout from a widely acknowledged illegal act.

TNB deal in Sabah raises eyebrows

Why is Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd paying a TNB subsidiary
RM18 million annually for routine services when it can
do the job itself?
TAWAU: The yearly payment of RM18 million to a subsidiary of national utility company Tenaga National Bhd for routine services of a power station in Sabah has come under the spotlight.
Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong said state utility company, Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, which is itself a subsidiary of TNB, must explain the rationale for the multi-million ringgit bill for maintenance checks by TNB Remaco on the Kubota Power Plant at Taman Millennium.
Wong said SESB should be able to handle the routine task without having to engage TNB Remaco for the job as has been done in the past.
“The RM18 million is only used to conduct routine operation and service. Any major breakdown is still paid by SESB.

Shafie’s wooing Yong back into BN

In a bid to unseat Musa Aman, Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal
is allegedly brokering deals with SAPP's Yong Teck Lee.
Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal is allegedly masterminding the return of former Sabah chief minister Yong Teck Lee into the Barisan Nasional and claiming he has the tacit approval of party president Najib Tun Razak to negotiate the return.
This is despite the fact that Sabah BN components distrust Yong, who is Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president.
Yong, Shafie and Joseph Ambrose Lee were partners in crime at one time. They allegedly took over the RM30-billion timber wealth of Yayasan Sabah through a share-swap. The “swap” had allegedly taken place when Yong was chief minister and Shafie a directer in Yayasan Sabah.

Hands off Gaza! Stop the massacre!

The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) condemns Israel for its latest brutal assault on the Palestinian people.

Israel has once again intensified its aggression against the Palestinian people of Gaza, by launching airstrikes since 14 Nov 2012. Israel has amassed troops on the border and threatened a ground invasion on the Gaza Strip. More than 100 Palestinians including at least 23 children have been killed since the new massacre called “Operation Pillar of Defense” began.

East Malaysia's oil will pay huge RM45bil PTPTN bad debt 

With only about half of the money owed to it collected, one may think that it is time for the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to start tightening the screws.

However, according to its chief executive officer Agos Cholan, PTPTN still wants to do things "the nice way".

"We have the nice way and the harsh way. So far, we have been quite nice and moderate. We advertise in newspapers, on billboards and hold awareness campaigns to tell the people ‘pay back, lah', and so on.

Orang Asli students slapped for refusing to recite islamic doa !

GUA MUSANG: Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo wants the education minister and the attorney-general to explain why no action has been taken against the teacher who slapped four Orang Asli children for not reciting the doa (Islamic prayer).

Such delays allow abuses to take place, Gobind said, such as the alleged attempts by teachers to pay the families of each student RM300 if they withdraw their police report.

"This is what happens when there is delay on part of the authorities in taking action. Investigations in this case would be complicated.



SEMALAM, saya telah disiasat oleh DSP Ahmad Asmadi Hj Muhammat Salim dari Pasukan Siasatan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Di Raja (RCI) selama lebih kurang 3 jam 14 minit yang di Bilik 405, Hotel Grand Pacific, Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur di bawah Seksyen 16 (2) (a) Akta Suruhanjaya Siasatan 1950 (Akta 119).

Siasatan berkenaan diperlukan bagi membolehkan Panel RCI membuat keputusan sama ada saya perlu dipanggil sebagai saksi untuk memberi keterangan di hadapan Panel RCI yang akan mengadakan sidang pertama pada 14 Januari 2013 di Mahkamah Tinggi Kota Kinabalu.
Untuk makluman rakyat Sabah, saya dijemput untuk memberi kenyataan awal kepada Panel Siasatan RCI kerana saya telah menulis empat buah buku berkaitan kerakyatan songsang iaitu IC Palsu Merampas Hak Anak Sabah; Pengundi Untuk Disewa; IC Projek Agenda Tersembunyi Mahathir (?) dan 007-Lelaki Malaysia Terakhir; serta peranan saya sebagai Penulis Blog IC Palsu dan Pengendali Portal; yang sering mendedahkan isu PATI dan kerakyatan songsang.

Menurut peruntukan Seksyen 16 (2) (a) Akta Suruhanjaya Siasatan 1950 memberikuasa kepada Pendakwa Raya untuk membantu Pesuruhjaya;

‘Virgin Mary’ image handed over to Church

The removal of the window panes was carried out by
professionals with due care, safety and caution.
PETALING JAYA: The Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya (SDMC SJ) has removed and handed over two window panes from the North Tower of the hospital complex to the Catholic Church.
One of the panes has on it marks that some claim resemble artistic depictions of Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
“SDMC SJ had agreed to hand over the window panes at the request of the Church. ”
“The removal of the window panes was carried out by professionals with due care, safety and caution exercised throughout the process, which started at 10 am and ended without incident at 11.35 am,” the medical centre said in a statement today.

Jeffrey paints bleak scenario on Sabah

The STAR chairman doesn't buy the BN propaganda that
the state is not in the grip of grinding poverty.
By Joe Fernandez
Sabah strongman Jeffrey Kitingan isn’t buying the increasingly shrill propaganda barrage emanating from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition… that the influx of foreign labour into Sabah provides the clearest proof that there’s continuing development in the state and that it isn’t the poorest in the country as depicted by recent figures.
It’s an issue being flogged to death by both sides of the political divide in Sabah and Sarawak.
Jeffrey surprisingly waxed more eloquently than usual late this week in the local media on a nightmare scenario in the state. He hesitated in the temptation, for once, to go as usual all over the place. The opposition, he hastened to add, wasn’t being blind to the reality and accused the state government of being in a state of denial on Sabah’s “grinding poverty”.

PBS preparing for Pairin’s last stand

If Pairin gives up public service, the Kadazandusuns could
pick someone with a family connection to take over.
PENAMPANG: There’s a certain nervousness in the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) ranks in the run-up to next week’s three-day party congress. It could well be the final one for its founder, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, at least as president.
With others in the party hierarchy expected to either shore up their positions or jockey for them, the congress is also expected to be closely monitored by many in the state hoping for a hint of what course the party will take.
Drafts of Pairin’s policy speech are being vetted by the top leadership, said sources who revealed that it focuses on pressing issues facing Sabah, such as the illegal immigrants, preparations for the general election and eventual change of leadership.

STAR: CM Must Take Responsibility for Sabah’s Poverty

Musa must take responsibility for Sabah’s poverty

It was very disturbing to read in the local papers on Thurs 15 Nov, 2012 that Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman continues to remain in a state of denial on the grinding poverty situation in Sabah.

This is really unbecoming on the part of the Chief Minister. His high-handed attitude should be deplored and roundly condemned by all Sabahans especially the vast majority who has been suffering for so long under the BN Government since 1994.

We are by no means entirely blaming Musa for the plight of Sabah but he must share a large part of the blame. He has been the Chief Executive for a good many years and shows no signs, if any, of going away anytime soon and giving others an opportunity to do a better job. 

Money Jihad: How Islamists Finance Their Operations

The author of the Money Jihad blog wishes to remain anonymous. The daily blog documents how Islamists finance their operations. The author previously served in military-intelligence and has been blogging about terrorism financing for three years.

The following is RadicalIslam.or’s Security Analyst Ryan Mauro’s interview with the author of the Money Jihad blog about how the Islamist terrorism continues to be lavishly funded 11 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Israel Will Continue to Take Whatever Action is Necessary, Says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this afternoon (Thursday, 15 November 2012), issued the following statement to the foreign press:

"In recent days and weeks, Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza have made normal life impossible for over one million Israelis. No government would tolerate a situation where nearly a fifth of its people live under a constant barrage of rockets and missile fire, and Israel will not tolerate this situation. This is why my government has instructed the Israeli Defense Forces to conduct surgical strikes against the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. And this is why Israel will continue to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people.

Burak S.Sem says...

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Whenever I watch American politics and debates between Obama & Romney I can’t help but compare it to our local politics here in Malaysia. 

So as it became clear that Obama had won re-election and the pundits turned their attention to why the republican party lost, I again drew a parallel to local political parties in Malaysia particularly the coming 13th general election.

Joe Fernandez notices...

In 15/11/2012 Borneo Post, the CM denies that Sabah is the poorest in M'sia.

The figures on poverty in Sabah & S'wak were in fact revealed by the World Bank at STAR (Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort) in KK in Dec 2010.

The WB used figures from EPU and SPUs in KK & Kuching.

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan didenda RM3,000 kerana khalwat

Hassan merupakan anak Dusun dari Ranau,
kacukan ibunya Dusun dan bapanya India
Muslim. Beliau merupakan adik kepada
penulis Sabah, allahyarham M. A. Rahman,
yang juga pemimpin politik PEKEMAS di
Sabah dan dikatakan pernah bertanding
atas tiket parti itu di Tuaran
PUTRAJAYA - Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman hari ini didenda RM3,000 oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah setelah mengaku bersalah atas tuduhan khalwat.
Jika Dr Hasan, 56, gagal membayar denda itu, beliau boleh dipenjara selama tiga bulan.
Beliau didakwa berkhalwat dengan seorang pegawai kementerian sama, Wan Syarifah Nooraazmanita Wan Hassan, 36, di sebuah bilik Hotel Pullman Putrajaya, di sini kira-kira 2.18 pagi hari ini.
Wan Syarifah Nooraazmanita turut mengaku bersalah terhadap tuduhan tersebut dan dikenakan denda RM2,900 atau penjara 30 hari jika gagal membayar denda itu.

Jeffrey’s STAR blows hot and cold

By Calvin Kabaron
Leaders of local opposition, STAR, who recently
returned from the party's recent SWOT analysis
meeting are pessimistic about the party's direction.
KOTA KINABALU: Has the State Reform Party (STAR) peaked too soon in Sabah?
The party is seeing a slowdown in membership applications, it has failed to attract high profile former Barisan Nasional leaders who have quit the ruling coalition and its campaign is disjointed.
Tongues are wagging and party leader, maverick local politician Jeffrey Kitingan, is taking most of the flak. He is being blamed for being indecisive in the face manifold problems confronting the local opposition party that was formed 10 months ago.
Hints of despair in the party are surfacing and Kitingan who is no stranger to controversy may fall into a political abyss yet again by “refusing to listen to good and alert colleagues”, according to people with knowledge of the situation in the party.

Sabah opposition ‘magic’ number is 10

According to PAS, although 60% of the electorate
'favour us', only a one-to-one fight with BN
could ensure a win for the opposition.
By Luke Rintod of FMT
LONDON: Voters in Sabah will have to deliver at least 10 parliamentary seats to the opposition to end the over 50-year reign of the Umno-led federal coalition government.
PAS deputy president, Mohamad Sabu, more popularly known as Mat Sabu, reckons that voters in the east Malaysian state will have to make a complete turnaround compared to the last election to allow the opposition to march into Putrajaya.
While confident that Pakatan Rakyat would do even better in Peninsular Malaysia compared to the 2008 general election, the popular and down-to-earth PAS leader said Sabah voters would either swing it the opposition’s way or help maintain the status quo.

Virgin Mary image draws Catholics to hospital

A stain on a window that some Catholics believe to be an apparition
of the Virgin Mary is seen at the Sime Darby Medical Centre in
Subang November 11, 2012. — Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — Catholic Malaysians have been flocking to the Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya to catch a glimpse of an image that has appeared on one of its windows said to resemble the image of the Virgin Mary, The Sunday Star reported today.
The mysterious image of the figure revered by Catholics who believe Mary to be the mother of Jesus Christ was reported to have been spotted a few days ago on a window pane at the hospital.

Sabah’s oil curse strikes again

Poverty-riddled Sabah is the sixth biggest contributor to
the national economy, contributing more than a quarter of
the total oil and gas produced in the country.
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah lost control of its oil wealth more than 30 years ago but the fallout of the widely acknowledged cock-eyed contract is continuing to roil business dealings in the state.
The state Barisan Nasional government is now facing more questions over how it is managing the Petronas-sponsored Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT) project that began more than a year ago.
The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has accused Chief Minister Musa Aman’s Umno-led BN government of failing to safeguard the interest of the local companies in the ongoing multi-billion-ringgit project.
Melanie Chia, the party’s outspoken women’s wing chief, said there appeared to be no attempt by the state government to ensure locals get a bigger share of the spin-offs from the SOGT project.

Mengapa perlu ubah kerajaan?

Penulis berkongsi pandangan bersama rakan-rakan di
Facebook mengenai isu penting menjelang PRU-13
Menjelang Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13), usaha-usaha yang diambil oleh Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk “mempertahankan” Putrajaya semakin rancak. Begitu juga usaha Pakatan Rakyat (PR) “merampas” Putrajaya.
Dalam keasyikan kedua-dua pihak merebut kuasa, kita jangan sesekali lupa bahawa “kuasa” sebenar terletak pada tangan Rakyat (huruf besar disengajakan). Dalam sistem pemerintah demokrasi, Rakyat yang berkuasa dan berhak memilih wakil yang akan membentuk kerajaan.
Di tengah-tengah keghairahan BN dan PR berebut bola di tengah padang, usah kita lupa walau sesaat bahawa keputusan mutlak sebenarnya terletak di tangan kita sebagai Rakyat; khususnya individu yang sudah mendaftar sebagai pengundi.

S'pore - thanks to Malaysia's Dr M, our water industry is now worth $9 BILLION!

Written by mevotex
Fresh water has always been a precious resource to Singapore. Being a tiny island with high urban population constrained by its land size, modern Singapore never have enough water of its own to support its population, but this is about to change....


In 1927, Singapore signed a water agreement with Johor to construct a pipeline transporting raw water from Johor to Singapore. During the Battle of Singapore in 1942, the pipeline was destroyed, which left Singapore with water reserves that could last at most two weeks. According to Lee Kuan Yew, this was one of his motives to envision water self-sufficiency for Singapore later when he became the city-state's Prime Minister.

Immediately after the British awarded self-governance in 1959, the Singaporean government under Lee signed 2 water agreements with Malaya in 1961 and 1962. Under these agreements, Singapore will build two water treatment plants in Singapore and a new, expanded pipeline from Johor at its expenses. Singapore will also supply treated water to Johor at far below the cost of treating the water, and in return, Malaya would also supply raw water to Singapore below market prices. The agreements would last till 2011 and 2061 respectively.

Work in plantation sectors, Sabah youths told

Plantation sector today is not the same as in the
past as planters are offering better wages, perks
and living conditions as well as other social
amenities, says Salleh Said Keruak.
KOTA BELUD: Local youths must give plantation and other agricultural jobs a chance as they are the mainstay of the Sabah economy and one that has about the most promising future at the moment.
Yayasan Kota Belud chairman Salleh Said Keruak indicated that local youths were not even considering these two sectors because they feared the hard work and perceived bad living conditions, thus forcing owners to opt for foreign labour.
But the plantation sector today is not the same as in the past as planters are offering better wages, perks and living conditions as well as other social amenities, said Salleh when met after the launching of the Kota Belud Education, Skills and Career exposition here.
“Plantation owners enjoying good receipts from high commodity prices and in turn they are offering better salaries to attract good local workers, while farming food crops can be turned into a lucrative venture with today’s modern technology,” he pointed out.

Standoff over world heritage sites

The Sabah state government is at odds with the federal
government, which want the places concerned federalised.
KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government has found itself in a fix over its bid to gain World Heritage Site status for several extraordinary rainforest areas in the state harbouring unique flora and fauna.
The federal government has thrown a spanner in the works by claiming full jurisdiction over the sites but the state government has dug in its heels and refused to hand over the keys to its riches mindful that land is a “sensitive” state matter.
The Federal Ministry of Culture, Arts and Information which must endorse World Heritage Site applications has said that it will not do so if the places concerned are not “federalised”.

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