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RON97 petrol up 10 sen to RM2.50

PETALING JAYA: The price of premium RON97 petrol will be 10 sen higher at RM.250 per litre from Tuesday.

According to Malaysian Petrol Dealers Association president Datuk Hashim Othman, the Finance Ministry confirmed the price Monday evening.

"It's a monthly review based on the world oil price. The ministry performed the assessment and decided on the price increase," he said when contacted.

The last price increase for RON97 petrol was on Jan 4, also by 10 sen.

The price of RON97 petrol is subjected to a managed float, as announced by the Government in July last year, to reflect the global market price.

There's no increase in the price of subsidised fuel like RON95 petrol, diesel and LPG.

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