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Is Tun Mahathir belittling the RM77 million 1MALAYSIA

“What an embarrassment to us Malays” exclaimed Captain Iskandar Dzulkarnain at the Tun’s sudden about turn to his speeches and rhetoric. Many who listened with interest to his sermons, is alarmed at the vast distortion of everything he has tried to impress upon us in the past. He is beginning to sound incoherent, with a tinge of cynicism….” The great empire you built in the last 22years is slowly unraveling, crumbling, torn assunder by the words that spews forth from your mouth. Everyone, who knows you in the past, is becoming disappointed in what you hold dear to.”

“Today, you are championing Malay Rights. You are angry that Non-Malays are questioning these rights. You are also angry that Malays themselves are questioning these so-called Rights. You want the other races to acknowledge that the Dominant Malays are the rightful heirs to this country called Malaysia. What an embarrassment to us Malays.”

And if there is a Special Right, I think I would want to have the Right to mingle freely with our Chinese and Indian friends, step into a church and listen with interest to their choirs singing Christmas Carols, drop by a Chinese temple, and observe the monks chanting their mantras, or to an Indian Temple to see how they worship. And to drop by the Pub, for a glass of cold Coke, without feeling a little peculiar. I want the right to tell all our fellow citizens that we do not harbour any ill will against them, that we are just like them and that we will always stand by them.”

Sadly what LKY said rings true…..he never supports his successors. What makes a once towering man sink that low! It is embarrassing, simply puerile!

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