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Salam Hormat dari Tua Kampong Long Kavuk

Salam hormat to all of you my anak-anak, cucu-cucu and my sabila wherever you may be. May the LOVE, BLESSING, STENGTH the WORDS of our Lord be upon you.

As you all know, I’ve been so silent for the last few months; this is because my email writer the retired Cikgu from Long Kavuk was in Miri and Kuching for few months on medical treatment.  As matter of fact, the retired Cikgu was very pale before left Long Kavuk for his treatment, but today, I am so please to see him gradually recovering. He is still on medications. But, this is not what I am going to discuss in this email.  

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) awaiting approval from Pakatan Rakyat

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Sosialis Malaysia, which is awaiting approval to be a part of the opposition pact, said the matter will not stop it from forming an electoral alliance with DAP, PAS and PKR.
“We verbally voiced our decision to join the opposition pact last June and submitted a formal notice of our intention in Septem­ber.
“We are still waiting for a response,” PSM secretary-general S. Arutchelvan said at a press conference here yesterday.

Manila dakwa Musa sekat deportasi suspek dikehendaki

Setiausaha Dalam Negeri Filipina, Mar Roxas telah mendakwa bahawa Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman telah menyekat penghantaran pulang orang yang paling dikehendaki di negara itu.

Manuel Karingal Amalilio (kiri) - individu yang dikehendaki polis  Filipina kerana didakwa menipu lebih 15,000 orang, membabitkan 12 bilion peso (RM895 juta) -  dikatakan anak saudara Musa tetapi polis Malaysia telah menafikannya.

Menurut laporan yang disiarkan dalam -  lamanweb berita konglomerat media Filipina ABS-CBN Jumaat lepas -  Roxas memberitahu sebuah saluran TV tempatan bahawa Musa (kanan) telah menyekat ejen Biro Penyiasatan Nasional (NBI) daripada membawa Amalillo kembali ke Filipina.

"Tidak jelas mengapa pihak berkuasa Malaysia menyekat Amalilio daripada berlepas," Roxas dipetik sebagai berkata.

NRD man got RM1m for letting immigrants vote, RCI told

KOTA KINABALU, Jan 29 – A then-Sabah National Registration Department (NRD) director sold 16,000 NRD receipts for more than RM1million that enabled immigrants in Sabah to vote, the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants heard today.

Special Branch (SB) officer DSP Badaruddin Ismail, who works in Kelantan, testified today that Ramli Kamarudin sold each receipt for RM250 between 1993 and 1995 to illegal immigrants from the Philippines, India, Pakistan and other countries.

“He (Ramli) said he just did it for the money,” Badaruddin told the RCI here today.

Badaruddin, who had interrogated Ramli, stressed that Ramli said he had done so on his own accord for personal gain without instructions from higher authorities.

Pakistani gets countryman blue IC in 20 days

NONESoon after 54-year-old Pakistani national Prabesh Khan Hussein Khan arrived in Sabah in 1992, he was told that Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian and Filipino nationals can get Malaysian citizenship easily.

A Pakistani comrade by the name of Ikram told Prabesh that he (Ikram) could make this possible for a mere RM330, Prabesh told the royal commission of inquiry on Sabah immigrants today.

Prabesh then filled up a yellow National Registration Department form, placed his thumb print on the document and submitted it to Ikram together with eight photographs.

Sabah RCI: NRD man got RM1.0m for letting immigrants vote

He says he had been waiting for his turn
which might finally come today (Thursday)
By Luke Rintod of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: The foremost advocate for Sabah state autonomy, Jeffrey Kitingan, who helped expose “Project IC” in Sabah, is expected to be called in by the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah from tomorrow.
He has been on standby since Monday after the RCI notified him he probably would be called at this second session and possibly at another session after the Chinese New Year.
When contacted by FMT here today, Jeffrey said he had been waiting for his turn which might finally come tomorrow (Thursday).
It is understood the RCI is expected to give at least 24-hour notice to witnesses to appear before it.

My Bible, My faith, My church

Perkasa has lighted a fire of religious
intolerance which is burning slowly but
will grow bigger if not doused.
Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali wants to make a bonfire of the Malay version of the Bible that uses the word “Allah” and is written in Jawi. But a Bible is a Bible, whether it is in English or Malay or Jawi. It is still a sacred book and to throw it into the fire is an act of sacrilege. He is encouraging a course of action which is likely to lead to dire consequences. He has forgotten that Malaysia is a land shared by many races and faiths.
Ibrahim has triggered widespread resentment in the Christian community for making such a provocative statement. Most of the worshippers using the Malay-language Bible are native Christians in Sarawak and Sabah. They also work and live in the Peninsula and continue to practise their faith. They have been using this Bible for ages without anyone trampling on their rights to religious freedom. The Bible is their faith and their church. But now come Ibrahim and his Bible-burning threat.

Why no noise from PM against Perkasa?

By Chua Jui Meng
Why is Najib mum on Perkasa's call for the burning
of Malay bibles and why doesn't anyone in Umno
dare to tegur Ibrahim Ali or Perkasa?
The Umno-led Barisan Nasional federal government leaders only look after the financial interest of themselves, their families and cronies. We must wipe out corruption to bring real benefits to the rakyat and country.
For this to be realised, the BN must go.
Pakatan Rakyat is committed to poverty eradication and is confident of raising the monthly income of families who are now RM1,500 and below to RM4,000 in its first term of governance.
Give us the opportunity and chance to show what we can do for the rakyat and country in five years. It is still your choice to change if you are not satisfied with our performance.

Musa takes to wooing non-politicos

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Barisan Nasional seems to be taking a leaf from Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s direct dealings with civil society groups and is actively engaging, in some instances for the first time, religious bodies, academics, artistes and the latest, consumer bodies.
Such is the state’s political “dilemma”. The ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry testimonies and the contentious Bible-issue have dented BN’s “fixed deposits” and the “leakage” is worrying the powers-that-be here.
In an unexpected show of concern, Chief Minister Musa Aman recently hosted a local Catholic delegation led by the outgoing Archbishop John Lee who heaped praises on Musa for his openness and help to the church.

Sabah authorities stunned by dead elephants

The Sabah Wildlife Department which is investigating
the mysterious deaths of several elephants have
not discounted poisoning.
KOTA KINABALU: The horrific discovery of a herd of dead pygmy elephants, including a cow elephant with its calf lingering by her side, all apparently poisoned within a Yayasan Sabah forestry concession area over the last two weeks has shocked wildlife authorities in the state.

A stunned State Tourism Minister Masidi Manjun has called for a thorough investigation into the “mysterious death” of the Bornean elephants that were found dead at at the Forestry Management Unit (FMU) 23, a Yayasan Sabah Concession area in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, some 130km from Tawau.

Remember, we study history to try and understand the past, not to judge it

In 1991, the brother of the Sabah Chief Minister, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for allegedly plotting to take Sabah out of Malaysia. With the detention of Dr Jeffrey, this more or less ‘confirmed’ the rumour of the plot to take Sabah out of Malaysia and subsequently for Sabah to join the Philippines.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
"Remember, we study history to try and understand the past, not to judge it." That was what my lecturer told me this morning. I think he is chiding me for being too judgemental in my comments regarding the English Civil War and the conflict between King Charles I and Parliament, the course I am currently taking.
With that spirit as the backdrop, I would like to give you my analysis regarding the current controversy raging in Malaysia -- and that is the controversy regarding the Sabah immigrants issue that is being investigated by the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI).

Kurup’s son for Pensiangan

PBRS president Joseph Kurup who is eyeing the
Sepanggar parliamentary seat is aiming to
position his son for federal level politics.
KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) president Joseph Kurup is unlikely to defend his Pensiangan parliamentary seat, a move that is seen as paving the way for his son Arthur’s active participation in federal level politics.
Arthur is expected to contest the Pensiangan seat for Barisan Nasional in the coming general election.
Since early last year, Kurup, the Federal Natural Resources and Environment Deputy Minister, has been touring his constituency introducing his son to the residents.
During the party’s congress last month, Arthur was unanimously made the party Youth chief, a post which automatically makes him one of PBRS’ vice-presidents.

Some Malay Groups Have 52% Chinese DNA

Dear Editors,

The news reports on the RCI findings have prompted me to do a bit of reading on the "Malays" and I found 2 articles which are very interesting.

One is a recent article called "Pendatang" by Syed Imran former Bernama reporter and the other a scientific study on the genetics of "Malays".

Syed Imran's beef is that "Malaysians" are 97 squatters- so what is the big deal about "pendatangs"?

Unfortunately UMNO and Perkasa think tankers are a bit thicker than others and have not accepted this conclusion (common knowledge for a long time). Or may be they are following the Nazis who dishonestly made up reasons to justify their pogroms against Jews and "sub-human" race.

God and religion, two separate matters

The raging ‘Allah” issue has left this writer
wondering if Jakim and National Fatwah Council
clerics who can both “see and read” are “blind”.
When I was young, my teacher  told me that if I want to study facts I should take up archaeology, but if I want to find out what truth is all about I should choose philosophy.
I ended up somewhere in the middle and discovered that between scientific evidence and logic, there are matters that require a 3rd element called faith -  to believe and accept in the absence of  facts and figures. And religion is one such matter.
Let me give an example: Many people will ref use to switch-off  the life supporting machine attached to a loved one who is in a comatose even though their religion tells them that there is a better place on the other side.

Bumburing: Umno thought I was ‘opposition’ even then

By Joseph Bingkasan of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: Former Barisan Nasional MP Wilfred Bumburing, stung by a remark from Sulaman assemblyman Hajiji Mohd Noor, said he was often labeled “an opposition” whilst in BN for raising matters affecting Sabahans in parliament.
Hajiji, who is Tuaran Umno chief, had accused Bumburing of being an “opportunist”.
Hajiji held that when Bumburing was in the government and a minister, he sang the praises of the BN every day but was now saying the opposite.
Voters, Hajiji said, should judge for themselves which is glass and which is crystal.

Candidates taking politics into schools

KUCHING: The opposition has accused potential candidates of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) of politicising educational matters despite the call not to do so by deputy Parliament Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaffar.
Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen said SUPP election candidates were officiating at the distribution of the federal government’s RM100 aid to students of schools in constituencies where they will contest.
“They are using the education department and schools as their tools to project their image.
“This is typical of Barisan Nasional politicising educational matters even to the extent of bringing politics into primary schools,” claimed Chong, who is also Sarawak DAP secretary.

SAPP ticks off Sabah DAP over immigrant issue

Was Sabah DAP shooting blanks when it asked why
former chief minister Yong Teck Lee was silent
over RCI revelations?
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive People’s Party (SAPP) has been a constant “thorn in the flesh” of Sabah Barisan Nasional since 1999 because of its demand that the influx of illegal immigrants in Sabah be investigated.
SAPP Youth said it was because of the party’s persistent demand for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the illegal immigrants that ties between the party and BN’s “top leadership” was strained.
SAPP was part of the BN coalition until it pulled out in 2008 after winning four seats.
Chiding state DAP assistant secretary Junz Wong’s ignorance, SAPP Youth Kota Kinabalu zone chief John Stephen Dionysius said: “SAPP has been consistent in demanding for an answer to the threat posed by illegal immigrants.

‘Enough with the warnings, haul up Ibrahim’

K Pragalath, FMT
MIC Youth wants stern action against Perkasa
chief Ibrahim Ali, who has called on
Muslims to burn the Al-Kitab.
MIC Youth has urged Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to stop pussy-footing around the contentious call by Perkasa chief, Ibrahim Ali, to burn the Malay Bible and instead take immediate action against him.
“MIC Youth wants Hishammuddin to take action against Ibrahim.
“Ibrahim’s irresponsible action of inciting hatred against another religion can lead to this nation’s instability,” said the party’s Youth secretary, C Sivarraajh.

Rise up, valiant people of Sabah

Unless united, we are now hopelessly and
hilariously outgunned by all these new,
instant, and duplicate Malaysians.
I have been telling all and sundry that our state is best administered by a party or coalition of parties which are rooted locally and that the people of Sabah really need to topple the current state government, which is both useless and inane through the ballot box.
Barisan Nasional has not changed even a bit and none of its so-called transformations are real. It only knows how to keep blowing trumpets about non-existent developments, offering nothing in terms of specifics, and jabbing at the opposition and critics.
From the ongoing hearings conducted at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI), we can now see the power of BN’s weapon of mass destruction and it is called “illegal immigrants” issued with identity cards and armed with voting rights.

Tunggu enam bulan lagi selesai masalah air

Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan
KOTA BELUD : Ahli Parlimen Kota Belud, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan yang lantang menyokong segala dasar Umno mendapat kejutan apabila para pelajar dan ibu bapa yang sedang mendengar ucapannya bertepuk tangan pada masa yang tidak diduga.
Para pelajar dan ibu bapa bertepuk tangan ketika anggota parlimen Umno itu menyindir pihak pembangkang pada ucapannya sempena penyampaian bantuan tunai RM100 kepada para pelajar SMK Pekan Kota Belud II di sini semalam.
“Di pihak sebelah sana, mereka ini hanya pandai bercakap “undilah saya sebab BN (Barisan Nasional) menindas rakyat”..” katanya disambut tepukan oleh hadirin yang sepatutnya “mengeboo” pembangkang yang cuba diperkecil-kecil oleh Abdul Rahman.

Govt bias against Christian contractors

By Luke Rintod of FMT
They are genuine contractors trying to participate in
the economic development in the country, says SAPP
 KOTA BELUD: A senior Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) leader, Peter Marajin, called on the authorities to look into claims that it has been difficult for Dusun Christian contractors in the district to get government jobs amid allegations of race discrimination by officers including at the development unit of the District Office.

“I take seriously such complaints because they kept coming to my ear and that these small time contractors alleged that some of their peers had stopped “trying” to get jobs after being continuously sidelined by those in the authorities.

Reminder Malaysian Voters - DOs and DON'Ts ON the DAY of General Election 13 in Malaysia


The Voter Agent Training recently conducted at the PJ Civic Centre brought to the fore some very critical issues which every Voter ought to know.

These are :

1. As soon as you enter the polling station, you will be ushered to Kerani 1, who will check your personal identity against your NRIC. He/she will then read out your name, NRIC number and the Siri/Bilangan number in accordance to the List provided by the Election Commission (SPR).

Umno-BN has lost moral right to rule

The present Umno-BN government is illegitimate
and should not be allowed to continue, says
STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah State Reform Party (STAR) believes that ruling Barisan Nasional has lost the moral right to rule as a legitimate government.
Citing disclosures made in the ongoing RCI on illegal immigrants and the issuance of citizenships to foreigners in Sabah, STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan said “the present government should not be allowed to continue to rule”.
“From the RCI disclosures, we can see that we have been governed by leaders who would not have been elected if not for illegitimate voters. The present Umno-BN government is illegitimate and should not be allowed to continue. It should be replaced by a non-partisan caretaker government.

‘Tell RCI the truth, Anwar’

Sabah Umno liaison deputy chief Salleh Said Keruak
challenges Anwar to shed some light on the illegal
immigrants issue in Sabah.
KOTA BELUD: Sabah Umno liaison deputy chief Salleh Said Keruak has challenged opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to tell the truth about the illegal immigrants to the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) tasked with looking into the long-standing problem in the state.
He said that Anwar was duty-bound to do so as he was deputy prime minister at that particular period, adding that “he was a powerful man and knew what was going on in Sabah”.
“Don’t be a hypocrite, perharps with the inside knowledge, Anwar can help shed some light… so tell the truth to RCI. He must not play politics. At least Najib Tun Razak, our Prime Minister, is prepared to seek the truth and approved the formation of RCI to identify the roots of the problem.

Jeffrey: Tell RCI the truth, Anwar

The Sabah strongman says Anwar, being the second most
powerful leader in Umno then, could not have been
ignorant of what was happening in Sabah.
PETALING JAYA: Sabah’s veteran politician Jeffrey Kitingan today expressed hope that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim would “tell the truth” if he ends up testifying in the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) probing the “Project IC” in Sabah.
“I am glad he has said that he has no problem in testifying in the RCI probing into citizenship granted to immigrants in Sabah.
“However I do hope he would tell the truth about his own role in the citizenship fiasco,” Jeffrey told FMT today.

MoCS says better for Sarawak to pull out too

For the first time, a Sarawak NGO has openly stated that the state would be better off being independent.

The Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) said that the on-going religious debate in Peninsular Malaysia which took on a dangerous turn of late has caused great concern among Sarawakians.

 “We, Sarawakians, want no part in this heated quarrel over the Allah issue. The people of Sabah and Sarawak have no religious or racial problems and we don’t wish to be contaminated with ‘religious poison’ from bigots and ‘dangerous’ politicians like Ibrahim Ali from Malaya,” MoCS leader Francis Paul Siah said in a statement here today.

Bishop raps Ibrahim Ali's 'burn Bibles' statement

Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing is appalled by Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's statement urging Muslims to burn Bibles that use the term ‘Allah' for God, describing it as "an incendiary statement that far exceeds the bounds of civil discourse in Malaysia".

The head of the Catholic Church in the Malacca-Johor diocese, Bishop Paul Tan, said that now that Ibrahim's "incendiary remarks are in the public domain, let's wait and see what the authorities will do about it".

"If there is going to be any point to that slogan ‘1Malaysia' then this is the time when we can see for ourselves if the concept is mere sloganeering to win votes or an earnest of the government's desire to unite the people in all their diversity," argued the prelate.

ibrahim ali press conference at his home in taman melawati

Josh Hong Comments On Mahathir's Vote Rigging

"If Mahathir earnestly wants to preserve the Malay/Islamic nature of Malaysia, he should, first and foremost, call for a referendum on the future of East Malaysians, many of whom have felt so bitterly betrayed that they may want to quit the federation altogether. Remember: Sabah was not a Muslim-majority state to begin with, and the people enjoyed far better ties than the Umno-dominated states."

 A vengeful Dr M at it again
As expected, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a vengeful man who will not hesitate to drag in others in defence of all the misdeeds committed during his 22-year reign of terror.

For the second time since he 'stepped down' nearly a decade ago, another nefarious act involving him is put to the tight scrutiny of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) after the Lingam tape scandal in 2007.

Britain ‘pressing’ for poll reforms in M’sia

Clare Rewcastle Brown | January 20, 2013
The All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaysia headed by British MP Tom Greaterex has repeatedly raised free and fair elections with premiers Najib Tun Razak and David Cameron.

LONDON: Malaysia’s growing civil rights movement and its ability to mobilise tens of thousands onto the streets of KL has clearly not gone unnoticed in the corridors of the Whitehall Government in the United Kingdom.

RCI proceedings: Facing up to the truth of where Malaysians come from

malaysia-populationThe pro-Umno author and blogger Syed Akbar Ali, in a post critiquing the Royal Commission of Inquiry on illegal immigrants in Sabah, has argued that it would not be out of place to have a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate why one million immigrants who were mostly Chinese and Indians were given citizenship in Malaya in the 1950s (see his post of 17 Jan 2013).
According to him, “surely there must be at least five million Malays on the Peninsula today who may be wondering why or how that particular incident happened? Were they consulted? Was there a public referendum?”

Reasons for leaving Star amusing

By Rayner Wee, STAR Information Chief for Pantai Manis
PAPAR : In response to ex-Star member Bernard Mojikon's purported claim, as carried by Daily Express' Bahasa section yesterday, that Hj Baharudin Hj Nayan was the cause for Patrick Sindu to leave State Reform Party, we found it rather amusing and intriguing excuse.

Never in our knowledge that Hj Baharudin was "always going against Sindu" as Mojikon had claimed in the news report. In fact Hj Baharudin is the most steady and calm leader we have as far as openness and transparency are concerned.

Musa Aman beritahu media jangan mainkan isu RCI Sabah

Musa Aman memberitahu akhbar arus perdana
agar tidak memainkan isu Suruhanjaya
Di Raja berkenaan pendatang haram
Oleh Boo Su-Lyn, Malaysian Insider
January 18, 2013
KOTA KINABALU, 18 Jan – Ketua Menteri Sabah Datuk Musa Aman memberitahu akhbar arus perdana berbahasa Inggeris Rabu lalu agar tidak memainkan isu Suruhanjaya Di Raja (RCI) berkenaan pendatang haram.

RCI yang bermula Isnin lalu menyaksikan bekas pegawai kerajaan mendedahkan bagaimana pendatang dari Filipina dan Indonesia diberikan kad pengenalan biru dan dokumen lain bagi mengesahkan status mereka sebagai pengundi pada pilihan raya negeri Sabah.

Wiramuda Star persoal peranan sebenar Bumburing

Oleh Hasmin Azroy Abdullah
KOTA KINABALU :  Wiramuda (Youth) Parti Reformasi Negeri (Star) Sabah mempersoalkan apakah sebenarnya peranan Wilfred Bumburing dalam bersekongkol dengan PKR tetapi tidak pula menyertai terus parti Semenanjung itu.

Sebagai respon kepada kenyataan Bumburing yang keterlaluan menganggap Star sebagai pemecah undi, ingin saya jelaskan bahawa Star mempunyai matlamat yang jelas menerusi apa yang kami panggil Agenda Borneo, lama sebelum kewujudan APS.

Sabah Leaders Need To Join Hands To Oust Illegitimate Government- Dr.J

The unprecedented and shocking, to say the least, revelations at the on-going Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on phantom voters and illegitimate voters enabling fraudulent wins for Umno/BN candidates is the clarion call for all Sabah leaders across the political divide to join hands to oust the illegitimate government and to call for the suspension of the forthcoming general elections in Sabah until the electoral rolls are cleaned up” said Datuk Dr.Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR SABAH in a press statement released today.

RCI revelations could drown Musa, Umno

The disclosures in the current RCI hearing in Sabah
may lead to more damaging testimonies implicating
the state's top leadership.
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman, who is also the state’s Umno chief, could be in for some uncomfortable moments soon as those involved in handing out Malaysian documents to illegal immigrants in Sabah continue to expose the high and mighty.
So far, one ex-chief minister, Osu Sukam has been implicated by the testimony of a former director of Sabah’s National Registration Department (NRD) at the ongoing investigation by Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants problems in Sabah here.
Ramli Kamaruddin, in his testimony said Osu was present with then federal deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayob at a hotel here in 1994 when he was given instruction “to issue NRD receipts using the name and identity card numbers of voters already in the electoral roll, with the sole purpose of allowing them to vote to help ensure that a state government endorsed by the federal government would win” in Sabah.

Beri IC: Tunku lebih teruk dari saya, kata Dr M

NONEBekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mendakwa bapa kemerdekaan Tunku Abdul Rahman melakukan perkara "lebih teruk" dalam tindakan memberi kad pengenalan kepada warga asing.

Mahathir ketika ditanya pemberita, mengakui bertanggungjawab memberi kewarganegaraan kepada pendatang asing semasa pentadbirannya.
Namun beliau mendakwa tindakan berkenaan dijalankan mengikut undang-undang.

"Kita patut tengok balik dan ingat. Tunku Abdul Rahman lebih teruk daripada saya. Dia beri sejuta kewarganegaraan kepada mereka yang tidak layak. Jadi kenapa apa yang dia (Tunku Abdul Rahman) buat tak salah dan apa yang saya buat ini salah?

Finally!!! Dr M's right-hand men implicated in Sabah IC scam

Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin
Two of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's closest confidantes were today implicated by witnesses testifying before the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the alleged citizenship-for-votes scam in Sabah.

A former Sabah National Registration Department (NRD) officer testified that he and the others stayed at the house of Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin (right), who was then Mahathir's political secretary, when they were roped in to issue blue identity cards to the immigrants.

Yakup Damsah, who was then Tamparuli NRD chief, told the RCI that he and the other NRD officers were flown from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur, from where they worked out of Aziz's house in Kampung Pandan.

Bumburing’s frontman, PKR leader in punch-up

Despite Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s assurance
that all is well in Sabah PKR, skirmishes between
original and 'new' party members indicate otherwise.
KOTA KINABALU: All is not good within Sabah PKR, if a recent punch-up in Kota Belud is any indication.
A heated argument over who is the “more rightful” PKR candidate in Sabah led to punches between two local leaders from Kota Belud.
The punch-up was between the leaders of “PKR ori (originals)” and PKR photocopy (Wilfred Bumburing’s Angkatan Perubahan sabah-APS- members)
Mail Balinu, who is with APS, was allegedly flattened with one blow by one Minsin Sompong, from the other faction.

‘Voice for the Voiceless’ Ministry idea in time

by Joe Fernandez
If a Town Hall-style meeting of about 300 initially perplexed people in Kota Kinabalu last weekend is anything to go by, the nationwide movement for a Ministry of Orang Asal and Minority Affairs (MOAMA) has got off to a good start in Sabah.

The Sabahans quickly dropped their position that they were in a majority, following an explanation by Hindraf Makkal Sakthi chairman P. Waythamoorthy, on the need for a “Voice for the Voiceless” Ministry at the Federal level as in several other countries.

Of crooked minds, abuse of power, Raja Ropiaah & Najib's RED LIPS!

Written by  Mohd.Ariff Sabri
 See how people in positions abused their power? The PM, defence Minister, the management of LTAT. A division of LTAT, Boustead Holdings answerable to the Defence Minister, buys 80% of Astacanggih Sdn Bhd for RM30 million.
What does Astacanggih have? It has no property. It has no track record. It has an outstanding loan with Kuwait Finance House. That is a liability. It has an unsettled dispute over rights on a land of 200 acres that on paper, is still owned by Awan Megah Sdn Bhd.
So why buy Astacanggih? Where is the value? Why not ignore Astacanggih and concentrate on Awan Megah the company that has value? It has a contract to build a RM100 million Defence Research Center and legal rights over an estate of 223 acres in Kelang. Who the hell in LTAT recommended the purchase of Astacanggih?

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