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Sabah Solidarity Movement To Submit Memorandum To Parliament Speaker on Reforms on Sabah Constitutional Safeguards

Kota Kinabalu: “The Sabah Solidarity Movement (Gerakan Perpaduan Sabah - GPS) will submit a Memorandum to the Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Tan Sri Pandekar Amin, to incorporate restoration of the 1/3 veto power as Sabah and Sarawak constitutional safeguards in the proposed parliamentary reforms” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in a press statement released today.

GPS had noted with sadness that although both BN and PR MPS have voiced support for Tan Sri Pandekar’s initiative for parliamentary reforms, none of their proposals had addressed the injustice faced by Sabah and Sarawak in the present Federal Parliament.

East Malaysians want their veto power restored

It’s a blessing in disguise that former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad publicly disclosed that Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia was unhappy in his job and had resigned. That has reminded Sabahans and Sarawakians once again that they are unhappy too with Parliament.

We now know the full story on the Speaker’s resignation, but let’s not get into the mini spat between Mahathir and Pandikar.

Even I fear for my safety, Bung Moktar says after Sabah kidnappings

Published: 20 May 2015 6:11 PM
BN's Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin is upset over the lack of security in the eastern part of Sabah where his constituency is located. – The Malaysian Insider pic, May 20, 2015.
Angry Sabahan lawmakers today demanded the government explain why another kidnapping had taken place in the state, despite millions of ringgit poured into the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom).

A furious Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (BN–Kinabatangan) told the Dewan Rakyat today that he feared for his own safety and was unable to carry out his duties as a lawmaker by visiting his constituency.

'TITANIC' NAJIB SINKS: Umno-BN 'rats' jump ship as tide swings to Dr M's favor

One thing that Prime Mnister Najib Abdul Razak has to take cognizance of is that he is now the captain of a very large ship known as UMNO Baru.
Almost all its passengers on board are the UMNO Baru elites who could no longer differentiate between land and sea after being on the oceanliner for so many years. How tragic as they cannot tell between right from wrong anymore!

Where corruption, incompetence and avarice are celebrated -Dr Azmi Sharom

azmi-sharomMaybe some of you have read the news of that couple videoed ….err…”doing it”, on the balcony of some high rise in Bangsar South (Kerinchi for us common folk).
Being the retiring type that I am, my first thoughts were, “I say, man…not shy ah? Broad daylight some more.”
I am sure there will be some on their moral high horse claiming that this is the end of civilisation as they know it. Such blatant shameless displays reflect a degenerate society on the brink of Armageddon.

GST kupon relod membodoh-bodohkan rakyat

KENYATAAN Menteri Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek berhubung GST untuk "reload coupon" nampaknya umpama memperbodohkan rakyat saja, termasuk rakyat Sabah.

Kalau tak silap menteri itu kata GST tidak dikenakan kepada kupon relod tetapi GST hanya akan dikenakan terhadap penggunaan kupon relod.

Maknanya kalau kita beli kupon relod RM10 tiada GST tetapi kalau kita mula guna kupon itu maka GST akan diaktifkan, mungkin menerusi tambahan kos pada kadar panggilan mengikut jenis sim atau telco yang kita masing-masing pakai. Contohnya DG, Celcom, Tune Talk dan Maxis dan sebagainya.

Najib’s son denies link to Thai Ponzi scheme

KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 — Mohd Nazifuddin Najib, the second son of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, has denied his involvement in Ufun Group Bhd Ltd, a multi-level marketing firm that was recently exposed for allegedly cheating over 120,000 people of some RM4 billion.

According to Malaysiakini, Mohd Nazifuddin claimed the firm has been using his name to deceive buyers into enrolling in the Ponzi scheme and that claims of his alleged involvement were part of a smear campaign against him.

'Over-crowded' Henry Gurney Keningau hit by scabies, claims activist

By Pluto James

KOTA KINABALU: The Henry Gurney  correctional school in Keningau has suffered an outbreak of scabies - as serious skin infection, a Sabah-based human rights activist claimed Monday.

Most of the juvenile delinquents in the school are suffering from scabies so much so the clothing of the scabies-infected inmates have to be washed in boiling water every three day, in an effort to stem the spread of the skin disease.

Kanul Gindol (photo), who is also a political activist said he had also received reports that for a long time now, there is not enough clean water made available to the juveniles so much so that their health has been compromised.

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