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To all my Cucu-Cucu & Anak-Anak,

I shared this to a respected friend of mine who is also a Tua Kampung of a long house two hours boat ride from Long Kavuk. He wanted me to give him an idea of the kind of person Taib Mahmud is so he could share it with his Kampung folks. I am re-posting this for the benefit of the new members of this email, especially to  my Sabila Dick Bala (who is more or less the same age as myself).

My Sabila, Dick Bala, thank you and to all who took their time reading  my comments and to those who sent me emails of encouragement.

Let me start with few questions to my Sabila Dick Bala;

Why do we sit idly by and let crooked politicians (Taib Mahmud) run our country and our lives into the ground? Why do we sit and watch him sell off our country (our NCR, our livelihood) to foreign trade? Why do they do it? Don't they care at all about the people who voted for them? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. They only care about themselves and nothing more. And the reason we sit and watch them do it is because we don't know what to do, and they know it. They know that once they're elected we will go on back to our lives and not keep up with what they're doing in Petrajaya Kuching, so they can get away with crimes.

YBs/Ministers/Politicians have their job and responsibilities where they don't even have to show up for work if they don't want to. They can give themselves a raise whenever they want to. They make the same salary when they retire as when they did when they were as YB or ministers, or even more. And they make it until the day they die. They drive to work every day in expensive and exclusive cars. They get all kinds of perks for being a politician; perks that they voted themselves to have. They are so out of touch with reality they can't see straight.

Even when they go to prison, it's not a prison like you and I would go to. No, it's a minimum security prison, a prison where they have Astro HD/3D TV, private cafeteria, a golf course inside the prison walls. Each cell has its own recliner chair, telephone, computer internet hook-up, they can call out for pizza or “tapau kui-tiaw” whenever they
like. They have unlimited visitation rights. The prison politicians get sent to be better than our homes and they voted to build them and we pay for them with our monies.

Question; where is this problem started?

The problem started, because we put the power of our souls into the hands of wrong persons/candidates/politicians. The persons/candidates/politicians who are from “rags to riches” become millionaire. The people who vote only do so for what's on the outside, not what's inside the politician.

My friend Tua Kampung and his long house folks voted for YB Lihan Jok because he reminded them of our beloved late Datuk Joshep Balan Seling, nothing more. They had no idea where he stood on anything. The whole long house just reminded them of Joseph Balan, so they voted for him (YB Lihan Jok) on that and that alone. By now my friend Tua kampung and his long house folks already realized their mistakes.

I was told the same with most of voters in Bario; they voted for YB Nelson Balang Rining because he he reminded them of our beloved late Datuk Joshep Balan Seling and late YB Dr. Judson, who are deeply missed by Orang Ulu at large.

I could go on ranting about this, but instead I'll just stop and say, wake up Sarawak…Arise..!! We're losing our country and it's time we took it back from the crooked politicians who are bastardizing our lands, country and its indigenous people to foreign companies.

It's time for a revolution. It's time that someone put up a website, emails that lists each YB, Ministers and Chief Ministers; what they voted for, how much the lobbyists gave them to vote that way and how often they show up with the people of their constituencies after they been elected. Then we can see for ourselves if they're doing the job we elected them to do. And if they're not, we have the right to become very desperate and have the rights vote them out in the next election.

My Sabila, Dick Bala,

We are property tax payers and pay more than our share, this is our country, therefore…we are entitled to our rights, not only as citizen but The Dayak, Orang Asal Sarawak.

In America in the mid 60s, Martin Luther King Jr. died in defending the civil rights of the black people….would you have told Martin Luther King Jr. "badmouth his father"? Who is that father your are referring to? Are you claiming Taib Mahmud is the father of Sarawak? Sabila….honestly from the bottom of my heart, I don't want to call an evil man as Taib Mahmud my 'father'.

May be you are not properly taught on good-manners before; "ball polisher (like you) is always ball polisher", "ball polishers" have the tendency to sell their soul to the Taib's wrong….their social consciousness to obey them as our masters is one reason why BN don't respect us the Dayak, Orang Asal Sarawak. Pemandu chief is talking about billion of ringgit to improve the the existing highways, rail tracks like Komuter, MRT, or LRT in Malaya. The Sarawak  potholes, damaged roads is not included in the agenda….I am wondering why is that?

How wonderful that you condemning the suffering of your own countrymen who are for leaving our lands to seek for foods in towns, I assumed that you are happy with your life there in Miri? No wonder Taib Mahmud stole public funds while you stand still as if nothing is happening. You prefer to kiss the ass of the Taib/BN come what may…right or wrong and those who are in power there with out questions….Self preservation drove us away from our kampung, long houses. What drives you to surrender your rights as Dayak, Orang Asal Sarawak to those who are in power robbing you blind.

In civilized country…. no man is above the law… Our rights to criticize or condemn the government are protected by the law of rights and are extended to any Dayak Orang Asal Sarawak. Help BN to win the election so that they continue to manipulate our land and rivers? Is this what you want? Developing Sarawak using his (Taib's) CMS license?  Did you ever ask Taib Mahmud or any of his family members to return the money he stolen from Sarawak to build his business empire in UK, Canada, Australia, USA, etc? Or do you have the "ball" to do so? Dick, if you are not sure what we are striving for, as you've been busy "kissing Taib Mahmud's Ass"--- we are actually fighting for the rights of MORON like you and you spit on us but you cant spit on those who are in BN that drives our poor people of Balui Belaga, migrated to Sungai Asap just to give way to their personal multi billions dam project. I am sure they are smiling away with their achievements, while the Dayak Orang Asal Sarawak continue to suffer.  It seem these are the type of people your adored and rubbing shoulders with, and people who behave like leeches like you.

My sabila, Dick Bala, referring to your request for me to resign from my Tua Kampung of Long Kavuk; I've been trying this at few attempts since ten years ago but I my AJKK and Kampung demanded me to stay on because of my honest leadership. Sabila, do not get me wrong, because I am not keen in earning the salary of RM400 per month comparing to the responsibilities on my shoulders. Furthermore, salary of RM400 per month from the state government is total joke. I think the salary of your Indonesian house maid (amah) is more than what I am earning. My net salary per month is about RM320.00 after deduction of EPF & income-tax.

By the way, a little-bird told me, the efforts in your struggles supporting BN regardless of knowning very well of their crooked government is because you want their supports, for you to become "the new Penghulu" in Bario,…right?

My sabila, Dick Bala, forget about your dreams, if your dreams are dirty. Remember, you don't have to be the firend of YB Lihan Jok or YB Nelson Balang Rining to achive your dream. YB Lihan Jok or YB Nelson Balang Rining are all bunch of actors, although you don't realizing it. Why do I say they are bunch of actors?

Example of actors;

Remember that Hollywood movie Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected as governor of California because people in California actually thought they were getting the "Terminator". He even talked like the Terminator while he was campaigning and running as governor, remember? People were mesmerized. They were sitting in the audience
thinking, "Wow, we're getting the Terminator became our governor." So they elected him and then reality set in and they realized he knew nothing about politics and they realized how stupid they were, too late now.

My sabila, Dick Bala…you still don't get it, do you?? Ok..another  example, if John Wayne (the cowboy hero) still alive and he ran for president of America, I think he would get elected by a landslide, but he knew nothing about leadership or politics. But everyone knew John Wayne in his famous boxoffice cowboy movies. He was a macho actor and he always won with his guns, so he must make a good politician, right?

Again… the answer to that question is a resounding NO.

My sabila Dick Bala…you don't have to be friends or rubbing shoulders  with YB or ministers to become the next Penghulu of Bario.

As Burak Sem had mentioned in one of his email, to be a good leader are "leaders who could dream, talk and walk with their principles".

In the meantime, I recommended you to put aside of your dream of becoming Penghulu of Bario, to spend more of your times to manage your problematic son who stepping over your head. It's unfair for parent to leave their problematic sons to do what they wish to the extent of slapping their own teachers on their face. His has been transferred from one school to the next school, and kick out from another school, get back to the old school again.
Look like your own home is the sufficient place for you to exercise your leadership to become Penghulu.

To all my Cucu-Cucu & Anak-Anak, we must strives to change the government of Sarawak in the coming election, we should be ready to overhaul the whole system, and one more thing, we as sovereign Dayak Orang Asal Sarawak should participate honestly.

My humble self, being Tau Kampung for almost three decades, I must be seen among my Kaum Kampung of Long Kavuk as fair as possible in my leadership. I cannot be seen involving in active politic because of bias BN policies. However, I cannot pretending and continue to close blind eyes with the current injustice and Unfairness by the elected government.

Thanks for reading,

Maju PAKATAN..!!

Salam Hormat dari, Orang Asal Sarawak

Tua Kampung
Long Kavuk

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  1. Bravo! Make sure Pakatan win in your area. God bless!


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