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After girlfriend Christina Foo, George Chan's new wife Lorna now in focus

Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Dr George Chan is irked that people, particularly journalists, are probing into his private life and his relationship with his new wife, businesswoman Lorna Enan Mulloon.

His private life has come under intense public scrutiny after it emerged that he allegedly has a girlfriend that was involved in the construction of the controversial Sarawak International Medical Centre (SIMC),
now taken over by the federal government and turned it into a heart centre of the Sarawak General Hospital.

Whistleblower blog Sarawak Report alleged that Chan, a private medical practitioner-turned-politician, helped his alleged long-time girlfriend Christina Foo secure the contract to build SIMC at Kota Samarahan for RM400 million.

So far, he has not denied the report and neither has Foo (inset in pic below), an accountant.

According to Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia, Chan is divorced from his American wife of Irish descent, Judith Chan.

The couple has four daughters. One of them, Anisa Chan, is married to Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's son Sulaiman Abdul Rahman.

Chan is said to have married Lorna, the adopted daughter of the late Joseph Balan Seling, a former local government minister, about a year ago in a private ceremony.

The happy couple has often been seen in public functions.

He has never officially made known his marriage to Lorna nor was there any open ceremony held, unlike the 74-year old Taib who held a huge celebration at the state Legislative Assembly to mark his marriage to 29-year old Syrian lass Ragad Waleed Al-Kurdi, on Jan 15 this year.

Among the VIPs attending were Sarawak Yang di-Pertua Negeri Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng , Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife, Rosman Mansor, and other state and federal dignitaries.

Chan upset and agitated

When reporters asked him during a Chinese New Year visit to one of the Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) leaders two nights ago to confirm his marriage to Lorna, Chan, who is also 74 years old, was upset and agitated.

“Why do you people keep on asking me this question?” he told the curious reporters, and challenged them: “Go and ask the registrar of narriage.”

He said the people and community were tired of his personal life.

“They may even grow sick of the rumours about me and Lorna,” he said in a loud voice.

He said he should be allowed to focus on his political career and contribution to society, and not be distracted by persistent questions about his private life.

Chan, who is Tourism and Heritage Minister as well as Industrial Development Minister, said a report or two on his relationship with Lorna might be of interest to the people but the same old thing being repeated over and over could have a negative impact.

“Please do me a favour. People will dislike me much if they keep hearing of my personal life and subsequently may accuse me of not doing my job.

“I seriously think they are sick of such rumours. The celebration of the Lunar New Year has almost come to an end, it is time we stop talking about my personal life,” he told the reporters.

He suggested that everyone look at what he had contributed towards the development of Sarawak.

Lorna's bulging tummy

He was quick to add that his relationship with Lorna had nothing to do with the progress of Sarawak.

“What matters most is that she does not affect my job and I know how to keep a balance between my service and personal life.

“She has helped me in my career. I have reasons to believe that she can assist me come the state elections,” he said, disclosing that he had known Lorna for over a decade.

Lorna was also asked by reporters whether she was pregnant as her tummy appeared to be bulging.

She said she had been eating a lot as she had to accompany Chan on his official functions.

A Chinese newspaper had reported that she was pregnant with Chan's child.
Asked to confirm the newspaper report, Chan said Lorna was not pregnant, but it just happened that she had a tummy. -- Malaysiakini

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