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“Tripartite United Borneo Alliance Agreed in Sabah”

SAPP, STAR and USNO party logo.
“The local opposition in Sabah will be a tripartite coalition comprising STAR, USNO and SAPP under the United Borneo Alliance (UBA) and we will now discuss with the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to form a united opposition to oust the current Umno/BN Governments” announced Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chairman.

At the second meeting of UBA, SAPP agreed to cooperate within the UBA to stand united to champion the rights of Sabah and Sabahans. The meeting was chaired by former State Secretary, Tan Sri Simon Sipaun, who advised the parties to stand united and look after the interests of Sabah and its people.

“Although other local parties were invited and did not turn up, we urge the other local parties to re-consider and stand united under the United Borneo Alliance if they are sincere and serious in wanting to fight for the rights and autonomy of Sabah” added Dr. Jeffrey.

Working committees comprising of representatives of the coalition partners will be looking into formulating a common manifesto as well as the distribution of seats and for discussion with PR to ensure a 1 to 1 contest in the forthcoming general elections.

With the UBA coalition in Sabah, the fight for the rights and autonomy of Sabah has advanced another important step towards facing and toppling the current state and federal governments which have failed to safeguard Sabah’s rights and autonomy.


  1. Will they be really working together?or soon killing each other for seats and power ??? Remain to be seeen.. .

  2. You must unite wholeheartedly to topple the bn government in Sabah.PR should concentrate to oust the bn government in Malaya.The DAP wakil rakyats in Sabah should all join the Sabah political parties & these respective wlrakyats should be the candidates in their respective constituency in the coming 13th general election.Please put aside your pride,for we all know that pride goes before a fall.If you abide by this simple philosophy,you will win with a landslide victory,thus dump umno & their tools.

    1. I agree with this guy's call. Set aside your pride and unite now.. Not only to send back UMNO to Malaya but twart another UMNO in the form of PKR PAS and DAP into colonising Sabah ...



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