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STAR Ups Unity and Takes Penampang and Sepanggar By Storm

“STAR Sabah has forged ahead in adopting the “UNITY IS DUTY” call of the United Borneo Front (UBF) and fostered greater unity and support in seeking the rights and autonomy of Sabah” announced Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR Sabah, in welcoming John Ho, a pioneer of PBS and branch chairman of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Taman Oriental Park, Kapayan, at the launching of the KOKAKOBA fellowship last Sunday, 4th March, in Kapayan, Penampang.

Since 1963 Sabah has lost its autonomy and downgraded from a nation within a nation to one of 13 states in Malaysia and to the extent of being cheated and treated as a colony with a loss of political power with leaders being elected with the help of outsiders.

From a rich nation with abundant resources of oil and gas, it has descended to become the poorest state in Malaysia.

Its revenue collections have also been siphoned to the federal government and the latest disclosures by the government reveals that some RM37.7 billion was taken from Sabah in 2011 comprising RM22.7 billion in tax revenue and some RM15 billion in oil and gas revenue.

Dr. Jeffrey advised the audience of some 350 people from Kapayan and Penampang that Sabahans need to be united and seek to claim for its rights and autonomy and to stop Sabah from future deterioration and damage.

“I am very happy that Mr. John Ho together with his colleagues in PBS comprising branch chairmen and leaders of the 11 PBS branches in Kapayan have agreed to join STAR Sabah.”

“I am also told that earlier today, the division chief of PKR Sepanggar together with a majority of the committee members and several hundred members have also joined STAR” announced Dr. Jeffrey to the cheering crowd.

It is heartening to hear of community leaders beginning to heed the call for unity and taking up the challenge to reclaim Sabah’s rights and autonomy and to restore the State to its original status of an autonomous nation and be entitled to its own resources and revenues.

We need to stress that the people of Sabah need to be united to remove the current Sabah leaders who have become traitors for failing to safeguard Sabah’s rights and autonomy and replace them with “warriors” who will fight for the rights and autonomy of Sabah.

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