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KOKAKOBA Unity Re-activated

“The activities and unity of KOKAKOBA is being re-activated from today” announced Phillip Among, at the launching of the KOKAKOBA fellowship last Sunday, 4th March, in Kapayan, Penampang.

KOKAKOBA was started by the elders and leaders of the four (4) communities in Kapayan, namely, Kg. Kobusak, Kg. Kapayan, Kg. Koidupan and Kg. Bahang, to foster unity and to organize activities particularly the Kaamatan Festival, for the benefit of the community.

However, after rotating organization of the Kaamatan Festival and other sporting activities, Kokakoba activities were stopped after 1967.

Phillip Among and a group of community leaders have taken the initiative to re-activate KOKAKOBA with a renewed spirit and determination to foster unity and better relations of the communities in Kobusak, Kapayan, Koidupan and Bahang once again.

The objectives of Kokakoba include fostering of unity amongst its members, promoting socio-economic and inter-trade activities amongst its members, promoting social, cultural and religious activities and promoting educational and knowledge-based learning and achievements to develop human capital in the society in Sabah.

At the launching of the KOKAKOBA fellowship, Phillip Among, as the protem chairman announced that he hoped that the unity and community spirit initiated in the Kokakoba community will spread throughout Sabah. In turn, it is hoped that the renewed unity will also lead to awareness of Sabah’s rights and help develop a sense of state nationalism to protect and safeguard Sabah’s rights within the federation of Malaysia.

The protem chairman also announced that KOKAKOBA will organize a joint Kaamatan Festival for the local community, a futsal tournament and a KOKAKOBA Security Council program with the twin aim of (a) nurturing and promoting entrepreneurial skills and business opportunities for the local community, and (b) curbing the influx of illegal immigrants into Kapayan and make Penampang into a safe and crime-free community as was in 1963.

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