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Japan aids Telupid village with water supply project

TELUPID: The Consular Office of Japan Kota Kinabalu is glad to be able to extend assistance for gravity water supply project to Kg. Tongodon, Telupid.

In his speech at the signing ceremony to hand over the RM137,000 aid here last Saturday, Minoru Kikuchi, Chief Consul from the Consular Office of Japan in Kota Kinabalu, said the aid was granted in response to the request of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency Sabah (ADRA Sabah) and the JKKK of Kg. Tongodon, Telupid. He explained that after studying the application and seeing the genuine need of the people of Kg. Tongodon, the Government of Japan then decided to extend the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project, or GGP.

The grant was officially received by Pastor Konis Sakida Gabu, President of Sabah Mission of Seventh-Day Adventist cum Chairman of ARDA Sabah, along with Suhaibun Gisin, Chairman of Kg. Tongodon JKKK.

“The GGP is an aid programme to empower a wide range of community-based organizations that are working at grassroots level to ensure and enhance human security,” Kikuchi said. “To date, we have contributed about RM14 million to 126 projects in Malaysia.”

He confirmed that in Sabah alone 28 such projects had been implemented at the total allocation of approximately RM3.1 million. This, he said, was proof of the Japanese Government’s commitment to continue helping those in need all over the world as a way to create a better future for rural communities.

“This year, we are commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Look east Policy which showcases Japan’s and Malaysia’s long-standing cordial relationship,” he said. “And I hope that the grant which coincides with this anniversary will contribute to further strengthening of our solid friendship.”

Meanwhile, Pastor Konis and Gisin espress their sincere gratitude for the gift from the Japanese Government, knowing it will make tremendous difference to the lives of the village concerned.

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