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Save Sabah To Save Malaysia If Committed To Malaysia’s Future

“The Prime Minister should take immediate steps to restore the rights and autonomy of Sabah to save Sabah and to save Malaysia if he is genuinely and sincerely committed to the future of Malaysia” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, the STAR Sabah Chief in response to the report that the Prime Minister is committed to the future of Malaysia.

Sabahans are now more politically matured and are demanding that the legitimate rights and autonomy of Sabah that were promised by the founding fathers of Malaysia be restored. 

The people now realise that they have been fooled and cheated for the last 48 years resulting in Sabah being the poorest State in Malaysia and being completely powerless politically. 
In addition, the revenues of Sabah of some RM22.7 billion in taxes in 2011 and its oil revenue of some RM15.0 billion in 2011 flowed out of Sabah.

If the 20-Points had been implemented and honoured, all these RM37.7 billion would have been collected and remained in Sabah.   Even an equal apportion will result in at least RM18.8 billion being retained for Sabah’s infrastructure and human capital development.

The Prime Minister is naturally happy that UMNO/BN is in complete control of Sabah.   But does he think that Sabahans are happy?

What about the issue of the illegal immigrants being granted dubious MyKads and citizenships that have swarmed the State and overwhelmed the local natives?

What about the reports over the past several weeks of foreigners killing local natives as reported in the local press?

Why has the Prime Minister not announced the formation of the RCI on the illegal immigrants issue that appears to have been approved by the Cabinet as hinted by several Ministers?

The unfair treatment of Sabah and the dilution of the State rights and autonomy and the lop-sided collection of oil revenue and other tax revenues from Sabah cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

Sabahans are not demanding for additional rights or to take away the rights from other parties but to restore the rights and autonomy that have been lost since 1963.  Sabah is 1 of the 3 nation-states that formed Malaysia and should not be treated as 1 of 13 states.

If no action is taken, the problems will eventually lead to the break-up and demise of Malaysia.

STAR Sabah calls upon the Prime Minister to restore the rights of Sabah to save Sabah which is to save Malaysia before it is too late.

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