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“PBS has lost its Direction and PBS leaders have forgotten the people”

By John Ho, PBS pioneer 1985
Mr. John Ho
Ex-Branch Chairman
Parti Bersatu Sabah
“Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) has forgotten its struggle for Sabah and its leaders have forgotten the people. For the future of Sabah, we have decided to leave PBS and join STAR Sabah to answer the calls for unity by Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan and support the struggles of STAR Sabah and fight for the rights and autonomy of Sabah” announced John Ho, a pioneer of PBS, at the launching of the KOKAKOBA fellowship last Sunday, 4th March, in Kapayan, Penampang.

“Tan Sri Pairin and others were in my house on February 21, 1985 and we initiated PBS in Kapayan before PBS was officially registered. We went on to arrange for the first announcement of PBS’ registration on 06 March 1985 at a friend’s house in Tg. Aru in the presence of about 200 initial core supporters after his arrival from Kuala Lumpur that afternoon.”

PBS’ first “ceramah” started from my house.” added John nostalgically.

I still love PBS and Huguan Pairin but unfortunately PBS has lost its direction and its leaders have forgotten the people and the people around Huguan are putting up walls against his supporters and the ordinary people.

John Ho with Tan Sri Pairin on 27 January 2009
We believe that Tan Sri Pairin’s younger brother, Dr. Jeffrey, is right in his cause to reclaim the rights lost by Sabah and its people. Therefore, it is only right that all Sabahans should be supporting Dr. Jeffrey and his STAR Sabah party for their cause in defending and safeguarding Sabah.

Accordingly, together with the branch chairmen and almost all the committee members and and members of all the five (5) PBS branches in Chinese areas, namely, Taman Lido, Taman Oriental Park, Taman Delima, Taman BPL and Taman Tasik in Kapayan and the other branch leaders and committee members in another six (6) PBS branches in Kadazan areas in Kapayan, we have decided to leave PBS and join STAR and continue with our struggles for Sabah.

At the same time, with due respect, we also call upon Tan Sri Pairin and PBS to go back to their original roots and to join STAR Sabah’s cause for Sabah and its people or call it a day and allow younger leaders to continue the fight for Sabah’s rights.

We also call upon our fellow Sabahans to come together in unity and support STAR Sabah’s cause to safeguard Sabah’s rights and autonomy before it is too late. As patriotic Sabahans, we must want the best for Sabah, not second class and not second-best.


  1. Pairin's best year has passed long time ago.. there is nothing more we can wait to see better from this man except from gracefully retiring.

    But Sabahans are melancholic lot, they are sentimental blues...

  2. Pimpulungag konou om sukungo no tombituon.Star will surely win & fight courageously for the rights of all genuine Sabahans.

  3. the coming 13 general election is the time to choose good & evil.Will you continue to choose bn who is proven to have done evil to Sabah and to the Malaysian in general.Will you want fixeddepositSabah to be mortgaged to Filipinos or to Indonesians? Or must we vote the opposition per chance that Ssbah will be rescued from the living dead? The crossing is in your hands.


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