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Bumburing Welcomed to Join STAR Sabah

“Datuk Wilfred Bumburing is welcomed to join STAR Sabah and its struggle to regain the lost State rights which will lead to a better future for Sabah” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, the STAR Sabah Chief, to rumours of Bumburing quitting UPKO over unhappiness with Umno/BN’s treatment of Sabah.

“There is no denying that Sabah BN components are completely powerless and their leaders should realize by now that Sabahans have been fooled and cheated for the last 48 years resulting in Sabah losing its autonomy and political power as well as “loss” of its oil revenue and other tax revenues”.

Despite the calls by Sabahans from all walks of life as well as Sabah BN parties, UMNO’s indifferent attitude on the RCI and the illegal immigrants problems in Sabah is reflective of how powerless BN components are in Sabah. 

As patriotic Sabahans, we must want the best for Sabah and Sabahans. We can no longer depend on outsiders to continue with their neo-colonization of Sabah and treat Sabah as their “fixed deposit”. It is belittling of and demeaning of Sabahans. 

The local BN components can no longer fight for and safeguard Sabah’s rights and interests. In fact, some of their leaders are now traitors to Sabah’s cause. 

We must take responsibility for ourselves.

Therefore, STAR Sabah wish to welcome Bumburing to leave Upko and join STAR Sabah and continue the struggle for Sabah’s rights and autonomy with STAR. It is time for Sabahans to be stand united and to send back the colonizers. 

Let us decide our own fate. Do not let others decide for us.

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