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Anwar exposes how EC conducts 'massive fraud'

The de facto leader of PKR today exposed opposition claims of how the Election Commission (EC) was conducting “massive fraud” in manipulating the voters roll.

NONE“I shall prove it and give a specific example,” assured Anwar Ibrahim (right) at a press conference in parliament lobby.

He then furnished reporters with a printout of an EC voter search to show how a voter with her name and IC numbers already registered in Pulai Johor was  re-registered as a new voter in Pekan, Pahang.

“This is how they do it. If they had entered the same data, the computer will reject it. So they added a slash (/) after the IC numbers in the new registration,” he alleged, holding up the printout.
The additional character, he explained, made it appear to the computer that this was a new and different record, despite the voter being the same person.

This, he claimed, is how the EC in collusion with Umno registers a voter multiple times in many constituencies to weigh the electoral dice in their favour.

“I am sure it was under instructions and Umno is aware. I am sure they say that the EC has a duty to safeguard the Malays,” claimed Anwar.

He added that this is another stain on the credibility of the commission.

“Who believes the EC nowadays? Why they have a Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reform is because no one trusts them,” he alleged.

However, even the PSC is not enough to haul up the commission towards reform, said Anwar, as the core issues of cleaning up the electoral roll remain unsolved.

Today’s expose is another in a series of assaults that the opposition has targeted on the EC and the problematic electoral roll of late.

The opposition is upping their tempo amidst expectations that polls will be held around June, and their fear that the electoral jig may be rigged against them.


  1. Wow Najib has become sooo daring and simplistic in boosting his UMNO yeah.. Heard ven in his Pekan MP constituency, there are now additional 18K of new voters. wonders if Pilaks from Sabah are among those new voters ...!

  2. Kurang ajar this SPR ! Cakap tak serupa bikin.. pandai menafi saja.. hati busuk belangau !

    1. Sabahans pls expect the worse from SPR

  3. We Sabahans thank you Annuar,a thousand fold for xposing the wickedness&the snares of umno/spr.We know that these are filled with darkness & that they have been refining these works of darkness for half century,but God,who is all seeing & all knowing have exposed them through you.You will surely become the next prime minister,if pkr,dap,pas concentrate fully in Malaya in the 13 general election to oppose the bn party one to one.Please leave the star & sapp to fight bn in Sabah,one to one.The other opposition sabah parties are being used by umno to divide opposition supporters,but worry not they will all lose their m'nodeposit. We will all pray for your/family salvation.Terima kaseh banyak.

  4. Tq Datuk Seri Anwar... u were once part of this dirty scheme, and now u taste this bitter pill.. so please bear in mind whatever u do now to Sabah and Sarawak autonomy will haunt you later.. believe me. Better withdraw PR from Sabah anad sarawa and let our own state parties settle it with BN here.. Jangan menyesal nanti pecah undi u kempunan jadi PM. Sesal dulu pendapatan, sesal kemudan tiada gunanya...


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