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Sabahans should rally behind SAPP

By Dullie Marie, June 6, 2011
I am totally in dismay by DAP assistant secretary, Junz Wong's statement. He should not twist my statements. In my previous statements I never ignore the existence of Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah.

It is proven by the fact on our willingness to set up a committee to reach a better understanding to fight BN on one to one basis. I am disappointed how Wong takes the advantage to twist the very fact of my statements. His statement just too cheap and I hope it is not one of those spins he had learnt from a leader like Lim Kit Siang. I firmly stated on my views Lim Kit Siang's statement is just too arrogant and it only to reflect his ego.

Let me say once again stop this egoistic attitude and respect our local leaders existence. I have seen Lim attacking and manipulating on issues over SAPP at Batu Sapi at the same time some of you local leaders collaborated with UMNO leaders.

Let me reiterate my statements again. SAPP is willing to cooperate with Pakatan Rakya. We believe SAPP can contribute positively for Pakatan Rakyat ambition to march to Putrajaya. SAPP knows very well and very clear on Pakatan's desires. SAPP is fully behind in supporting that desire to march to Putrajaya. But we want Pakatan leaders to realise also our existence and to understand and accept our desires and aspirations. I make it clear to you we Sabahan want to regain our autonomy on the basis of 20 Points in the Malaysian Agreement 1963. This is our ultimate goal and aspiration and this is also the aspiration of most Sabahan.

Sabahans have grown mature with time. The past political history of Sabah should be a good lesson and as a guidance to cater our next destiny. This is 21st century open your eyes on political realities around you. The changes only can be made by Sabahans and it should not be orchestrated from outside. The genuine Sabahans refused to accept colonist mentality. We must stop the syndrome that we Sabahans like buffalo led by the nose. SAPP is a local party that knows the environment better. Hence on that realization we are determined to fight and win.

I hope Wong understood when I said we want to free ourselves from the crocodile's mouth but refused to be ending up in the tiger's belly. The analogy should reflect well between Pakatan Rakyat and UMNO. 

Can we stop to depend on leaders from West on what to do? What did they have done in Sabah that we simply subservient and listen to their political rhetoric. Are we too blind to see the reality happenings around us?

You and I know that to fight BN. SAPP and Pakatan Rakyat share the same objectives and desires. We have to form a formidable force. The desire can only be realized through understanding and mutual respect.

Does Junz Wong not know that DAP's Sarawak 416 is a failure? Does Junz Wong not realize that DAP's two parties system has become "Chinese opposition, Bumiputra government". Is this what Sabah DAP want to happen in Sabah?

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