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Hiew's Kg Sayap pledge to gain credit

PBS Vice-President
Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan
Kota Kinabalu: Sabah DAP Adviser, Hiew King Cheu, is another kind of politician who is always on the lookout for any opportunity to get credit for any project undertaken by the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government.

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Vice-President cum Kadamaian Assemblyman Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan said this following Hiew's pledge to raise the plight of the Kampung Sayap people who, he claimed, were forced to endure a 20km bumpy and dangerous road for so many years.
Herbert said the 20km Kg Sayap road in Kota Belud will undergo a third phase of upgrading and sealing this year after the first and second phases were carried out several years ago.

"Having heard an inkling news that the BN Government had approved fund for the third phase of the Sayap road upgrading, Hiew quickly went up to Kg Sayap to seek cheap publicity and get some credit in the process.

"When, in fact, both the State and Federal governments were aware of the people's request to seal the Sayap road when the first and second phases were done in 2009 and 2010, respectively. And the third phase will be carried out this year," he said in a statement, Saturday.

On Friday, it was reported that Hiew, who visited Kg Sayap recently, has explained to the villagers that the concerned road should be built or maintained by the Federal Ministry of Rural Development.

Hiew said it was quite an experience to drive into the most remote area of Kota Belud through the more than 20km of bumpy, full of potholes, cracked, lined with huge rocks in the centre, slippery, narrow, steep and dangerous road.

Therefore, he said, he would be submitting the people's request together with the photos, details and report to the Ministry concerned.

Herbert, who is also Community Development and Consumer Affairs Assistant Minister, said if Hiew is a good politician, he should have acknowledged BN's good achievement in the sealing of Tambulion-Piasau road.

On the call made by Sabah DAP Assistant Secretary Junz Wong to abolish village chiefs system, citing Singkui's case, Herbert said he would appreciate if Junz could take the time to check with the Kota Belud Native Court on Singkui's disciplinary record which led to his replacement.

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