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Outspoken Timbon Lagadan is challenged by a namesake for PBS top post in Kadamaian

Palalun Lagadan @ Peter, a former
Gaur Village Headman.

By Ezra Haganez
A senior Branch Chairman of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), Palalun Lagadan @ Peter, will challenge incumbent Kadamaian PBS divisional head, Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan, for the post at its annual general meeting (AGM) here on July 7, 2011.

Palalun, 58, who is PBS branch chairman for Kampung Gaur Linampai ever since the party's inception in 1985 till now, in a statement said he had registered his acceptance form to go for the top post after garnering four nominations from PBS branches in Kadamaian. A minimum of three nominations is required for the post.

Though both Palalun and Timbon share the same family name and coming from one kampung, they have no close family relation.

Incumbent Timbon received 42 nominations to defend his post. His current deputy head, Barahim Taliban, garnered six nominations for the top post but he refused the nomination and would instead defend his deputy post where he received 27 nominations from branches.

Barahim's challenger for the deputy head post will be Kadamaian's PKR (Community Development Leader), Soletin Sompong, who he unseated from the post in the last AGM. Soletin garnered 14 nominations.

Meanwhile, Palalun, a father of seven and a popular figure in Gaur, said if elected head on July 7, he would strive to strengthen PBS especially in Kadamaian where he had worked for the party tirelessly and selflessly since its inception 26 years ago.

"I would also form a Barisan Nasional Committee in Kadamaian comprising PBS, UPKO, PBRS and UMNO to strengthen BN fraternity here... This was never done before, and i think it is important to have it now to promote unity," said Palalun.

Palalun was JKKK Chairman for Kampung Gaur briefly in 2004, before he was appointed Gaur Village Headman that year until May last year when his service was terminated without any reason given.

Bright Palalun managed to complete his Form Three schooling in 1969 when he was 16 but could not further his study due to circumstances. Throughout his carreer, Palalun however had attended various courses and seminars on politics and economics as well as social study.

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