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‘Let’s retire BN’ campaign by PSM kicks off

Party embarks on nationwide tour to create awareness
among citizens' of democratic rights and the
pitfalls of returning BN to power
IPOH: Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), with a pithy slogan, ‘Udahlah tu…Bersaralah’ (Enough already – retire now), has embarked on nationwide campaign to remind Malaysians of the pitfalls of returning Barisan Nasional to power in the 13th General Election.

The party said it’s time for BN to ‘retire’ from politics as it is already 54 years old politically and has done little to uplift the socio- economic status of  the majority of Malaysians .

It kicked off its three-day national campaign tour yesterday in Ipoh with its leaders leaving in two chartered buses yesterday – one from Ipoh to the northern region up to Perlis and the from Johor heading for Kuala Lumpur.

They will hold ceramahs at major towns enroute to create awareness among Malaysians of their democratic rights as citizens and the pitfalls of returning BN to power.

PSM leader Dr D Jeyakumar said the BN has diverted from its original path of serving  and uniting all Malaysians and is engaged in a divide and rule policy by playing on race and religion.

Jeyakumar said there was economic development for the people during Tun Abdul Razak’s term but now only the elite in BN are enjoying the economic cake of the country.

Jeyakumar who is also Sungai Siput MP said that most Malaysians will suffer economically and financially if BN is returned to power.

Weakened workforce

He outlined the contributing factors to the gloomy financial outlook for the nation:
  • BN will implement the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which will affect those in the lower and middle income groups. The initial rate of GST is 5 % now but this percentage will go up as in the case of Singapore which started with 3 %, but now the figure has jumped to 7%.
  • BN will privatise all hospitals, thus pushing up health costs in its efforts to promote health tourism among foreigners.
  • BN will also privatise education that will make it difficult for most Malaysians to send their children for further education locally.
  • Labour laws will be amended to weaken the bargaining power of the workforce by making local companies not answerable to labour disputes or problems.
This will be done by outsourcing their businesses to  contractors who will be made the fall-guys for any labour problems arising.
  • BN will sign the Foreign Trade Agreements (FTA) with Europe and USA and the cost of consumer goods like medication for  life-threatening diseases like AIDs and cancer will rise beyond the reach of most Malaysians.

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