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Press Statement by Mr Fredoline Edwin Lojingki on Dr Maximus arrogance over the Marambal issue

Press Statement by
Mr Fredoline Edwin Lojingki
Veteran Political Activist / UNKO's Veteran
Penampang - June 8, 2011

The way Dr Maximus Ongkili responded today to the issue of a neglected hardcore poor family in Kg Kandawayon, Matunggong being helped and exposed by the opposition PKR and the media is unacceptable. Maximus was being ungrateful and sore at problems being exposed in his constituency. And Maximus is displaying maximum arrogance by challenging an opposition leader to build even more houses for the poor in Kota Marudu.

As a veteran of 70 years of age, i could safely say that Maximus is failing the supporters of PBS as well as Barisan Nasional. Only an arrogant person or leader that would not need a good Public Relations way of tackling sensitive issue like this.

Did Maximus remember how many houses he and PBS built when he and the party was in opposition? Is Maximus telling the rakyat jelata that it was his own money, and not the people's money, that he spent to build the 90 houses? Im quite sure Christina Liew used her own money or perhaps her friends when she helped the poor Marambal family in Matunggong.

PBS-BN leaders like Maximus should not brag to the world that he has built a mere 90 houses ! And using the people's money at that ! He should build 10,000 houses or even more for the poor families in Sabah alone !

There are many more like this Marambal family throughout Sabah, rightfully Maximus put it. It only needs a little bit of sincerity and effort on the part of our able leaders like Maximus to really go out and identify and help those in need. We have the opposition and the media to thank for exposing problem like the one in Matunggong which is of course just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you.


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  1. Adih Gundohing Fred Lojingki masih aktif pulitik yah... Tahniah kerana bersuara against dr maximus yang samangkin bungkak dan sumbung..


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