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Question for Taib Mahmud..

By Alan Newman
Were timber concession all over Sarawak awarded by clear, public, gazette tenders for maximum returns to the State? Or just dished out to your cronies?

The RM$5-10billion yearly in timber exports in the last 40 years? Totaling RM$200-400billion.
The RM$2-9billion yearky in oil palm exports in the last 15 years? Totaling RM$30-135billion
The numerous blocks of land snatched up for various crops & developments, worth billions of RM.

Your Cousin Hamed Sepawie (Sanyan, Naim, etc)  is in Malaysia’s Rich-list.
The numerous projects awarded to your CMS group & cronies totalling billions.
The resources & benefits fleeced, ‘sharked’ and swallowed by your family members & cronies.
The dozens of companies under your vicious wings straddling the globe.
The shipping levies collected from timber export in the last 30 years.
The billions of RM worth of real estate in various countries.

The death (likely murder) of Swiss activist Bruno Manser
The mental, psychological & physical torture of your former USA Aide Ross Boyert for revelations, and his eventual death.
The gems, jewels and diamonds around your relatives’ neck and bodies.
Your Rolls Royce, and your mansions and all your cronies' mansions.
The vote-buying & rigging of elections.
The deception of the people for 3 decades.

This magnitude of you corruption & evil….is mind-boggling & astronomical. You & your cronies have stolen mega billions and caused the poverty and misery of millions of people.

You should be: Tied to a tree for weeks, spat on, whipped, knifed, then drawn by horses and quartered,  and eventually those bits of limbs and flesh should hang on electric power lines for flies and maggots to finish you off.

Let God deal with you hereafter, and deal with anyone who dares to support you or even speak a word in your favour.  Everyone just watch!

My beloved Malaysian comrades, please forward to every email in your folders.

I write this because all life long,  I have vowed to remove injustice and evil from mother earth.

Alan Newman, NZ.

Sarawak's six logging giants 

In terms of their size, the report ranks the Sarawak timber groups according to the size of their timber concessions in their home state. Samling (over 1.3 million hectares) and Rimbunan Hijau (over 1 million hectares) rank first, followed by WTK group (850,000 hectares) and the Ta Ann group (over 557,000 hectares) Two other major players, the KTS group and the Shin Yang group cannot be ranked due to insufficient transparency with regard to the concessions held by them. All these timber groups also hold major oil palm plantation land banks. At least four timber tycoons rank among Malaysia's top thirty richest people. Tiong Hiew King of Rimbunan Hijau, Yaw Teck Seng and Yaw Chee Ming of Samling Group, as well as Ta Ann's chairman Abdul Hamed Sepawi, who happens to be the first cousin of Sarawak's Chief Minister

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