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A brute Muslim Ceremony In Vienna

Soon we will all experience this! It will become a normal practise if the majority are the practitioners. Have you ever wonder why they kill without feeling remorse? 
 "A Must Watch" -- A MUSLIM Ceremony in Vienna . . .

This is horrible. It reminds me of Canaanites throwing their babies to the Idol Moloch in the times of judges and Israelis kings. Leonard
Please don't say this can't happen in the US

This is terrible...if they can do this to themselves what can they do to others???

This is what happens when you let these people invade your country.
This is truly sickening to watch, but something that has to be seen to be believed. And this is not in Kabul, but in Vienna, Austria.


Just so you may have a better understanding of Islam.

Be sure to note the women and mothers standing calmly in the crowd and eating ice cream. Civilized ceremony? You decide. This is an annual celebration by Muslims. They are supposed to experience pain like their Sunni Ancestors did when they were massacred several centuries ago by the Shiite Muslims over a Jihad (Holy War) in a fight over who succeeded Mohammad. Now you know why Muslims are killing fellow Muslims - they must experience pain and suffering. One day we are going to end up in hand-to-hand combat with these people. We may not have anything left but rocks to fight with if the gun grabbers have their way.

See what insanity we are dealing with? The Israelis understand this.
They know if they lose they will be slaughtered in the most vile way.
Just like the "Holocaust," this never happened? How does a normal society find words to describe such behavior?

Wake up Europe, USA and Canada !! Or this is going to happen in your city.....and sooner than you think.

President Obama in his book Audacity of Hope "I will stand with the
Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

If this doesn't scare you and wake you up, nothing will!

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  1. Ya arabi...apa dorang buat ni? Islam syiah ke ni macam yang kat Iran tiap tahun tu.. Patutlah


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