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The Lie Detector Clock

A man who passed away last month ascended to heaven.

He stood before St.Peter at the Pearly Gate, waiting the judgement to be banished to hell or to be grant eternal life based on his deeds in life. He stood there, motionless, while wandered his mind to the surrounding.

He noticed several strange clocks stood nearby. The clocks have two hand, but without the fast-paced second hand. Furthermore, the clock hands does not even move.

Out of curiosity, the man enquired St.Peter about the clocks.

"Those clocks, are known as Lie Clocks. Everyone on Earth have a lie clock here. For every lie they told, the clocks will move 1 time, " St.Peter responded.

The man pointed to a random clock and asked about its tale. He was told that the clock is Mother Teresa's lie clock.

"The clock never move. A sign that Mother Teresa never tell a lie."
The man amazed at Mother Teresa's honesty in her real life.

The man switched his finger toward another clock again and repeated the same enquiry again.

"This is Abraham Lincoln's clock. The clock moved just two times, indicated that Abraham Lincoln told only two lies in his entire life."

In his mind, "It's Ok, people do make mistake sometimes."

His next question is fairly simple.

"May I know where is Bush's clock?"

St.Peter said: No it isn't here. Bush's clock is now at Jesus's office. After he took the clock, he left a memo at my desk. This, of course will be recorded in Heaven account.

"May I have a look at the memo?"

"Sure you may."

The memo wrote:-


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