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Taib’s our ‘chief campaigner’, says opposition

The Barisan Nasional lives on corruption and all PM Najib Tun Razak
can do is to condone such wrong doings, says Sarawak DAP
KUCHING: If Sarawak opposition wins its targeted 16 parliamentary seats in the May 5 general election, it will be due entirely to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.
Describing Taib as the opposition’s “chief campaigner”, state DAP said “if he does not step down as promised” the likelihood of an opposition win was very high.
In the 2011 state election, allegations of corruption, land grabs and power abuse by Taib and his cronies saw the opposition wrest an unprecedented 15 seats.
Post-election analysis had pointed out a more than 40% swing in voter support for the opposition in the once strong Barisan Nasional frontiers.
Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen said their “assault” had begun immediately after the state election.
“We’ve been preparing and working the ground since,” he said, adding that Taib had “unwittingly” been their “number one campaigner”.
“Unwittingly, he is our number one campaigner. He has overstayed his welcome [as chief minister).
"His continuance as chief minister and refusal to step down as promised are the two factors which will be our number one campaigning tool,” said Chong.
He said Taib had made a promise to quit his chief minister's post during the 2010 Sibu by-election and reiterated this in the run-up to 2011 state election.
"At that time, he said he will retire within two years of the state election.
"The two years is coming up on April 16. In case he forgets, I would like to remind him to honour his pledge.
"He still has four days to honour his pledge, otherwise he will be a leader who has ‘eaten’ his words.
"A pledge is a pledge, a promise is a promise. Taib should fulfil his promise especially after Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak made his ‘jangi ditepati’ slogan.
"If Taib cannot fulfil the promise, then the ‘jangi ditepati’ slogan is meaningless,” said Chong, who is tipped to contest the “hot” seat of Stampin, told reporters here today.
'Najib condones wrongdoings'
On corruption, Chong said it was the top scourge not just in Sarawak but also in the country.
“It is our number one enemy not only in Sarawak, but also throughout the country.
"In fact, it has always been our number one enemy since 2003 when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the prime minister.
“As a result of rampant corruption, wastage and illicit capital outflow, government debt has increased to RM500 billion.
“The people do not get to share the country’s wealth, but has to bear the BN’s debt of corruption.
"The BN lives on corruption and all Najib can do is to condone such wrong-doings,” he said.
The DAP leader said that the only way to stop the rot is to change the government and to create a two-party system in Malaysia’s political landscape.
“The corrupt leaders must be brought to book and their ill-gotten wealth taken back for the people.
“For now, corrupt leaders have not been arrested. This shows that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission [MACC] is a coward,” he said.



    The myopic focus of the Opposition in Sarawak is located somewhere below the navel. They are compromised by being foreign Malayan party branches only. The Malayan Big Brother has the final say. So whether UMNO or Pakatan Malayan controls and dictate Sarawak politics in breach of their 18 Points Agreement and Malaysia Agreement. In other words they do not have the fabled “autonomy”.

    In contrast Sabah opposition politicians are hitting UMNO's head where it hurts. Instead of just talking about corruption they focus on the issue of self-determination. Although it is a fundamental human right of Sabahans, the Malayans are scare stiff to discuss this subject at any length.

    Sabah opposition politicians show that if they stand up and firmly demand and defend Sabah state rights, the Malayans will listen. In fact they are complaining that Sabahans be being so “damn nationalistic”.

    When you hold a good card before the elections which can turn into a trump card after the elections why not brother and sisters? Why keep giving the advantage to Malayans who will grab everything including control of local politics, which is what Pakatan wants?


    In Sarawak, UMNO and Pakatan controlled parties are confined to demanding CRUMBS when the main issue is national self-determination which Sabah oppositions (free from Malayan control) are pressing for.

    When you have real self-determination, then you can deal with corruption more effective. Before then you are just pouring water over the proverbial duck's back since UMNO BN still controls the government machinery.

    Unfortunately the independence of Sabah parties is still being chipped away as PK plays the spoiler - not only to split votes but to split inter party unity!

    SAPP is still playing with Pakatan when it clearly does not recognise Sabah's equal partner status. They still toy with the idea of joining PK after extracting something advantage. But PK has already rejected their demands. So is there any point to talk.

    The time to talk is after you take back and secure control over Sabah.


    The only politically sensible solution at this moment is to first unite with STAR and other patriotic Sabah parties to SECURE control of both the state and federal seats and then re-negotiate the "Malaysia Agreement" if this what Sahabans want.

    The Sabah Opposition should run the elections on the platform of demanding a referendum supervised by the UN to determine whether Sabahans want to remain in Malaysia or take their country out of Malaysia.

    This is to hit the 50 year long issue on the head. Do not wait another 50 years!


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