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SAPP unveils candidates list

KOTA KINABALU, April 17, 2013: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee delivered an important message to the people that under the Constitution of Sabah, only a political party with a majority of seats in the Sabah Legislative Assembly shall form the Sabah Government. Unregistered parties and unregistered coalition of parties and NGOs are not qualified under the law to be elected as governments.

Fulfilling our struggle for autonomy, SAPP will contest a majority of State seats so that the Sabah government will be elected by the people of Sabah and answerable only to the people of Sabah.

SAPP believes that this BN regime can be toppled through the ballot box at both the State and Federal levels. Unlike Pakatan whose leaders have already conceded Sabah to the BN, SAPP believes that the Sabah BN government can be voted out on May 5. This has happened a few times in Sabah's 50-year political history and can happen again on May 5.

SAPP intends to contest 41 state seats and 8 parliamentary seats. Today, we announce the 8 MP candidates which are final. In the MP and State seats not contested by SAPP, we will support the strongest opposition candidate who can beat the BN candidate.

As for the 41 state seats, 38 candidates will be announced tonight. The remaining 3 seats will be announced very soon pending a firm and clear picture of what STAR and other opposition parties plan to do. Our aim is that the BN must be defeated. We did not expect that the infighting between PKR/PAS/DAP to be so intensely divisive to the extent the chances of the opposition in capturing the state seats concerned is now jeopardised. If we had known earlier that disarray within Pakatan would be so crippling, we would have made preparations to contest more state seats.

We will reveal these seats in the next one or two days after we have final outcome of the infighting between PKR/PAS/DAP.

SAPP GE13 Candidates List

State Assembly (DUN)

N.01 Banggi: Jae-ly bin Medong

N.02 Tg.Kapor: Tsen Heng Chong @ Peter Tsen*

N.03 Pitas: Johanes Piut*

N.04 Matunggong: Richard Jiun

N.05 Tandek: Yapolai bin Kundapit @ Henry

N.06 Tempasuk: Abdul Malik bin Mohed

N.07 Kadamaian: Peter Marajin*

N.09 Tamparuli: Stephan bin Gaimin

N.11 Kiulu: Tindil B Gonsobil @ Sidin

N.12 Karambunai: Aziz Bin Ibrahim

N.13 Inanam: Eric Majimbun*

N.14 Likas: Yong Teck Lee*

N.15 Api-Api: Wong Yit Ming

N.16 Luyang: Melanie Chia Chui Ket*

N.17 Tg.Aru: Richard Yong We Kong

N.19 Kepayan: Chong Pit Fah

N.20 Moyog: Danim @ Aloysius Siap

N.21 Kawang: Edward Dagul

N.22 Pantai Manis: Noraizal bin Mohd Noor

N.23 Bongawan: Awang Talip bin Awang Bagul

N.24 Membakut: Banjimin Ondoi

N.25 Klias: Mohd. Sanusi bin Taripin

N.27 Lumadan: Jamain bin Sarudin

N.28 Sindumin: Amde @ Hamdi Sidik

N.29 Kundasang: Japiril bin Suhaiman*

N.34 Liawan: Pauket Yadiloh @ Johari Tahir

N.35 Melalap: Roger bin Stimin

N.36 Kemabong: William Ensor Bin Tingkalor

N.37 Sook: Datuk Frankie Chong Yu Chee

N.43 Sekong: Awang @ Abdul Nasib bin Othman

N.44 Karamunting: Yong Vui Min

N.45 Elopura: Liau Fook Kong

N.46 Tg.Papat: Yong Chie Man @ Yu Chie Man

N.49 Tungku: Dato Shuaib bin Dato Mutalib

N.50 Lahad Datu: Aliandu bin Enjil Datu

N.55 Balung: Abdul Hamid @ Amit Bin Mohammad Noor

N.56 Apas: Tahir Bin Dahli

N.57 Sri Tanjung: Yong Chong Kim

*Not 1st time contestant

DUN: 1st time candidate 33/41 80.4%


P.167 Kudat: Robert Mojurip Diyun

P.168 Kota Marudu: Dr. Yuntau K. Kolod

P.171 Sepanggar: Chin Hon Kiong

P.173 Putatan: Duli @ Dulie bin Mari @ Marie

P.176 Kimanis: Jamil William

P.178 Sipitang: Kamis bin Daming

P.181 Tenom: Jaineh Bin Juata @ Jimmy Jawatah*

P.190 Tawau: Chua Soon Bui*

*Not 1st time contestant

MP£º 1st time candidate 6/8 75%


  1. Parti Maju Sabah (SAPP) mengumumkan bertanding di 38 kerusi DUN dan lapan kerusi Parlimen di Sabah pada PRU-13.

    1. Sanggupkah SAPP menang kerusi di Sabah?

    2. Harap SAPP tidak akan menang di Sabah.

  2. Presidennya, Datuk Yong Teck Lee bertanding di kerusi DUN Likas, manakala timbalannya, Datuk Eric Majimbun di kerusi DUN Inanam.

  3. Pengumuman itu sekali gus semua kerusi terbabit bakal menyaksikan pertandingan sekurang-kurangnya tiga penjuru dengan Barisan Nasional (BN) dan pakatan pembangkang yang mengesahkan bertanding di semua 25 kerusi Parlimen dan 60 DUN di Sabah.

  4. Let the people to decide who the right people for them.

  5. Out of the total number of 13,268,002 voters for the 222 parliamentary seats, 11,257,147 voters or 84.84 percent cast their votes in the 13th general election (GE13), the highest percentage in any general election in Malaysia.


    1. Election Commission (EC) secretary, Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria said for the 505 state legislative assembly seats contested, 9,742,254 voters or 85.82 percent voted.


    2. Kamaruddin (left) said based on the electoral roll gazetted for GE13, there were 12,885,434 ordinary voters, 146,742 postal voters and 235,826 early voters.

    3. "For the parliamentary seats, the BN garnered 5,237,699 votes, PKR (2,254,328 votes), PAS (1,633,389), DAP (1,736,267), Independent (86,935), Star (45,386), Berjasa (31,835), SWP (15,630), Sapp (10,099), PCM (2,129), Kita (623) and Bersama (257).

    4. "For the state legislative assembly seats, BN received 4,513,997 votes, PAS (2,133,944), DAP (1,442,298), PKR (1,303,457), Independent (67,129), Star (43,793), Sapp (31,324), PSM (8,136), Berjasa (4,756), Kita (1,791), Bersama (823) and PCM (216)," Kamaruddin said in a statement released in Putrajaya today.

    5. Of the 579 candidates who contested the state assembly seats, 128 candidates lost their election deposits, with independent candidates forming the largest number, totalling 75 people.


    6. For the election results, he said that out of the 222 parliamentary seats, BN won 133 seats, PKR (30), PAS (21) and DAP (38), while for the state assembly seats, BN won 275 seats, DAP (95), PAS (86) and PKR (49).

    7. Generally, he said, the EC was satisfied with the election process which went smoothly, without any undesired incidents affecting the election process.

    8. "In implementing the general election, the EC always follows the law and tried to make the GE13 as the best, and numerous challenges which were unexpected had to be faced," he said.

    9. The EC would study all the weaknesses, especially on the method of overcoming congestion at the polling centres in the morning as well as the presence of a large number senior citizens there, Kamaruddin added.


    10. Barisan Nasional leaders are looking at various ideas, including renaming the ruling coalition, to help regain the people's trust after losing the popular vote in last week's election. Umno lawmaker Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said the BN name had become synonymous with corruption, a core issue among the middle-class and urban electorate that had swung against the coalition in the 13th general election, report The Malaysian Insider.

    11. "I truly believe that after 40 years, Barisan Nasional has outlived its role, so we have to have a new coalition - maybe 1 Malaysia," Mr Nazri told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's 1 Malaysia campaign for racial unity."My take is we have to come up with a new name for the coalition, like what Tun Razak did in 1974. Perikatan was associated with the riots in '69. To change perception, he changed it to BN," he added.

    12. Mr Nazri said the "jokers behind Pakatan Rakyat are still old people".BN lost the popular vote in the May 5 general election for the first time since 1969, when it was the Alliance, or Perikatan. The May 13 race riots exploded three days after the 1969 general election that saw record gains for the opposition.

    13. Under second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein's administration, the Alliance later partnered with other political parties to form BN, comprising 13 component parties, in 1974.Mr Nazri also pointed out that young people understood the raison d'être of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), formed after the "political tsunami" of Election 2008, but not BN's.


    14. "Voters from the age of 50 and below, they don't understand what BN is all about anymore, so we have to change," said the Padang Rengas MP."Pakatan Rakyat is a new name - old wine in new bottle. The jokers behind Pakatan Rakyat are still old people - Karpal Singh, Kit Siang, Anwar. It's old wine in new bottles, so we have to do the same for BN," he added, referring to DAP veterans Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, and PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    15. While BN's Election 2013 campaign focused on maintaining peace and security, PR promised to eliminate endemic corruption and cronyism under its clarion call "Ubah" (Change).BN lost an additional seven federal seats to PR in this election, raking in 133 seats to PR's 89, besides gaining just 47 per cent of the popular vote to PR's 51 per cent.


    16. Mr Anwar led a mass rally of tens of thousands in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday to protest against alleged vote-rigging in the general election that he said had enabled BN to cling on to power.Malaysian Indian Congress strategy director S. Vell Paari said BN should not dismiss the huge turnout at the rally that questioned the legitimacy of the government.

    17. "We have to find means and ways to address some of the dissatisfaction with the election result. If we do not address, of course it's going to affect our chances in the future election," Mr Vell Paari told The Malaysian Insider."GE14 is going to be the decider. These next four, five years, if we don't revamp and address some of the concerns of the rakyat, I won't be surprised if it turns out to be a tougher election for BN," he added.

    18. But Mr Vell Paari noted that it would be "difficult" for BN to propose solutions due to overwhelming public distrust, saying: "At this present moment, no matter what option or route the government takes, people are still not going to believe the government."Sabah BN secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, however, expressed worries about mass protests, saying: "If it deteriorates into something that spills into the streets... I'm absolutely worried for the country's safety."

    19. Selangor MCA chairman Datuk Donald Lim acknowledged the loss of public trust towards BN, stressing that transparency and citizen engagement were crucial to win voters back."The country is at a transition period when it is still a developing nation," Mr Lim told The Malaysian Insider.

      "It is normal during this period that the more educated people and young undergraduates want to know more. And they are looking for the leadership to be more transparent and accountable of what they do to ensure there is no abuse of power," he added.MCA publicity bureau chief Datuk Heng Seai Kie pleaded with voters to give Mr Najib more time to improve the country's administration, saying: "His transformation programmes started three years ago, so he had only three years."


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