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Anwar’s ‘sex video clone’ to be revealed

The Thai national is expected to make an appearance
at a ceramah in Permatang Pauh tonight.
PETALING JAYA: The supposed clone used in the sex videos which implicated Anwar Ibrahim is scheduled to make an appearance at a ceramah tonight.
The person, who is a Thai national, will be making an appeareance at the ‘Bongkar’ (exposed) ceramah in Penanti, Permatang Pauh, which is Anwar’s constituency, after the evening prayers. quoted Permatang Pauh parliament representative Zainol Saad as saying that all the accusations against Anwar will end when the actor comes forward.
“Umno and BN will be trapped again. The kampung people will not believe this allegation again,” he said.
Zainol claimed that the allegations are part of an Umno plot to embarass the top leadership of Pakatan Rakyat.
Meanwhile, news of the supposed clone’s appearance was also reported in the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia.
Utusan quoted former Terengganu PKR secretary Fakhrul Azman Abu Bakar as stating that Anwar plans to bring two “clones”, the other resembling PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali.
Mustafa Ali was also implicated in a sex video, which he had since denied.
In another report, Utusan quoted former PKR Youth secretary-general SD Johari Yasin as saying that Anwar is attempting to create the impression that the sex videos are false.
“If this man really exists, then Anwar should take him to court… don’t only take him to ceramahs but let the court decide,” he added.

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