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The same threat of Phillippines swallowing Sabah if...

Joe Fernandez' note

KOTA KINABALU : There's a comment in Malaysia Today that if Sabah opts for freedom, the Philippines is waiting (meaning to swallow Sabah).

This is the same bogeyman story that we were told in 1963 by the Malayan Government and the British: that the Philippines and Indonesia are the big crocodiles in the region, waiting to swallow Sabah and Sarawak after the British leave.

This story was concocted when Sabah and Sarawak hesitated --- after they had exercised their self-determination for independence and obtained it on 31 Aug 1963 and 22 July 1963 respectively --- to enter Malaysia on 16 Sept 1963 to facilitate Singapore's independence via Malaysia through merger with Malaya.

Sabah, like Sarawak, was promised security through Malaysia.

Where's the security promised to Sabah through Malaysia? No security as the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) makes it abundantly clear.

By 2005, 1.7 million foreigners had not only swamped the 1.5 million locals in Sabah, they had also entered the electoral rolls to marginalise and disenfranchise the locals especially the Orang Asal.

Fifty years later, it's clear that it's Malaya which turned out to be the real crocodile, and a big one too, in the region.

The sovereignty of Sabah rests with its people, not in Putrajaya, Manila, Sulu, Brunei or elsewhere.

That's under international law, the UN Charter, our history, Adat and the constitutional documents which make up the unwritten Constitution of Malaysia.

The self-determination of the people of Sabah is an option and initiative to be exercised solely by them.


  1. Politik menakut nakutkan orang adalah gaya mahathirisme and melayuisme malaysia. Tapi buat apa takut. Umno sudfah mahu kalah, Melayu pula sudah pecah.. Hahahaha

    1. WHO OWNS WHO?


      1. The Brunei Sultanate "ceded" only a sliver of land in the north eastern coast of Sabah to the Sulu in 1658. This is not the whole of Sabah as Brunei continued to maintain its hold on the west coast till the 19th Century.

      The ancient Brunei Empire territory actually covered the Sulu and Southern Philippines so Brunei logically can re-claim these islands like what the Philippines is trying to do.

      (Don't know why the Brunei sultans had been so generous in giving away so much valuable real estate! People die to defend their possessions.)

      2. The Sulu Sultanate never actually occupied and administered that part of Sabah as does Malaya over the whole of Sabah. You cOuld say only recently did the Southern Philippines people migrated en masse into Sabah assisted by UMNO politicians.

      3. The Sulu claim lapsed over 425 years of Spanish and American colonisation of the Philippines - and neither colonial powerS claimed any part of Sabah showing that the Sulu claim is questionable. If the sultanate is defunct which it is now just a province of the Philippines, it cannot pretend to be an independent country as recognised by the UN and make territorial claims.

      4. Sabah came under the direct influence and administration of western foreign trading companies. These companies dealt mainly with Brunei to gain leases to operate Sabah as "business". Sabah was traded several times by a number of western powers- finally passing to British hegemony under the BNBC as a British protectorate since 1888 and direct British colonialist rule in 1945.

      5. Sabah was traded by Britain to Malaya in 1963 by a transfer of colonial power into the Malaysia Federation.

      6. Malaysia is paying rent to Sulu but not for whole of Sabah.

      This however raises some very big questions like- does that mean Malaysia is not legitimate for this reason amongst so many other reasons. Sabah is only rented from some foreign power and Malaya does not have actual sovereignty over Sabah!

      7. The rental issue is maintained by Malaya to keep alive its "security" argument so it can always justify to the people why Malaysia exists and to legitimise its hold on to Sabah -

      8. The "stroll over" by 100 armed "Royal Sulu Armymen" serves to illustrate how the "security" from foreign invasion argument is often brought out and used to justify the British Malayan bilateral formation Malaysia.

      [Why bilateral? the Malaysia Agreement was signed before Sabah and Sarawak became "independent". The British signed for us as colonial rulers. We were not free then and did not have freely have a "formation of Malaysia" referendum NOR were any Parliamentary elections held to set up any independent Sabah or Sarawak government!

      Who were elected by the people to negotiate Malaysia terms? NONE.

      Others decided for us!]

      cont's next post

    2. In this case it is a serious failure by Malaya to prevent a serious breach of Sabah border security in seriously failing to stop this invasion. Where were the expensive patrol boats and submarines?

      In fact the Malayan government is so piss-weak on this point that it has lamely requested the armed men to leave instead of arresting and expelling them!

      9. The Sulu and the Philippines are adding oil to the flaming international disputes for South China sea territorial claims by sending in their armed men to stake a claim on Sabah. This is getting ridiculous.

      But their 100 men walk in is to "re-stake" - a physical claim on Sabah which is why the Sulu Sultan is saying their "people are not leaving".

      Bear in mind they already have around 2 million of their people in Sabah and can take over given time and preparations. This 100 armed men incident must surely underline the problem staring us in the eye - this is the shit which Malaya UMNO has put Sabah in!

      So foreign take over is a possibility. (It started with Malayan takeover) The Philippines is not yet arguing the point that since Malaya is only renting Sabah, Malaya has no legal right to incorporate Sabah in Malaysia. The people should then hold a referendum to decide if Sabah should become the 87th Province of the Philippines. UMNO has already made easy this task by re-distributing the illegal votes to ensure a landslide in the GE!

      10. Essentially this is a leftover dispute over colonial territory and clash of powers and the real de-colonisation of Sabah yet to be achieved.

      At the end of the day it is for the Sabah people to claim their rightful possession sovereignty and independence of their land.

      They are the people who were born and live here and they should be self-managing this country. They should have their final say. Not the Philippines or Malaya or any other country. These should both stay out!

      We should call for the proper de-colonisation of Sabah and Sarawak- 50 years overdue.

      East Timor and Southern Sudan have all managed to reclaim their respective countries despite the great odds. Eastern European and the USSR broke up into more independent states... So no great empire is permanent- not even Melayu Raya!.

      It was the break up of the British empire which lead to the formation of Malaysia as a manoeuvre to consolidate British S.E. Asian interests and territories in a new federation. pre-determined in 1942.

      Take Back our Country!

      It is never too late. Ini Kali Lah!


    The false rationale that Malaysia was necessary to protect the 3 British Colonies - Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak from foreign invasion was a scaremongering tactic used by Britain and Malaya to coerce the Northern Borneo people to agree to with their "Malaysia plan" in the early 1960s.

    The "security" issue has persisted despite the fact that tiny Brunei and Singapore (both in the original Malaysia plan) are thriving in far better economic conditions outside Malaysia than impoverished Sabah and Sarawak AND THEY HAVE NOT YET BEEN INVADED.

    Readers need to understand the background to the formation of "Malaysia". It was entirely a pre-determined British/Malayan idea which was imposed on the North Borneo colonies when they were preparing for their independence in the late 1950s. Both Brunei and Sarawak were self-governing independent states prior to Japanese invasion on 22 December 1941.

    In the 1941 the last Brooke Government promised the Sarawak people that there would be a transition to representative (elected) government to replace the INDEPENDENT kingdom of Sarawak installed in 1841. However this plan was interrupted by the Japanese Invasion.

    In 1942 the British Foreign Office (in expectation of winning WW2) put forward a plan to consolidate of Malaya Singapore and the then 3 British Borneo "protectorates" UNDER one colonial administration.

    The Brooke government was operating in exile in London at the time, was consulted and it had rejected the idea. This was confirmed by its promise in the new Sarawak Constitution (1941) which clearly stated the Sarawak independence position and the promise that the people were to take over the powers of government in a united and harmonious Sarawak. The post war direct British colonisation of Sarawak was widely opposed by Sarawakians and culminated in the assassination of the British governor Duncan Stewart in 1948 by a nationalist Rosli Dhobie.

    However, in the Cold War period of the 1950s and 1960s Britain came under heavy pressure from the UN and local independence movements to de-colonise. So the British revamped their 1942 idea and dressed it up as a "federation" (a familiar trick it had resorted to in many of its colonies) to give "independence" with strings attached to Mother England.

    The British and Malayan political agendas overlapped. Britain wanted to consolidate and protect its then vital strategic economic interests (oil rubber, tin) in this area. Malaya UMNO wanted to annex the colonies to fulfill its "Melayu Raya" plan which it has installed under the discriminatory NEP as the UNMO Malay supremacist apartheid system.

    At the same time Malaya was experiencing an economic crisis with the end of the Korean war and drop in demand for Malaya rubber and tin for the UK/USA war efforts in Korea. Malaya had just got independence in 1957 and cast its eyes on grabbing the resource rich British Borneo colonies (formally colonies since 1945) to develop Malaya.

    Britain and Malaya had discussed their plan without consulting the people in the colonies. And this met with immediate local and international opposition as a “neo-colonial” plot to transfer British colonial to Malaya.

    (cont'd next post)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    The local opposition was expressed in many forms. A delegation of politicians from the 3 colonies even approached the UN to oppose this idea and in its place they proposed Northern Borneo (Kalimantan) Federation.

    Mass demonstrations took place in Sarawak against the Malaysia plan. The British rejection of the call for independence by the popularly elected anti-Malaysia Brunei People's Party led to the Brunei independence uprising in December 1962. The British launched a powerful military suppression of the freedom fighters and a crackdown on the communist led nationalists movement in Sarawak. This consequently started the guerrilla national independence war from 1962 to 1990

    These were local nationalist movements whatever their ideology and they were opposing Britain's plan to re-colonise their countries. Thus the nationalists were cast in a dark light of taking on the role of a “colonizer” instead of being seen as freedom fighters.

    The British were presented with 2 powerful propaganda arguments that of the external invasion and internal threat of a communist “takeover” which they used to the full limit against the North Kalimantan independence movement.

    They demonized the BPP as “socialist” and by implication anti-Islam and its (TNKU) army as “rebel force” (therefore illegal). The Sarawak left-wing movement was typically demonized as “evil communist terrorists”. Both parties were working to “take over” the colonies.

    At the same time Indonesia oppose Malaya as a neo-colonial plan and had aided and armed the freedom fighters to develop their guerrilla forces. The Philippines also opposed the Malaysia Plan as it a a claim to part of Sabah.

    The attention on the Malayan colonisation plan under the guise of the Malaysia proposals was thus effectively covered up and diverted to an attack on the nationalists as was done in Malaya.

    Today the “security issue” is still trotted out as an argument against any calls for Sabah Sarawak moves to assert their independence. This means that the pro-Malaysia supporters are desperately short of arguments to support their desire to maintain a failed and deceitful federation.

    These arguments based on security race and religion are a denial of the Borneo people's right to genuine self-determination in their own independent states.

    The examples of independent Brunei and Singapore expose the “invasion argument” as a false argument as they have ruled themselves freely without facing any external threats or control.

    If the Borneo people in Sabah and Sarawak are determined to fight for real independence from foreign colonial rule they have 2 choices-

    (1) The peaceful way is to demand proper UN supervised de-colonisation of Sabah Sarawak from Malayan rule.

    (2) The other way may be less appealing to many – that is to resume their independence war.


    The question to Sabahans & S'wakians is again:



    Isn't the last 50 years NOT ENOUGH?

    LOOK AT Brunei and Singapore! They are doing so well as independent states.

    Why are we so thick headed not to think outside the Malaysia square and see ourselves like Brunei and Singapore?

    Brunei chose not to participate in the formation of Malaysia because from the beginning Malaya made clear it wanted to dominate Brunei and control its OIL resources and the Sultan politely said no. There was not to be any "equal partnership" as the Malayans deceitfully promised.

    In Sabah and Sarawak our leaders were so dumbstruck and awed by the swaggering Malayans that they said "YES" and not "NO" to what was to be a rape!

    Thus our erstwhile and indecisive leaders condemned all of us to suffer for 50 years in this HELL HOLE called "Malaysia" when they should have stood firm and rejected Malaysia and insisted on full independence

    Singapore left when they learned in 2 short years what Brunei knew, that the Malayans were determined to dominate them. So Singapore left in 1965 following rows over equal partnership and race issues.

    We do not need to be reminded that in Brunei the people at least benefit directly from their oil wealth.

    Singapore without any natural resources became the richest nation per head in the world.

    How was all this possible? The fundamental- essential ingredient was INDEPENDENCE from foreign Malayan rule.

    Readers should note that the Malayan "racial balance" justification for forming Malaysia became total discredited with Brunei and Singapore no longer in the picture.

    And despite the British Malayan scare campaign of invasion to justify Malaysia formation, Brunei and Singapore were never invaded!

    But Sabah and Sarawak were invaded by Malaya under the cover of the British suppression of the anti-Malaysia Brunei Uprising in 1962.

    SO Sabahan Sarawakians if you all wish to continue with our long boasted harmonious lifestyle we need to to think about how to take our countries out of Malaysia......

    Do it for your children's children!

    We can stand on our own 2 feet and with our country's wealth we be economically strong and develop our own strong security forces like Singapore.




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