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Anwar Accused of Bible Burning

By Tuhun Tavakas
KOTA KINABALU- The latest hot gossip to erupt the coffee shop tables is that of PKR leader Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim burning the Holy Bible. The leakage spread from KDM servants inside JPM (Jabatan Perdana Menteri) that Datuk Sri Anwar once burnt the Holy Bible and has never atoned for this heinous act has enraged many a KDM voter. But checks on You-Tube however failed to find any evidence of Datuk Anwar Ibrahim actually burning the Holy Bible. This insensitive tactic to lure the KDM voters back to BN by JPM insiders just goes toi show to us how desperate a mere 9% Christian population the BN needs to hold on and remain in power. So far PKR and Datuk Anwar have not commented on this rumour.

Meanwhile the PM’s comment that Malaysia has a very marginal 9% population has ruffled feathers here of it’s predominantly large Native Christian population as “A Gross Under Estimation” . “How unappreciative that remark is considering we gave the BN a winning edge that they remain in power only due to the fact that the Borneo States have a large Native Christian population”. Said one Clergyman who wished to remain anonomous.

On the use of the word Allah by Christians, one Catholic Church goer remarked that as far as Sabah is concerned the use or banning the use of the word Allah in the Holy Bible should be discussed and decided by Christians themselves. “Our PM should not be na├»ve and listen to one race and religion ban and condemn another. As it is Christians are not permitted to print and distribute the Holy Bible in Bahasa Malaysia or any other language, so the Holy Bible must be brought in from outside, now even this option is being curtailed. If Native Christians are not permitted to pray using their native language or Bahasa or even Dusun, Murut, Iban, Dayak or Melanau then we’d better burn the Federal Constitution as well that guarantees freedom of religion, is this a good example of that guarantee?”

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