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Egypt -- the evil of Government

Joe Fernandez' observation
KOTA KINABALU : In Egypt, Mubarak used to win every presidential election, collecting 90 per cent of the votes cast.

Finally, the people of Egypt were convinced that there was no way that they could bring down the Mubarak Government through elections.

They took to the streets and created the Egyptian Revolution.

The moral of the story is that no political party can legitimately win more than two or three terms consecutively. Government by its very nature is evil but probably a necessary evil as long as it doesn't get too big for its boots.

The Opposition and the Islamists were nowhere in evidence during the Revolution.

During the presidential election, only 50 per cent of the people turned up to vote.

26 per cent voted for Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today, the people of Egypt are out in the streets again to create a 2nd Egyptian Revolution.

They want Morsi out since only a quarter of the Egyptian voters chose him.

They are also against the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic rule which is polarising the country.

God be with the people of Egypt as they seek to check the evil of Government.

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