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Dirtiest election to come: Sex scandals will entertain Malaysians

Controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan has turned the heat on Prime Minister Najib Razak. Stripping off the gloves, the 40-year-old former confidante of Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor has just unleashed a fresh barrage of allegations that could submerge the political fortunes of the Malaysian PM and his Umno party.

Flora Ong is now the name on the lips of many followers of the Altantuya Shaaribuu-Scorpene submarines saga, even though she is not directly linked to the murder and corruption case that Deepak has accused the first couple of having a hand in.

"Flora Ong is an intimate lady friend of Najib. She was awarded 2 major contracts  - a power grid line in Sabah and Sarawak worth RM2bil and a water treatment plant in Lembah Pantai," Deepak told Malaysia Chronicle.

He went on to give further details of the power grid line contract, saying the project "involved payments made in advance by a major American bank from their Singapore branch to various appointed nominee accounts in Hong Kong".

"When Rosmah found out, she was very angry and we were sent to locate Flora and bring her to Rosmah. However, the situation was defused a few days later with the sacking of a senior political secretary from the Ministry of Finance," said Deepak.

Another of Najib's girls, Rosmah was livid?
Why is Deepak making such sensational "revelations"? Who is behind him? Why now? Why haven't the Najibs and Umno 'bought' him off? At the sidelines of press conferences, when approached by reporters, Deepak has been frank about how he was offered "fortunes" to shut up, but according to him he has "burnt his bridges".

However, it could also be that the 'monetary offers' made to appease him so far are not as high as he might wish. While Deepak has denied this, few Malaysians believe he is not making the fullest use of his in-depth knowledge of the Najibs and their wheeling-dealing to the maximum advantage for himself.

Be that as it may, Deepak is not just talking 'hot air'. He has been able to come up with full and strong sets of documentary evidence to back up his claims, such as in the RM160mil Raja Ropiaah- LTAT land scam.

It looks like he may have the same sort of "unbreakable proof" on his latest Flora Ong expose'. According to Deepak, the contracts were awarded in 2009 and 2010, and he has letters exchanged between the banks involved and Flora's company to support his explosive claims.

Flora from Ampang
At 59, Najib is still a very handsome man, indeed the best-looking prime minister Malaysia ever had. But with such physical attributes and a privileged background, it is not surprising that he also has a reputation for being a 'playboy' and even his late father had reportedly chastised him for being a "skirt-chaser" during his college days.

Apart from Mongolian party-girl Altantuya, local starlet Ziana Zain also features on the list of 'hot women' that Najib allegedly had sexual affairs with. It must be noted that Najib has denied ever knowing Altantuya or having any affair with Ziana.

Ziana is still turning heads in the local music industry, but Altantuya was killed in 2006 by two of Najib's former bodyguards amid speculation that she had threatened to expose his corruption in the government's RM7.3bil acquisition of 2 Scorpene submarines.

Now there is Flora.

News that the mysterious Flora was another lass in the PM's 'harem' is bound to reverberate and seal his already shaky fate in Umno, where purportedly there are already a dozen plots to oust him by leaders including his own deputy Muhyiddin Yassin and former mentor Mahathir Mohamad.

"We did a background check on Flora. She is a Malaysian Chinese and her address at that time was listed as being from Ampang," said Deepak.

Even more sizzling revelations to come
Deepak's latest expose comes hot on the heels of two lawsuits he wants to file against the Malaysian PM. The first is a RM100mil defamation suit in response to Najib describing him as being a not “credible person” during a Jan 17 press conference.

“The statement made by Najib has affected my credibility because it’s coming from the prime minister,” Deepak had told reporters at the lobby of the High Court, where his lawyers filed the suit on Friday.

A RM3bil lawsuit is also due to filed against Najib, Rosmah, his brother and the government of Malaysia. According to Deepak this lawsuit is "in connection to all the deals that they withdrew from us (several of the firms that belong to him and his family)".

Deepak has claimed to be one of the many 'front men' used by the first couple to allegedly 'launder' government contracts and deals they awarded to benefit themselves and their families.

However, after a business falling out with Rosmah, he claims that his firms were targeted, losing substantial sums of money due to rescinded deals. Their offices were raided and they found themselves 'blacklisted' from government contracts, he adds.

It is clear Deepak has more details than he has revealed so far, and these are bound to be even more sizzling.

Malaysia Chronicle


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