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‘It’s too late for Sabah Umno, BN’

BN leaders in Sabah can chastise the opposition
as much as they want in order to serve their
peninsular master, but their end is nearing,
says opposition STAR.
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Barisan Nasional’s ‘incessant holler’ and attacks on opposition parties especially the State Reform Party (STAR) has not deflected grassroots perceptions of the BN’s unworthiness.

In fact the more BN leaders defend the alleged wrongdoings of their Umno-BN bosses and justify the coalition’s continued presence in Sabah, the more compelling the need to boot them out, claims STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan.

In a statement lambasting state BN secretary Abdul Rahman Dahlan for hitting at the opposition’s insistence on the Borneo Agenda which includes Sabah becoming a nation ‘within’ Malaysia, Jeffrey said the current ‘domination’ by the peninsular was “morally wrong’
“Rahman has been very vocal in his defence of Malayan domination over Sabah, justifying it with all sorts of rationales.

“This is understandable because he needs to show partiality to his bosses in Umno, but his rationales are contrived and in the final analysis he doesn’t care very much about the rights of Sabahans within the Federation.

“Why must we be subservient in our own house when we should be the masters of our destiny?” he asked.

He said unlike in Sarawak, Sabahans were constantly being bullied and their rights trampled on as proven by the witness testimonies in the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry into the legalised illegal immigrant situation.

“Unfortunately, there are selfish leaders in Sabah and Sarawak who have no qualms about being traitors to the people, betraying them by willing to be the proxies and rogue elements of neo-colonialists.

“The RCI has proved that we have been subjected to the worse acts of treason by KL leaders who saw it fit to drown Sabah in a flood of illegal immigrants who then were made citizens and voters overnight.

“I want to ask if Rahman is happy with the now confirmed Project IC what he as a Sabahan wants for the future of Sabah.

“What do you see for your children and grandchildren now that the immigrants have outnumbered the KDMs and Bajaus?.

“Are you not ever going to voice your objections to this criminal act and keep defending the federal government or keep talking as if the opposition leaders are wrong in defending Sabah’s rights?” asked Jeffrey.

Sabahans more aware

Jeffrey said STAR was unperturbed by campaigns maligning the opposition, because Sabahans were now very aware of the plunder and squandering by those in the government.

“STAR has already achieved its aim to change the old and outdated mindset indoctrinated on us by Malaya and the British that we are not capable of standing on our own two feet or to look after ourselves.

“As a result of our campaign with the hundreds of the Borneo Tea Parties (BTPs) Sabahans now realise that Sabah should be standing on its own two feet simply because we have the natural resources to enable us to become as rich as Singapore and Brunei!

“We now know the federal government will keep sucking maximum amount of revenues from us and sprinkling on us a minimum of crumbs,” said Jeffrey in reference to the abject poverty in the state and the handouts of rice, salt fish and cooking oil by the BN campaigners..

He said this acts of pitiful giving by BN leaders are testimonies to the government’s failure to develop the state and change the lives of the people.

“It’s time that we get our politics and relationships right after 50 years and demand our rightful share in the federation and not help to perpetuate the Malayan domination at our expense,” Jeffrey said.

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