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Social activist Azlan injured in brutal attack

LATEST ATTACK: A wounded Azlan lies
on the ground surrounded by members of
 the public and police. Part of the broken
bat can be seen next to him.
KUCHING: Self-proclaimed social activist Azlan Abdullah sustained suspected multiple fractures when he was attacked by men armed with baseball bats yesterday.

The attack occurred around noon in front of a serviced apartment at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, where the 53-year-old resides, and the incident comes nearly a year after he was badly wounded in a similar incident.

This time around, witnesses reported that three men -each carrying a bat– rushed out of a black Toyota Hilux parked by the roadside and attacked Azlan as he was standing by the front steps of the apartment.

“It looked as if it was planned as the men rushed out the moment they saw him,” said a male witness who asked not to be named.
“They just started hitting him all over with the baseball bats, until one of it even broke into half, and only stopped when members of the public shouted at them,” he added.

The attackers, he went on, then rushed back into the Hilux, where a fourth man was waiting in the driver’s seat, and sped off.

Members of the public and security guards at the apartment immediately came to help the semi-conscious Azlan and helped to call the police.

An ambulance was then summoned to the scene to send the social activist, who is suspected to have suffered a fractured leg and arm, to the Sarawak General Hospital.

The broken bat, meanwhile, was seized by police as evidence.

It was later learned that several men lodged a police report against Azlan over several defamatory flyers allegedly printed and distributed by him.

The flyers contained photos of political and business personalities and a host of other people, as well as a list of criminal wrong-doings allegedly committed by them.

It was unclear if the police report lodged by the men was in any way related to the latest brutal assault on Azlan.

He was previously attacked on March 14 last year when he was slashed multiple times by masked men armed with sharp weapons while about to have lunch at a coffee shop in Padungan.

At the time, he had claimed the incident was an attempt by certain parties to intimidate him to stop ‘exposing’ the wrong-doings of business and political personalities.

District police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad was unable to be reached for comment regarding yesterday’s incident.

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    The communists, nationalists, socialists, liberals, intellectuals Church people, the non-Germans considered as subhuman like the Jews and Gypsies and then the ordinary man were all targetted in turn.

    In happened in Malaya Sabah and Sarawak.

    First the communists and nationalists who resisted colonial invasion including Japanese and then the British colonialists were targetted by the UK fascist rulers. When UMNO was transferred the colonial power who behaved just like its master and continued Britain's legacy of repressive laws against human rights to remain in power.

    In the 1960s the British again carried out suppression of Borneo nationalists and communists who opposed the formation of Malaysia which they said was a neo-colonial creation for Malaya to re-colonise the British Borneo colonies.

    Fascist UMNO Malaysia has lasted longer than NAZI Germany. UMNO and its local vassal state regimes have used race like the Nazis but more effectively to divide and maintain their colonial rule of Sabah and Sarawak.

    In Sarawak the people also resisted Malayan fascist colonial rule since 1963 and the nationalists and communists have been suppressed.

    But still others like Azlan stand up to protest against and expose the corruption in an unjust society created by UMNO's fascist apartheid system in our once harmonious society.

    The vicious assault on Azlan was not the first time but second attempt on his life. It points to the fact that they are powerful people who are behind the attacks aimed at intimidating him and to stop him in his campaign against the corrupt people in power.

    We hope Azlan will recover fully and that other social activists will rally to support him and family and his cause.

    It is rare for such a person to stand out in Sarawak.

    Sarawak is now under the sway of Malayan controlled politicians who act as dampeners to the people's movement for a free Sarawak, free from Malayan colonial domination and activists like Azlan who is only highlighting what a corrupt system that Malaysia is.

    Very few politicians or other people have dared to stand up like Azlan. And his is a Muslim.


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