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Anti-Sabah and Sarawak page draws flak

The Facebook page, created by one Mohd Syahiran,
pours scorn on East Malaysians.
PETALING JAYA: An anti-Sabah and Sarawak Facebook page, created on Dec 19 last year, has raised the ire of social networking page users.

Named the Semenanjung Malaya Anti-Sabah dan Sarawak page, the site is created to criticise the East Malaysian states and even referred to residents there as “ungrateful”.

“Peninsula doesn’t need Sabah and Sarawak for 1Malaysia. The East Malaysians have no brains, stupid and love to encroach into other’s territory. What a shame for Malaysia,” read the description.
The page, created by one Mohd Syahiran, also taunts and ridicules East Malaysians calling them poor and backward.

“East Malaysians always say that they are richer than Peninsula but they remain poor all the time. Sabah and Sarawak will forever be under the feet of Malaya,” said Syahiran in a post on Tuesday.

He also claimed that the people of Sabah and Sarawak loved to blame others for their own social and political problems.

“If there is rape there, they blame peninsular people and the Bangladeshis. If got territorial dispute, they will blame the Indonesians. East Malaysians love to blame others,” said Syahiran.

While some visitors cheered Syahiran’s tirades, there were also those who poured scorn on his unruly behaviour.

“If you are a real man, step foot in Sabah,” said one known as Glen Foster.

Another visitor by the name of Anie Chuah said: “All Malaysians are good. Just that the administrator for the page recently got discharged from Tanjung Rambutan.”

The page currently has 870 likes.

The page can be viewed here

1 comment:


    It is correct to say that we love to blame Malayans and other aliens for our problems.

    But why?

    It is because we are also correct. Malaya has taken over our land and has been robbing our 2 countries blind as colonies in Malaysia.

    To implement UMNO's supremacist control over Sabah Sarawak, UMNO has let in 2 million and 1 million illegals into our countries despite that we are supposed to "control immigration".

    UMNO BN treat us like kids and abuse our rights.

    So we are correct to complain alot- but when we complain we should name the real culprit who caused all the bad things happen to us - that is, UMNO BN.

    On the other hand the anti-Sabah Sarawak page should help to clarify our muddle brains and make us see more clearly that we have been dominated by Malaya and Malayans for 50 years.

    If you all can see this- what are you going to do about it - other than complaining?

    The Jln Rambutan graduate says “Peninsula doesn’t need Sabah and Sarawak for 1Malaysia"

    Indeed- we should all be happy to hear this!




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