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By: Nash Ar-Rawy  
Citizenship is not a game  to be played with as a mockery by the politicians , National Leadership and government servants such the Immigration Department, NRD  “ PDRM “ , “ SPRM” and EC.  
Because it involves the future of the country and national security. But Mahathir had sold out Malaysia just to win theGeneral Election in Sabah . He had also humiliated the Chinese and Indians in this country when he argued about the citizenship given by Tunku to the British Subjects in Malaysia.
As a matter a fact, many old Chinese who came here until now were not given the Blue IC’s and many Indians who were born here are “ nationless “ . But, on the other hand;  foreigners such as Bangla, Indon, Filipinos, Pakistani and Mynmars were given the Blue IC’s by NRD and listed as voters in the ELECTORAL ROLL by EC! . The act of treason by Mahathir of the BLUE IC’s SCANDALS in a syndicate collaborations of : Mahathir ( now with Najib) – NRD and EC and the key person in NRD is Wan Ahmad b. Wan Omar ; who was the traitor of BLUE IC’s syndicate since 1999 being the Sabah EC Director and now still in office as the Deputy EC Malaysia Director . How come a traitor of the nation is still in office?
How did Mahathir sold the nation with the NRD and EC Collaborations:
Phase 1 :  G17( Group 17 ) BLUE IC’s Projects : 1990-1992
  1. Leader: Ex Sabah NRD Chief : Abdul Rauf Sani ( 1990-1992)
  2. G17 Blue IC’s syndicate members:
2.1     . NRD officers: Kee Dzulkifly Kee Abdul Jalil, Yakub Damsah, Asli Sidup.
2.2     Politician: Political Sec.of Mahathir at that time: Aziz Shamsuddin.
2.3     Duration: Since 1990
  1. Sabah NRD officers processed between 40,000 to 100,00 BLUE IC’s for foreigners; particulars and IC’s at that time were processed by hand.
  2. Afer the particulars were written in the respective cards according to the forms supplied to the respective officers; it’s being sent to NRD HQ at Petaling Jaya to be laminated prior to sending it to Kota Kinabalu.
  3. The respective officers told that they never argued on the application forms and how they received it , and only filled up the forms for the BLUE IC’s purpose.
  4. They claimed operation operated from Tan Sri Aziz Shamsuddin’s residence  at Kpg Pandan. Asli Sidup described the activities as “ Extra Ordinary Practice “.
  5. Another officer, Khee Dzulkifly Khee Abdul Jalil described the operation as “ G17 “ ( Group 17 ) said: they also issued about 200,000 BIRTH CERTIFICATES  to the immigrants.
  6. These documents are essential  for the application of BLUE IC’s follow-up. It’s called G17 because it involved 17 members.
  7. The Operation Chief, abdul Rauf Sani confirmed that about the info ( above ) but denied using the name “ G 17” he claimed acted on his own.
  8. All the known personalities were later detained under the ISA for at least 2 years.
  9. Only one i.e. Abdul Rauf, was detained under ISA for 2 months, followed by a house limitation detained for 5 months.
  10. Abdul Rauf now is he Chief Executive Officer  of Totalisator Board of Malaysia under the Ministry Of Finance .


  1. Leader: Operation Chief: Ramli Kamaruddin ( 1993-1995)
  2. Syndicate Members:
2.1. Ex Sabah NRD Chief: Ramli Kamaruddin ( 1993-1995 )
2.2. Ex Sabah NRD Deputy Chief Director: Mohd Nasir Sugip
2.3. Asli Sidu  NRD Officer also a member of G17
2.4. Ex Sabah EC: WAN AHMAD WAN OMAR ( The Current   Deputy Director Of EC Malaysia still )
2.5. Ex Sabah CM : Osu Sukam.
2.6. Ex Deputy Minister Of Home Affairs: Megat Junid Megat Ayub.
3.DURATION: Since 1993


  1. Sabah EC gave electorates info to Sabah NRD. All info were taken inclusive of names, I.C. No. of registered voters who never voted or died.
  2. NRD issued IC RECEIPTS to foreigners using these info ( above ) implaced the  foreigners as legal and registered voters in order to vote as the original voters! ) .
  3. According to the Election Regulations; these TEMPORARY RECEIPTS issued prior to issuing of the Blue Ic’s are good enough to ALLOW ANY INDIVIDUAL TO VOTE . In this case involving FOREIGNERS!
  4. “ PANTOM VOTERS” were implaced in areas difficult for UBN to win according to the RCI witnesses.
  5. The Operation Chief, Ramli Kamaruddin clarified that; he implemented these projects after he received the DIRECTION in a meeting with the EX DEPUTY HOME MINISTER, Megat Junid Megat Ayub at HYATT HOTEL, KOTA KINABALU.
  6. Also presence at the meeting was Asli Sidup. NRD Officer and OSU SUKAM who was later became the Sabah CM in the year 1999 ( A SUCCESS OF MAHATHIR SELLING OFF THE NATION FOR GE PSEUDO VICTORY! ).

The current Deputy EC Malaysia,( WAN AHMAD WAN OMAR )  must RESIGN effective immediately or must be suspended for good; for the sake of the nation safety and security; for he’s  the man involved in EC scandals with NRD initiated by Megat Junid and Aziz Shamsuddin with Mahathir as the MASTER MIND as admitted by him himself!  .The well known veteran devil TRAITOR OF THE NATION . Why he’s not send to ISA! Or awaiting to become as Suharto ! or Mubarak!
And how the nation was sold with: 138,000 of ‘ PANTOM VOTERS “ unidentified locality but allowed by EC Selangor; just for the reason that their names have been registered as voters . And Lajim parliamentarian of Sabah said: 40,000 of Sabahans were sent by EC as voters in Selangor! 80% are foreigners; Filipinos and Indonesia. And PM of Bangladesh once said many Bangla were given BLUE IC’s by NRD and registered as voters in the ELECTORAL ROLL by EC ! ( the portal in the internet was deleted then ) .
If all these Mahathir( and Najib now ) –NRD- EC scandals has occurred in Sabah! Who could say no it won’t recur in Selangor , Penang, kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan with the same MODUS OPERANDI ! “SPRM” SUHAKAM must take up these treacherous matter with the Parliament and Agong  LEGAL authorized to clean up the ELECTORAL ROLL immediately in order to avoid “ Arab Spring” !
SOURCE: RCI FINDINGS in harakah dated : 1-3 FEB 2013.

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