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Our Police In Action: Only in Malaysia

NOTE the police could easily spot & stopped ONE boat with 3 Al Jazeera journalists sailing to Lahad Datu Sabah but not a FLOTILLA with over 300 (?)  armed men heading in the same direction- they apparently slipped in under their radar!

Also the UMNO Gov't had not problems to deport an unarmed Aussie politician who was a "security threat" and helpless in handling the real security threat by the armed men.


When hundreds of armed foreigners "invaded" Sabah, our Police and Armed Forces pussy footed. Give water, hold negotiations, and even gentlemanly pleaded them to leave peacefully. Our Police treated them like VIPs.

Unarmed Bersih and Hindraf protesters (only armed with salt and water bottles ) are tear gassed and shot with chemically laced water cannons and some even attacked indiscriminately by dozens of policemen injuring dozens.
100 armed personnel from The Royal Army of the Sultanate of Sulu intruded into Sabah soil to demand that people of Sulu origin now residing in Sabah not be sent back to their countr of Origin. And all that our Inspector of Police did was nicely ask them to leave! These are armed invaders. And this is an invasion. It is akin to China sending their soldiers into Malaysian soil to demand that all Malaysians of Chinese origin not be sent back to China! To think, for peaceful, unarmed MALAYSIAN Bersih marchers, they bring in the FRU Police and watercanons. For a real invasion like this, and seeing the kid glove treatment meted out, this begs the question b
Looks like Police treats armed foreigners with tons of respect but civilian Malaysians are treated like enemies. Is the term bullying applicable ?

Solution :  Ask Dr M to lead the negotiations . He will offer citizenship and every family be given 10 acres of FELDA land. No need to waste time and save money on bullets. All soldiers and Policemen can go home to their families !! One condition must swear to vote for BN ! Sometimes we wonder what happened to the billions we spend on defences every year like submarines that cannot sink, helicopters, fighter jets with missing engines and so on. Where do our monies go to. Cannot even against defend 100 intruders. Hat tip: Commander Thaya

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