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Sabahans must wake up to the reality of being disenfranchised, marginalised citizens - Datuk Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan

STAR's Sabah Chairman, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan
Sabahans must wake up from their slumber and complacency and UNITE to defend their rights and their country from being taken over by outsiders, said Datuk Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan, Chairman of STAR Sabah when launching STAR’s Roadshow entitle “POSIK with Agenda Borneo” in Kg. Purak, Papar yesterday which was attended by over one thousand supporters.

“POSIK” is the dusun word for ‘wake up’.
Datuk Dr Jeffrey warned that their rights as citizens and the rights of Sabah as an independent state within the Federation of Malaysia are slipping away from them and that a day will surely come, sooner rather than later, when they are no longer favoured citizens of this country but a marginalized minority with no political clout.

In fact, this is already happening. Sabahans, especially the natives, are already losing their numbers and their rights to land and have become the poorest citizens of this country.

Likewise, Sabah no longer enjoys it autonomy but have become a subservient state of KL and have been relegated as the 12th state of Malaya. Sabah’s oil and gas resources have been unfairly taken over by the Federal Government of Malaya through Petronas while Foreigners and illegal immigrants are now a significant political determinant of who will rule the state.

“If Sabahans don’t wake up now, if they don’t act and unite to stop the rot, they will only have themselves to blame...” Datuk Dr Jeffrey emphasized further.

“No one will defend or fight for our rights except ourselves…it is not too late. We still have a chance. We still have the numbers…IF we unite”.

The future of Sabah is in your hands. Your future is in your hands. WAKE UP! RISE UP! ACT NOW! And Save Sabah! IT’S NOW or NEVER! Ini Kali Lah!

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