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Does Nazri want to turn Sabah into a Filindo state?

By Daniel John Jambun
Daniel John Jambun
Daniel John JambunThe comment by Datuk Nazri Aziz that the immigrants in Sabah are under control and are not a threat to the state is another proof that the Federal Government is not interested to solve this mother of all problem. What is painful about this comment is that we can smell a dirty rat, a mala fide (bad intention) and the underlying reality that the Federal Government is actually supporting the presence of illegal immigrants in Sabah as part of some sinister plan to continue changing the demography of the state.

What he said was outrageous and unacceptable and should have been condemned by everyone and every party, including the leaders and parties of the Barisan Nasional. Unfortunately only PBS, through its Secretary General, Datuk Henrynus Amin was daring enough to protest, saying Nazri “was politically insensitive to grassroots sentiment in Sabah, especially their fears and concern for the future wellbeing posed by the huge presence of illegal immigrants” and that the statement fuelled “speculations in the streets as the genuine commitment of the Barisan Nasional Government to resolve the perennial problem of illegal immigrants in the state.” He demanded that the minister clarify and correct his statement. The response is still total silence.
What is amazing is Nazri’s continuous denial of the problem. How do we get him to behave like a responsible leader? How do we get this stubborn minister to retract his words and change his attitude about the issue? Obviously diplomacy and polite tones like the ones used by the BN component parties do not work. What Nazri needs is outright condemnation in the strongest words to make him realize that the people of Sabah are thirsty and hungry for the defence and protection of the federal government from non-military invasions which continues to this very day. We can’t accept that he is ignorant. He is too educated and too well-informed by the various security branches of the police and army to be ignorant of what are really going on in Sabah. Our only reasonable conclusion is that Nazri is purposefully saying his offensive remarks because he is bullying Sabahans, to let us know that he is boss. We can see that he has been telling us indirectly to shut up about this issue, to let it go, to allow the illegals to grow and increase.

Dear Sabahans, please pay attention to the fact that the illegals (Filipinos and Indonesians) are already the majority group in Sabah (27.79%), compared to KDMs which are now only 21.2%. And they are still increasing through continued arrival, and much more rapid birth rate. And in spite of this the federal leaders, including Tun Mahathir are campaigning for them to be legalised, on top of those hundreds of thousands who already have genuine MyKads! Leaders like Nazri must be gloating and laughing in glee to see that this has happened, to see that the KDMs, “the most stubborn people in Malaysia” (bangsa yang paling degil di Malaysia) have been and are being  taught a powerful lesson!

But in case Nazri is actually ignorant, I would like to offer him a free tour of the illegals situation in Sabah, with a package tour including the following: the illegals squatters being allowed by the authorities to spawn and expand in areas KK like Likas, Tebobon, Signal Hill (these are all stealing water and electricity to the tune of millions of ringgits per year); the congested hospital lobbies where a huge proportion of outpatients are illegals; to the Likas Hospital where the maternity wards continues to record that the highest number of births are among Filipino mothers (some of them have three kids within two years!); to the streets of KK where naked children are harassing motorists and pedestrians with begging, and these pests retaliate by hitting cars if not given anything; to the stairways of the Sinsuran and Segama shophouses where foreigners piss and defecate like there is not tomorrow; to the sprawling Filipino handcraft market, the dry and wet fist markets, and open-air restaurants in Sinsuran and Segama in KK, and the smuggled cigarette peddlers in Inanam, and the dirty, dark and smelly tamu in Inanam where Filipinos rule at the blessing of the DBKK and the local YBs; the newspaper reports of crimes committed by illegals (rapes, muggings, thefts, snatching, slashing, drug pushing, murders, etc.); the “free-ports” of the East Coast where illegals can come and in out without much difficulty; to the East Coast towns like Semporna where illegals have outnumbered locals five to one; to even the Interior areas like Keningau, where illegals have gone into the jungle to cut down the trees to start new settlements and plant crops, and so on and so on. But the irony of this offer is that, in case Nazri takes it, he would most likely be smiling and rubbing his hands in glee at the sight of all these because these are what he wants for  his grand scheme to turn Sabah into a Filipino and Indonesian state!

Can Nazri deny that this is his real intention for Sabah? Is his intention to turn Sabah into a new Filipino-Indonesian (Filindo) state?

Now to talk about security, and Nazri continued stupid assertion that the illegals pose no security threat, doesn’t he know that all the major cities and towns in Sabah are already surrounded by illegal settlements? Doesn’t he know that in the nearby Sulu islands, the tradition among people of power and influence is to keep a lot of weapons (pistols, M16s) in the house, and these weapons can easily be smuggle into Sabah? If these heavily populated settlements launch an attack for some reasons the consequences will be too horrid to describe. Remember the Corregidor Incidence which almost caused a war to erupt between Malaysia and the Philippines. Remember that during the 1970s and later, Sabah was a channel for transfer of weapons to the southern Mindanao. Remember the Philippines’ claim on Sabah is still in effect. Remember that the Indonesian government is still very much anti-Malaysia. Remember sukarno’s “Ganyang Malaysia,” the Ambalat island conflict, the Sebatik boundary argument, and the new ongoing protests against Malaysia’s stealing of Indonesian dances.

Nazri needs to be sober up and stop treating Sabahans as if we are idiots.

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