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Hindus are the First Immigrants to Malaysia - The Lost City of Kota Gelanggi

Amazing and how they cover-up  -  Shameful of the TRUTH . . !
 (All because of religious biasness and prejudice)

The Lost City of Kota Gelanggi Archeological Find
(The First Immigrants to Malaysia)

For those who read about it, you will recall that in 2005,
the Malaysian Govt. was excited about accidentally finding an ancient
civilization in Johor . This was reported in the various newspapers.
There was talk about excavating the huge site to rediscover this
civilization. And then.....silence !
After that, no news at all about this discovery.
  A number of times I have discussed with friends that there was
definitely a cover-up because the authorities did not like what was
discovered - something that is contradicting what the Govt. is trying
to claim. And so many years passed and now I received this email
revealing what I suspected to be true !  

Read on.......

Good to know who are the real Pendatang ...
The Indians and Chinese were here way before the Malays ...
You have to start learning the correct history .

  A small piece of History for our future generation..
   Why Kota Gelanggi (lost city) touted as earliest civilization in
   Malay Peninsula news were banned as they were Buddhist .

  The Johor find of 2005 which was quietly dropped was none
other than Kota Gelanggi lost city reflecting Srivijaya and its
Buddhist splendour. But they deliberately disregarded it because that
would have sidelined Malacca Empire and Islam which was smaller and
came some 500 years later. I met Dr Lee Kam Hing, a former History
prof at MU in Singapore recently at a seminar. Dr Lee, who is now Star
research director, told me he was trying his best to highlight Kota
Gelanggi, but that the govt killed it off. This is clearly another
case to cover up the real history of Malaya and fool the younger
generations into believing that our history only began from Malacca
1400.. Not only that, they try to show Parameswara as Malay and
Muslim, but actually he was Hindu! If one were to condemn these UMNO
scumbags on how they distort history, it will never end......the
condemnations will more than cover 10 PhD thesis!

  A small piece of  History for our future generation. Hitler's
public relations manager, Goebbels, once  said, 'If you repeat a lie
often enough, it becomes  the truth.'

  Once again our government wiped out any references to a famous
Melaka prince as being Hindu and belonging to the powerful Hindu
empire Sri Vijaya. So all of a sudden our museums, school text-books
etc. all refer to Parameswara as a Malay prince.

  What race ruled or did not rule is besides the point. What is
important is not butchering history to create your own truths. You
cannot change your race even if you convert - Parameswara could have
been responsible for Umno's proud heritage of ' Ketuanan Melayu '.

  If this is what it is based on, there is no ' Ketuanan Melayu'.
The lineage of Melaka Sultans are Indians, not Malays.
It is no secret that Parameswara was an Indian and a Hindu prince.

  It is clear from records that Parameswara never converted to
Islam. He was an Indian Hindu who fled Palembang in Sumatra to
eventually found Melaka circa 1400 AD. It was Sri Maharaja who
converted himself and the court of Melaka to Islam, and as a result
took on the name of Sultan Muhammad Shah sometime after 1435...

  The most famous of Indian Hindu Kings were Raja Chola and his
son Rajendra Chola who invaded Southern Thailand, Kedah, Perak, Johor
and Sumatra about 1000 AD. This is Raja-raja Chola - the Indian/Hindu
kings and not Raja Chulan - a Malay king. But what is really sad is
that our children are taught as though Malaysian history suddenly
began in 1400 with an Islamic Melaka.

  We are led to believe that the Indians and Chinese first
arrived on the shores of Malaysia in about 1850 as desperate
indentured labourers, farmers and miners . Nothing could be further
from the truth.

  The cultural influences of India in particular, and China, in
South East Asia span over 2,000 years, starting with the arrival from
India of the Brahmanical prince/scholar - Aji Saka in Java in AD78,
through to Vietnam, Cambodia (Indo China), Thailand, Burma, Indonesia,
Bali, Borneo, Brunei and beyond.

  The findings at Bujang Valley speak of an ancient Indian/Hindu
presence in Kedah. There were Chinese settlements in Pahang and
Kelantan around the 13th-14th  century and in 12th century in
Singapore .

  The early Brunei Sultanate had a Chinese Queen. One need not
ponder at length the implications of Angkor Wat and Borobudur or that
40%-50% of Bahasa Malaysia comprises Sanskrit/Tamil words. To
illustrate, some of these words are :

  bumi = boomisinggasana = singgasanam
  putra  = putran   perdana  = pirathamar
  raja = rajahmenteri  = manthiri
  desa = thesa  kapal  = kappal
  syakti = sakthi   samudra= samuthiram
  kolam = kulam  sepatu=  sappattu
  bahaya = abahya  jaya = jeya
  maha = maha   aneka = aneha
  nadi = naadi kedai = kadai
  mahligai = maaligai  mantra = manthrum
  tandas = sandas  (This list can go on)

  An extremely important archeological find that pointed to one
of the greatest empires in history - the Raja Chola empire that ruled
from the Maldives through India , Sri Lanka and right down to South
East Asia found deep in the jungles of Johor a few years ago and made
headlines in the mainstream newspapers in 2005, suddenly disappeared
from the news...

  The time has arrived for us to record our history as the facts
tell us and not as we would like to  wish it.

  The truth will never hurt anyone.   Lies , always will .

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