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USNO Supports UBF and Forms Alliance to Fight for Sabah’s Rights

The newly revived USNO became the latest entity to support the United Borneo Front (UBF) and the fight for the restoration of Sabah’s rights in Malaysia. This was the message conveyed by protem USNO Vice-President, Abdullah Sani Hj. Salleh and protem Secretary-General, Datuk Arifin Datuk Abdul Salam in the presence of USNO die-hard supporters at a recent gathering at the birthplace of USNO in Kg. Tanjung Kapur, Kudat.

Abdullah Sani told the large and mixed crowd of Bajau, Suluk, Sungai, Dusun, Rungus, Kagayan and other races that the State Government leaders and UMNO in particular have failed to safeguard and protect the rights of Sabah and Sabahans.

“Pemimpin-pemimpin USNO menyokong UBF and perjuangan UBF serta pejuang tulen Sabah, Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan. Penyokong-penyokong USNO juga harus menyokong UBF dan Dr. Jeffrey demi mengembalikan hak-hak Sabah” advised Abdullah Sani to the villagers.

“USNO will work towards the unity of all races in Sabah regardless of whether they are Bajau, Suluk, KDM, Rungus, Brunei or others to reclaim the rights of Sabah and Sabahans in Malaysia” added Abdullah Sani.

Abdullah Sani told the villagers that their land problem was just one of the many examples of the State Government failing the people and that the State Government and the “wakil rakyat” have victimized the villagers by alienating the land where their homes to outsiders. Since the State Government has done little to help, Sabahans should unite to change the State Government.

The crowd was informed that Kg. Tanjung Kapor was the birthplace of USNO in 1961 and USNO will assist the villagers to defend their kampong land. Abdullah Sani further said that Tun Datu Mustapha although once the leader of the Sabah Government, the late leader had not taken an inch of the lands of the villagers other than the land for his own house which still stands today, although powerful as he was, unlike the present Barisan Nasional leaders who would do everything to alienate lands to their cronies and to the extent of “stealing” land from the local native villagers and evicting them.

Abdullah Sani then announced that “at its birthplace, USNO and its supporters will support UBF and the Borneo Agenda advocated by Dr. Jeffrey and will form an alliance with UBF and Dr. Jeffrey to change the State Government and “evict” UMNO and other Semenanjung parties from Sabah.” The crowd roared in approval with shouts of “HIDUP USNO”.

In a follow-up speech, Dr. Jeffrey told the crowd that their land problem was not unique to Kg. Tg. Kapor and that the State Government has failed to protect the rights of the natives to their own land throughout Sabah as can be seen in the recent cases of land grabs and demolition of the homes of natives and the destruction of crops and plants in Sukau and Tongod.

Dr. Jeffrey welcomed the support of USNO and added that “together with the cooperation of USNO, UBF will form an alliance for all Sabahans regardless of race and religion to stand united to protect and safeguard our interests and rights and follow the motto of UBF – KALAU BUKAN KITA, SIAPA LAGI! KALAU BUKAN SEKARANG, BILA LAGI! and “UNITY IS DUTY”.

Dr. Jeffrey then advised the crowd not to be misled again by the sweet talk of the so-called leaders of Barisan Nasional and to use their vote wisely. “Sabahans do not need leaders who are pulled by their noses by leaders from West Malaysia or dictated by their political bosses from Kuala Lumpur.” “Sabah needs genuine “pejuang-pejuang” for Sabah and Sabahans’ rights and every patriotic Sabahan should be a “pejuang” for Sabah”.

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