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BN Government is Giving us Rubbish

By Burak S. Sem

I learned a long time ago that a thing called ignorance fosters poverty. In the midst of the impoverished times I grew up in boarding school throughout my years in primary and secondary schools, many times I would ask myself: "how come the Dayak people (orang asal) have it so hard?" "Why do Dayak people struggle so much?"

After exposing myself few years working in America, I soon found out why pertaining to my question came to supra. We the orang asal (including myself) are collectively were just simply ignorant on many levels and this ignorance was keeping us back as a collective. Yes, there was systematic religious discriminations at play, but the ignorance was grander and more profound than the religious discriminations from what I understand.

"The only true poverty is ‘ignorance’ and the only true wealth is ‘understanding’!"

Whether we like it or not, the whole political structures by people in power are designs to manipulate our ignorance through our political system, where it only enriching certain group of people who are in controlled of our government.

When I say ‘enriching certain group of people who are in controlled of our government’, they are our leading politicians and I want you to look at one example as Sarawak CM, Taib Mahmud, This man is self made multi-millionaire, money taken from the state coffers.

In general, our ministers are busy to work for themselves and they do not even have time to comprehend anything on our basic problems.

Whenever they pointed our problems during their fiery speeches, they blamed the opposition of not supporting their “policies”, “and that why there’s no development”. Isn’t that foolish or is it because we lack of understanding or we don’t care to understand.

That is why, it would be imperative for every one of us to understand our rights and responsibilities as a rakyat and should pledge fighting against this political exploitation and bullies.

Look are SUPP today, SUPP will probably face the same fate as the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) which suffered the dubious distinction of being deregistered twice. Why is this so? Let me tell you in plain English, the parties-splitting-sagas are the only means of weakening other parties (especially the Dayak based parties), the strategies is single handedly engineered by none other than Taib Mahmud, who is hungry for to stay in power for the next 100 - 150 years as long as he is alive.

The result, the rakyat are suffering from very strong drawback in development and education in this 21st centuries. Taib Mahmud and his cronies rules this country by forced while are being found guilty of charges such as money laundering, establishing their business empire in USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc through state coffers but he never accept it. Therefore, it is time we rakyat should realize and bring change in the system.

Recently the people of Egypt and Libya have come up by protesting against the government. Though not needed in that way, we should really work together to bring necessary changes in the current political system.

Unfortunately, we rakyat have become the victims of dirty regional politics of every state. The reason attributed to this is the numbers of political parties are soaring up and in their competition to stay in power; they make the whole political system dirty.

Why is this so?

1. It is so because politicians, the media, and ignorant citizens continue to support “politics for developments” which insult the intelligence of people who know the truth, and who are tired of being insulted, and or being called "stupid" or whatever.

2. Assigning wrong person to become leader.

I am sure that most of us (especially the Orang Ulu) already blown away by Taib Mahmud when assigned Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang, a minister who is only known of giving away fish/fry and rubber seedlings to small time farmers, he is handpicked by Taib Mahmud to tackle the Orang Ulu’ problems. Alfred Jabu “Small Fish Minister” who is timid and apprehensive but this may be even more flabbergasting he nominated him to tackle the Orang Ulu’s problems. How on earth could Alfred Jabu “jump-ship” to tackle the Orang Ulu’s problems, while Iban’s problems remained unsettled.

This old man, Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang, “Small Fish Minister” is the same man that is responsible for the welfare of the Penan. While under his watched, Penan girls got rape and became single mother; Alfred Jabu says that is in line with Penan culture of having early and uncontrolled sex. Everything is well with the Penan even when the Penan cried out for help as they ran out of food and their forest which provides their livelihood is being rape by Taib Mahmud’s dam project.

Alfred Jabu is the same “Small Fish Minister” who promotes the unprofitable “buah kepayang” project and many more projects that is looked into by the Dayak as a total joke, as if he has nothing better to give.

However, this “Small Fish Minister” has done good things for Betong constituency, which are directly under the interest of his sons, daughters and relatives.

If Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang is the savior for the Orang Ulu as claimed by Taib Mamud, he could be the 3rd Iban chief minister. Sad to say, Alfred Jabu is badly wanted to be recognized as the man who leads the Dayak communities out of poverty, the power which is way-way beyond his capability. Beyond reasonable doubt, this is clearly and true signs of bulling and manipulation by the Barisan National. Giving us Rubbish.

More sickening is that speech given by Taib Mahmud in Miri 2 weeks ago is clearly the “icing on the cake” – his real motive here is to fool the Orang Ulu people to give-up their fights against the Baram dam. Taib Mahmud is using Alfred Jabu as his “dog”, but sadly “Small Fish Minister” doesn’t know it.

In fact, the “Small Fish Minister” is not in Taib Mahmud’s list to be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak, because is not fit as he has proved himself to be weak, lacking in substance, charisma and vision. He has failed the Iban ever since became Minister of Agriculture, with at least some bargaining power while as Deputy Chief Minister. Worse still, this “Small Fish Minister” is suffering by inferiority complex is famous with his “knee-walks” every time when approaching PM Najib.

Remember that handpicked the wrong person for the important job is the dumbest mistake a leader or an organization can make.

Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu are no longer relevant in tackling the problems of the rakyat of Sarawak except to serve their selfish purposes. They have done enough damage to us and we see it through their deceptions.

They are only relevant to those who do not care about our problems and to those who on the same feathers, seeking for favors in gaining more businesses and licenses.

Therefore, this time we rakyat must be smarter, be wiser is to vote them out completely. We must come to a point and realizing that we are actually governed by hungry crocodiles all these years busy saving their skins.

Ready yourself for the 13th General Elections which will be very soon and make sure you are not swayed by the bribes, goodies dished and e-kasih out by a sweet-talking Barisan National which only has betrayal on its mind.

13th General Election

This election, more so than others, is a vital election because we are at the crossroads. If we get it right we will prosper; if we get it wrong, we will suffer as we have seen our neighboring countries suffer.

To help you decide, please ponder these issues:

1. Do you think our politicians in power are corrupt?

2. Do you think our civil service is corrupt?

3. Do you think they are incompetent?

4. Do you think the people in power set themselves above the law?

5. Do you think our leadership has lost its way?

6. Do you think we are getting more & more divided by race & religion?

7. Do you think we have a questionable justice system?

8. Do you think that they are wasting our wealth?

9. Do you think our children will suffer more?

10. Do you think we and our children are protected by the police?

11. Do you want to see change?

If you say 'yes' to 3 or more of these issues, don't you think we need change?

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