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Pekida objection to RCI and threat of civil unrest

Press Statements (Dec 19, 2011) by:
1. Peter Marajin
2. Dr Nicholas James Guntobon
3. Fredoline Edwin Lojingki
4. Daniel John Jambun

1. PETER MARAJIN, lawyer and SAPP supreme council member

KOTA KINABALU: It is obvious now that a political party is behind Akjan in objecting the establishment of RCI. No wonder despite the calls by all parties and all concerned Sabahansto form the RCI, this particular party and its leaders from top to bottom are using every mean to dislodge any legitimate attempt to investigate the issuance of dubious citizenship to foreigners. Akjan himself a benefactor of this party has now allowed himself to be used by the party, for reasons best known to both.

Awarding citizenship to hundreds of thousands even millions people who came into our shores by illegal means is completely unacceptable practice by any civilised world. It is a criminal act at the highest order and yet this is exactly what Barisan Nasional government in Malaysia has been doing for the last 35 years or so.

Now the Pakatan Rakyat is of no help. PR has planned to give Permanent Resident status to these illegals when they are in power. If i were an Indonesian or Filipino muslim living in Sabah i would now quickly take with me all my other relatives and illegally come to Sabah because the moment PR becomes the government of Sabah, i and my relatives would now entitle to be Permanent Resident of Sabah.

Do we need to be a space scientist to know the difference between the BN policy and PR policy when it comes to political islamisation of Sabah?  

2. DR NICHOLAS JAMES GUNTOBON, Medical doctor cum activist, and UBF Coordinator for Liawan, Keningau

KENINGAU: Datu Akjan and his Pekida is trying ti mislead the people by implying that the setting up of RCI is to instigate Sabahans to hate the Federal government. RCI is to look for answers and explanations on why the population of certain small groups in Sabah have increased drastically and the issuance of MyKads to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from the southern Philippines and Indonesian muslim territories.

The Project IC is not a secret. Its existence has been exposed and revealed by numerous people in court cases, in statutory declarations and books and researched papers. Is Akjan coming up against the RCI now just because he is emboldened by inflated numbers of his community? I think this is more the reason for the RCI to be pursued, before some hard-headed people come to Putrajaya and demand to be recognised as sultan and qualify to be a future Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

The only person or group that will oppose the formation of RCI are those PTI/PATAIs themselves. Why should a genuine Sabahan oppose against the RCI to investigate such an important issue that transgressed all good laws of this country and this state? Are they afraid that their real identity will eventually be exposed?

It's true that the decision to issue citizenship lies with the Federal government but how could the Federal give citizenship to those people who come here illegally in the first place?

The Borang Sijil Akuan that Akjan mentioned itself needs to be investigated. How can he use the sijil which is known to be heavily abused? This is among the things the proposed RCI needs to investigate.

There are no doubt that there are a lot of ethnic groups in Sabah, but we must also know the statistic and their distribution in Sabah. The average population increase is just above 100%. But if one population increase by a huge 300% to 1,500%, this should be investigated.

The IMM13 issuance to "war refugees" in Sabah also needs to be investigated as this should not be here as we are not signatory to certain UN accord and that there were no more war in the Philippines and that those refugees can go home already.

I agree that we should look into our history and the genesis of Sabah independence and Malaysia formation. This advise is as good for Akjan himself too. It is more important to set up RCI now in order to avoid any racial tension in the state. Sentiment is already boiling and RCI is the only proper way to solve this perennial problem of over-flooding Sabah with muslim immigrants.

3. FREDOLINE EDWIN LOJINGKI, 70, UNKO veteran activist

PENAMPANG : Akjan and his Pekida should not insinuate us with his UMNO-style of veiled threat of racial tension if we continue to pursue the RCI on illegal immigrants and fake IC in Sabah.

I, as a veteran of 70, do not care to go to "war" if it is to salvage the sovereignty of my state and the future of my generations. It is okay for me to die fighting for RCI and what is fair to genuine Sabahans. Akjan, you should better go back and research how many of you here in the 50s and 60s and how many of you there are now in Sabah, including those Suluk and Bugis who now call themselves Melayu !

The Federal leaders have been too much on us the natives in Sabah and Sarawak, especially the Christians. Cant they accept the fact that we were the majority here in East Malaysia that they, must islamise this two states. We have nothing against any religion, but this is just too much and deserved to be answered now this way.

We know now why Kuala Lumpur give citizenships to these people but not the non-muslims from other countries. Fine, but having seen it all from the 60s, it is time that something like RCI need to set up to do some justice to the Malaysia Agreement that we signed in 1963 to form a country named Malaysia.

If we cannot get justice here from our own land, then we Sabahans must call to the world for help, or else we will be eliminated, naturally. Marginalisation is already very obvious in Sabah...

4. DANIEL JOHN JAMBUN, Activist and Advisor to UK-based Human Rights Foundation Malaysia

KOTA KINABALU: RCI is the only way to end MyKad controversy in Sabah. Akjan can give evidence at RCI, no need to get worked up and be so defensive. No need to defend the Federal Government because it can defend itself.

Those who have eyes can see for themselves the evidences of the Federal Government illegal acts against us in Sabah. Can we explain why some are twice born in Sabah? It is a fraud. Look at a certain case of Salman the pakistani carpet dealer... or Salman the Idnian restaurant keeper. The Federral could not just give MyKads without citizenship to those born overseas...

The RCI should go back several generations to 1963 as this scheme by Kuala Lumpur began long time ago in small scale then.. Sure Akjan and Pekida would not just brush aside what Hassnar Ebrahim gave as testimony in court on his involvement in a Projek IC?  And another thisng, how come is that a Kadazandusun require Surat Akuan to apply for citizenship?

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