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Burak Sem's email to Datuk Najib...

Datuk Najib,

You say in your speech at Sungai Petani that opposition pact is fragile and cannot be sustained because its parties are cooperating only due to their hatred for the Barisan Nasional. Do you think so?

What about me, quoting from the Holy Bible, Matthew 7:1, quote "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?

Datuk Najib, if I were you, I should spend more times in managing your own unending problems within UMNO/BN, which you seem to forget, among which are;

  1. Problems with glamorous wife, Rosmah Mansor and her diamond rings, etc. People will not forget that million dollars wife of your in the coming election.
  2. Problems on you and your wife mysterious connection in the fate of Atantuya Sharibu and her death. People will not forget this either.
  3. Do not to forget you scandal involved billion dollars Scorpene scandal - Malaysia first 2 submarines cannot dive. However, commission of RM540 million was paid to you.
  4. Do not forget to weed out corruptions among the Umno and BN leaders, most recent is involving family and community development minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s million dollars scandal on national cattle scheme.
  5. You must watch out the four names “The Magnificent 4”, they are looking over your shoulder ready to pin you down to control UMNO. You must watch out on these guys
  • Muhyiddin Yassin (your deputy)
  • Daim Zainuddin (Millionaire - former finance minister)
  • Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (another former finance minister, with royal blood in him)
  • Analyzing the UMNO elite's current game plan, it looks like your mentor’s Mahathir Mohamad's game plan at moment is cooking up some fishy recipes. This feisty 85-year-old crook who ruled Malaysia for 22 years with his snaky lies, racist is said to have given the thumbs up to you. But in reality, it is more of a goodbye gesture! He is interests held either one of his sons - Mokhzani, Mirzan and even Mukhriz to take over your position. Watch on your back Najib, things is not going to go right with your leadership in this coming election.

I must tell you now “The Magnificent 4” is your priority to tackle before commenting at the speck of sawdust in somebody’s eyes.

Datuk, to be sure, there are many other scandals in the past which your Administration was involved in, but to enumerate them all would be an exercise in futility because nothing good will come out of it except further expose the greed and your lust for power and soil whatever remaining silver lining our country's image may have before the eyes of the world.

Congratulation to you Datuk, because the leadership of UMNO/BN made Malaysia the forth (4th) most corrupt nation in the world. You and your UMNO/BN made Malaysia lost a staggering RM1.08 trillion (US$338 billion) in illicit outflows which is the fourth highest in the developing world. I am still wondering how do you explain this to the rakyat?

Datuk, I am writing this in favor of the opposition if it's not for the rakyat, the country I love, who had been cheated all the way through during your Administration.

Keep in mind that the rakyat are not dumb and foolish as you may thinks.

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