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STAR: Ex-Upko, PBRS Stalwarts Join STAR in Tambunan

“We are sure that the entry and support of the 2 ex-Upko, PBRS stalwarts,Patrick Paunil, the ex-Upko Division Secretary, and John Bague, another heavyweight from PBRS, and their supporters will not only further strengthen STAR in Tambunan but will also cause a further dent and reduce the support of BarisanNasional in Tambunan”stated Datuk Dr. Jeffrey  Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in a press statement.

“Sabah BN leaders should emulate the both of you and take up the challenge to fight for the restoration of Sabah’s rights and autonomy and to stop the colonization and further damage to Sabah” said Dr. Jeffrey in welcoming the 2 ex-Upko and PBRS stalwarts and their supporters at the launching of STAR’s Timbou Polling District election machinery in Tambunan, earlier this week.

However, it is not their support of STAR that is important.   What is more important is that their departure from BN and support of STAR shows that Sabah leaders are beginning to accept the reality that the continued control of Sabah and the unfair treatment of Sabah as well as the marginalization of the local natives need to be stopped with a change of the existing BN state governments.
A change of the BN support in Sabah will also lead to achange of the BN federal government and stop the rot in Sabah.

In the true spirit of Sabah rights and autonomy in a true Malaysia federation, the time has arrived for all Sabahans to stand up and unite and remove the BN state government and take charge of their future destiny.


  1. Sabah is Malaysia's biggest tragedy, A resource-rich state has grown into the poorest. It has the biggest UMNO membership in the Country after Aliens-turned-residents almost approached 1 million. Alien-voting & election rigging. Almost 1 million IC given to foreigners to vote against genuine citizens of Sabah. Crime and treason by Mahathir? I watch & speak from NZ - rated the World’s top for democracy & non-corruption.

  2. Almost 1 million NRICs given to foreigners to win election against genuine citizens of Sabah. All the revenues from oil & gas, sucked dry by the Federal Gov't and so indirectly by UMNO/BN with little or nothing left for Sabah & Sarawak. Just compare: Scotland in Great Britain and Quebec in Canada had an open, honest & fair national referendum on cessation/separation. Any talk of independence and your ex Sabah CM Tun Faud Donald Stephens died in a crash. Sabah & Sarawak are a total tragedy, not even a proper trunk road! The natives lack electricity and drinking water while Criminals bought submarines and built twin towers costing multi-billions for kick-backs; all cronies live in palaces. Outrageous! BN's evil is earth-shaking. Finish them off in the coming election. !


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