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Sabah consumer body treads fine line

State Reform Party member James Bagah says
he felt forced to give up his political
belief for the sake of his NGO.
By Luke Rintod of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: The Consumers Affairs and Protection Society of Sabah (Caps) has come under pressure from the state Barisan Nasional government to remain independent on the political front.
Its president James Bagah felt the government’s displeasure after he threw in his lot with the opposition but soldiered on until this weekend.
The State Reform Party (Star) member said he felt forced to give up his political belief for the sake of the NGO.
Bagah announced his resignation from Star that is led by Jeffrey Kitingan and showed a letter to the party at the end of Caps’ coordinators meeting at Hongkod Koisaan building on Friday.
“In order not to complicate things, I have decided to quit my membership in Star. This way it should be easier for us to deal with the government,” he said.
He said Caps officials had faced difficulties getting assemblymen and parliamentarians here to endorse Caps launching on Dec 23 at a hotel here.
Caps is seen as the replacement of de-registered Cash or Consumer Association of Sabah which was once headed by long-serving consumer activist Patrick Sindu. Sindu has since became a member of Star.
According to Bagah, Chief Minister Musa Aman, has been invited to launch Caps.
Meanwhile, Sabah Star secretary, Guandee Kohoi, when contacted said he has yet to receive Bagah’s letter but added it is “no problem” for Star.
“Let James plays his role in the consumer body, that is okay, no problem for Star with that. After all he is organising a seminar and a dinner with Musa,” Kohoi said.

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